Best Adirondack Chairs Reviews 2017

Ah, Adirondack chairs. Once you hear this, it feels like you’re immediately teleported to a sunny beach or a snowy mountain. Nothing else screams outdoors more than this chair. The relaxing armrests caresses you to make the scenery in front of you much relaxing to look at. It’s a very iconic chair, lasting for more than a century already. It is designed to last long outdoors while being comfortable enough. If you’re looking to buy one, we listed some of the best Adirondack chairs available right now!

Lifetime Adirondack Chair

First on our list is the #1 best-seller, the Lifetime Adirondack Chair. It is made of UV-protected simulated wood, which makes it perfect for sunny areas like the beach. Being simulated wood, it isn’t actually wood, but actually polystyrene. Regardless, it does certainly feel and look like one. Also, you’re sure that it will not rot or splinter, which is one of the common complaints when having a wooden chair. The paint job is also safe fromvanishing, so you’ll never need to paint it again. It’s a very good alternative for wood indeed.

Being stain resistant, this chair is easy to clean, added the fact that it uses weather-resistant polystyrene. Rain will not damagethis chair for a “lifetime”. Even though it looks tough, it is very comfortable to sit on. It is easy to assemble as well; you can have it ready for your yard in a matter of minutes. The chair itself is pretty big. It can accompany anyone comfortably and without any worry that it might fall off. It won’t bethe #1 best-seller if it’s not durable and comfortable.

Being one of the better chairs for outdoor use, customers have enjoyed the experience it brought to them. Having bigger friends in your house wouldn’t be a problem either, since this can support up to 300 pounds. If you wanted to paint the faux wood, you must use a solvent-based spray paint. Using regular paints won’t stick to the polystyrene and can actually damage the chair. The boards are also lighter compared to composite wood, so do take note of that.

Merry Garden Foldable Adirondack Chair

Next on our list is the Merry Garden Foldable Adirondack Chair. Yes, it’s a foldable Adirondack chair. That large, bulky looking chair can be folded, everyone! It’s made of fir wood, and is very lightweight at only 19 pounds! If you need to bring it inside because of a very strong storm outside, then you won’t be bothered by this chair. It is also easy to assemble since its a foldable chair. Unfolding and folding again shouldn’t be a major issue.

It features an ergonomic design, meaning that comfort when sitting here is very apparent. It’s also wide, with 19.25″ of seating area. It also has an affordable price tag, so you don’t need to worry much if its a worthy buy (spoiler: it is!). If you’re looking for a very portable yet comfortable chair to bring with you on family vacation far away, then you can’t go wrong with this one!It could also handle 250 pounds of weight if you needed it for a healthier member of the family.

When assembling the chair, make sure not to have the bolts too tight, as with any other chair, it might damage the main material. Also take note of the proper arrangement of the wood, because it might ruin the experience. It also looks fine as well when painted, so don’t hesitate to give it a new color!

Highwood Hamilton Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair

Another folding chair makes it on our list, but this time, it’s also reclining! The Highwood Hamilton Reclining Adirondack Chair is made of recycled plastic and synthetic wood, making this an eco-friendly purchase. The reclining option makes seating here more relaxing, since you can lean your back a little bit more to fully appreciate everything surrounding you at the moment. Since it’s made of materials that doesn’t easily wear off, it offers low maintenance; leave it outside for a year and it shouldn’t be a problem for this guy.

It also has a curved back for additional comfort especially when you like to recline it a lot. Much like the Lifetime chair, this doesn’t need to be repainted or such. It’s heavier compared to the fir wood chair above, but some might like that as it adds more sturdiness for the item. This chair is huge as well, sporting a 20″ wide seat, giving bigger guys a much comfortable seating experience. If you ever encounter problems with your unit, the company offers an astounding 12-year warranty coverage! That’s right, 12 whole years. That is dedication for customers right there.

Patio Sense Coconino Wicker Adirondack Chair

The Patio Sense Adirondack Chair brings comfort to a whole new level by having a simple addition: a cushion! It’s also made of an entirely different material: wicker. It’s mostly used for baskets or furniture, but it works perfectly on a chair as well. It’s designed perfectly to suit any kind of patio you’ll be using it in. Like others, it’s easy to assemble and requires minimal effort in doing so. It’s meant to keep outside and not bring around, and it does that job with the utmost amount of comfort for the user.

It’s lightweight as well, weighing at 20 pounds. If you really need to transport this to another place, then it won’t be any problem at all. Maintenance for the chair itself is low, but for the other materials that keep it together such as screws, you should take better care of it since it’s prone to rust. It’s also not that pricey, so if you wanted to try a different style of Adirondack chair to use, then this certainly is a must check!

