Best Adjustable Benches Reviews 2017

When you don’t have enough time to maximize your gym membership, you can always buy the best adjustable benches and set up your own fitness center at home. In this way, you get to workout on your preferred pace and schedule. In your home gym, you can workout for as long as you like without being interrupted by other gym-goers. A busy schedule should not keep you from maintaining a healthy body, and a chance to workout with your family members and loved ones at home as well.

CAP Barbell Black Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

Although this product comes with a kit and user manual for assembly instructions, you have to be pretty handy to be able to get it standing right. To assemble your CAP Barbell Strength Fitness Bench, others recommend using the following tools: 13mm, 14mm, 17mm x 2, 19 mm x2 wrenches or sockets, and a knife. You can use the knife to open the package and trim the excess wood that gets in the way of the screw holes.

This fitness bench has 4 adjustable positions, such as the upright, flat, incline, and decline settings. With a user weight capacity for 250 pounds, plus additional dumbbell weight of 100 pounds, you won’t struggle when you exercise even if you’re over 6-ft tall. The bench remains stable even if you perform weighted incline sit-ups. Although the bench is small compared to other models, it does not twist when you move. It allows you to exercise comfortable without worrying that the bench can’t support your weight and movements. It has foam-covered handgrips perfect for performing leg raises comfortably. Because of its sturdy and lightweight quality, you can also use this for dumbbell exercises.

For its price and quality, this model is ideal for those users who are starting out. It’s not advisable for massive bodybuilding as it can’t support weight over 400 pounds. With this product, space is not an issue. You can easily flatten it by folding, and you’ll be surprised that it fits even the most narrow closets.

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

If you don’t have time to hit the gym, you can always purchase your own workout bench and transform your living room into a weight fitness center. The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench is a sturdy choice since it’s equipped with the inclination angles you will need. With its durable upholstery that can last for a long time, this workout bench can be adjusted into six different positions, that’s why it’s so worth your money.

You can remove the leg hold-down brace if you’re aiming for a decline position and adjust it from 17-degree decline to 90-degree incline depending on your workout. The bonus feature is that it corrects posture and stabilizes your position for a safe, muscle-building and free-weight exercise.

This model can handle extreme workouts as it can also support the weight of 200 pounds. You can carry on with your routine without fearing that you will fall over. If you’re trying a fitness program for the first time, you won’t have to worry because it’s easy to assemble and you can have it up and working within 30 minutes. It comes in a good and careful packaging with complete parts and an instruction manual that is a breeze to follow. Even after using and wearing it out for a few months, the durable leather covering looks good as new. The metal used for the bench is also world-class in quality, that’s why users place their confidence in this model and highly recommend it to those looking for a home gym equipment.

Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench, as the name suggests, can be adjusted into 5 different positions for its users: -10, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. Manufactured by its parent company, Nautilus, this bench allows you to perform dozens of exercises for your core and upper body. With a 250-pound maximum user weight, it can support a maximum combined user weight and lift load of 430 pounds.

Measuring 17 by 25 by 51 inches (W x H x D), the whole package is very light. But this doesn’t mean that the model doesn’t have everything you need. In fact, after comparing it to other benches, users found that this has the most reasonable price and functions. Light yet sturdy, this bench can guarantee you that you can focus on maintaining your perfect form while working out without slipping. This is because Universal 5 Position Weight Bench has a contoured shape and five-inch foam rollers that make your workout extra comfortable. The padding is neither too hard not too cushy; it has the right amount of padding that won’t leave your body feeling too sore or worn out. This means that nothing will distract you from keeping your form, which is an important thing to remember when working out.

Since the best feature of this bench is that it can be adjusted into 5 positions, make sure you utilize it well so you can maximize the use of its functions. You don’t even need to push a button t change its position. You can easily adjust it simply through lifting it higher until it clicks into place.

Weider Pro 255 L Slant Board/Ab Bench

The Weider Prop 255 L Slant Board/Ab Bench is ideal for those who usually perform dumbbell exercises and other weight lifting workouts. To make your workout experience more comfortable, you can fold this sewn vinyl bench into different positions such as flat, inclined, or declined. With a 90 degree seat adjustment, you can achieve proper exercise form while the bench statys sturdy and in place. This model comes with a step-bystep exercise chart perfect for monitoring and maximizing your results.

Even if your height is nearing or exceeding 6 feet, you can still fit perfectly in this bench. You can easily do sit ups because it can accommodate your legs properly. Like other adjustable benches, this one is also very easy to assemble. Some recommended using twi 17mm wrenches and two Phillips screwdrivers, one small and one large. If you don’t have a rubber mallet, you can use a book or a plastic covered weight as an alternative. Users stated in product reviews that it took them a maximum of 20 minutes to set this model up. It can occupy small spaces while providing a multitute of workout options, such as chest fly, shoulder presses, and sit-ups on the decline. However, unlike other models, this one does not have an adjustment that would allow the bench to stay flat. Overall, for its price, users agree that this model has great quality.

CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

Designed for home use only, the CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds when in flat position and 400 pounds when inclined. Because it comes in so many pieces, always make sure to read the instructions manual carefully. Taking only 30 minutes to assemble, this weight bench comes with band posts which you can use to try new routines. It’s a high-value and sturdy equipment made of steel construction that has a handle and wheels at the back, which come in handy when you’re rolling it to the storage room when you’re done working out.

For its price, it gives you a fairly good deal. The only issue that people find is the mechanism for adjusting the angle. Others complain about the large gap between the lower seat and back rest, which puts the user in an uncomfortable position when working out with dumbbells. But other than that, CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench is a nice addition to your home gym, especially if your like your equipment to be easy to move around and assemble.

Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench

If you’re looking for a multi-bench that can support chest and shoulder presses, crunches, dumbbell workouts, and more, you can check out the Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench. This model has a total of 7 easy-to-adjust positions for versatility, including flat, inclide, decline, and near vertical positions. The thing that makes this moel stand out is that it has all the positions which other brands lack.

This is also perfect for those who have limited space in their home. The Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench is slim yet sturdy. It’s very easy to collapse and set up. In two easy steps, you can fold it. Once folded, you can leave it leaning upright against a wall without taking so much space. It’s also fairly easy to move around since it comes with wheels at the bottom. But don’t worry about the wheels, the bench still stays in place when you’re working out. You’re not in trouble of sustaining an injury or slipping off the bench. The wheels don’t reach the floor when the bench is in use; it only comes out when the bench is folded and is standing on end. If you don’t have a storage closet, you can tuck this away under the bed your bed.

With its very comfortable cushions, you will look forward to every workout session you will have with this bench. Even if you have heavy weight, you will feel that the whole structure can support you, because it’s made of durable material.

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench is the ideal utility bench for working chest, shoulders, back, and abs. Made of top-grade and high-density foam, it guarantees users a comfortable workout session, with its 6-position back pad which you can adjust from flat to incline to decline. If you’re more inclined to do squat racks, this model is also ideal for you. In a nutshell, iy can practically adjust to any workout, such as chest press, incline press, military press, decline press, and flat positions. In this price range, users wrote in product reviews that this is among the very few workout benches that has allows a decline position with a matching angled seat.

Constructed out of a sturdy and powder-coated steel frame, the utility bench is also equipped with a foam that is high-density foam. Aside from that, it the bench is designed with a two-tone uphosltery that makes it more comfortable to sit on. Another convenient thing about this model is that it’s easy to set up and collapse. In just 25 minutes, you can finish setting it up and immediately start with your workout. It will be easier if you have your own adjustable wrench prepared. Designed with wheels and a handle grip, you can easily roll it in and out of your storage room when you’re exercising in your home gym. However, unlike other models, you can’t store this under your bed as it doesn’t collapse into a flat or low profile.

This model can accommodate people with big frames, even those beyond 6 feet tall. It has a wide and stable seat and it’s back is long enough to support your height.

Rep Adjustable Bench

Great for hitting multiple angles, the Rep Adjustable Bench is your partner if you’re looking for equipment that complements your dumbbell workout sessions. It offers 4 different seat positions and 7 ladder positions from 85 degree incline to -20 degree decline. It also has vinyl-covered rollers that lock your legs in place when using decline position. With this vinyl covering, this bench is also easy to clean.

The pads, being so thick and firm, allow its user to perform exercises flawlessly. It allows you to workout comfortably for hours, including the assembly time which will only take you less than 30 minutes. With its durable material, you can use this regularly and not worry about it getting too worn out. It will remain in top shape, only if you keep the assembly bolts tight and in the right places.


Before making a huge purchase, always assess your home space, budget, and workout preferences first. Product reviews such as this greatly help in determining which product suits you, so you won’t ending up regretting your purchases. Some of the equipment are a bit pricey; therefore you have to make sure that what you’re going to buy won’t be put into waste. If you’re an ethusiast who knows how to perform a variety of routines, you can select an adjustable bench that offers a multitude of positions and angles. If you’re content with doing limited positions, then there’s nothing wrong with getting an adjustable bench with limited functions.

Working out to achieve a strong and healthy body also depends on your effort and willingness to discipline yourself. You can always get the best adjustable bench available in the market but it doesn’t guarantee that you can also receive the best results. Working out entails great discipline—something you have to build internally and cannot be earned solely from an exercise equipment.

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