Make sure to regularly clean the cushion. The seat itself might not need that much maintenance, but different materials are used on that cushion, so wash it clean! It’s better if you clean the wood first before assembling it, so that once it’s done, it would look and feel better to sit on.

Polywood Classic Folding Adirondack

If you wanted a simple and clean looking Adirondack chair, then the Polywood Classic Folding Adirondack is worth looking at! Featuring a very neat white color, this chair is made up of HDPE recycled lumber, which makes it look like a wooden chair but without the very strenuous maintenance of one. Paints are ensured to last long, and is also not prone to staining. It also doesn’t need to be waterproofed as the material used already takes care of that for you.

Durability won’t be an issue here as the lumber won’t splinter or take damage, and will be resistant to insects and fungi. But comfort isn’t compromised as well; its seat is contoured, and it also has a flat back that is easy to rest on. It might not be that lightweight at 35 pounds, its portability still isn’t an issue. It folds flat, so storing it is not a problem at all. If you don’t like its white color, there are a lot of colors available for purchase, including mahogany, sunset red, and lime. Overall, its a pretty solid chair that lasts for long while being comfortable at all ends.

Best Choice Products Foldable Adirondack Wood Chair

A lot of the products here are foldable, and this one is no different. Probably because people wanted portability with their chairs so that when they have road trips far away from their houses, resting outside the car and into the environment is enjoyable. The Best Choice Products Foldable Adirondack Chair is made out of Chinese fir wood, the second chair to use this in a list full of synthetic materials. It also has a stylish finish to it, giving it an elegant look and is suited for most patios out there.

This foldable chair is very ergonomic and comfortable to sit on. Folding and unfolding it is also very easy to do. Its best used for beaches and overviews of the ocean. There are two colors available: natural brown and yellow. This is also one of the largest in the group, having a 30″ seat allocation! For it to have such a large seating area, it must be capable of dealing with bigger guys. And it does support up to 200 lbs of weight. The best part of this is that you can get all these for an affordable price! This is a complete bargain for those wanting to start investing on Adirondacks.

Shine Company Westport Adirondack Chair

The Shine Westport Adirondack Chair is made of another material that the rest on the list doesn’t use, which is cedar. It is one of the most common materials used for furniture, and for good reasons: it naturally withstands moisture, decay, and insect damage. Using high quality cedar for this chair makes it a very durable one. It also has rust-resistant hardware, meaning that there won’t be any issues when the chair is for outdoor usage. It’s maximum capacity is 350 pounds so our healthy friends should be able to sit comfortably in this chair.

In its default form, it has a very unfinished design that leaves the owners to their own creativity as to how they want to paint the chair. If you don’t like the additional effort painting it provides, the product has 17 different colors to choose from. There are a lots of option if you have a themed patio or the likes. With its wide arm rests and high back support, sitting on the Westport Adirondack Chair is a much welcomed pleasure.

StonegateCedar Adirondack Chair

Last on our list is the Stonegate Cedar Adirondack Chair. Much like the Westport one above, this is made of durable, weather-resistant cedar that doesn’t only protect your chair from foreign damage, but also looks elegant and pleasing to the eyes. This is paired with rustproof hardware that shouldn’t damage the cedar when leaving it outside for a very long time. It’s smaller compared to the average size of these chairs, but still provides comfort and relaxation to whoever uses it.

Whether you like to paint your chair or just leave it as it is, the Stonegate Adirondack Chair looks fantastic. The price point is also something to consider; if you wanted a cedar chair but can’t fully afford the Westport chair, this is a very nice alternative. It also has contoured seats and wide arm rests, giving your bum and arms a nice place to rest. If you want a very simple, down-to-earth Adirondack then this is a good consideration!

What to Look For

There aren’t much choices for materials used in these chairs, so out of cedar, fir, and synthetic wood, choose what would fit best to your needs. Also don’t forget their core design: foldable ones for portability, reclining ones for added relaxation, and standard design for maximum durability. If you wanted to match the chair with your themed patio or the likes, check first if they have different colors available. If there isn’t, go for something that can be painted easily. But most of all, choose what you think would provide the most comfort, since that’s the main use for these chairs.


Owning an Adirondack chair adds versatility to your sitting experience. Having one in your patio, yard, or beach house is a must to achieve maximum comfort and relaxation when outdoors. Being able to bring it anywhere you go is definitely a plus as well. It wouldn’t be as popular as it is now if it doesn’t do its job well. We should all be thankful to Thomas Lee who visualized such an amazing concept and turning it into a reality. Here’s to hoping we helped you make your choice! Make sure to do an extensive research for each of these products so you know that you’ll get what you want out of it. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy shopping!

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