Best Adjustable Wrench Reviews 2017

Most furniture pieces and appliances, if not all, incorporate fasteners such as bolts and nuts into their materials to achieve a sturdy and versatile construction. Obviously, these pieces of hardware cannot be assembled into one without the use of an adjustable wrench. The best adjustable wrench does not only provide a flexible jaw for different sizes of nuts and bolts but also has different and amazing features. It might have a great quality of material, excellent design, or other unique feature. Our list of some of the best adjustable wrench below demonstrates one or more of the said qualities. Keep on reading and add a special piece to your tool essentials.

Multitool Hammer By HunnyDooTools, Pliers, Jack-Knife, Saw, File Adjustable Wrench Multi Tool

The Multitool Hammer By HunnyDooTools, Pliers, Jack-Knife, Saw, File Adjustable Wrench Multi Tool is a dream come true of every gearheads. Imagine if you have this tool, you will no longer be spending almost all of your working time digging for a switch of different tools inside your tool box. Save a great amount of time and effort with different tools that are integrated within this adjustable wrench which also comes with a huge number of different tools. Another good thing about this multi tool is that it has a sturdy construction since its material is made with stainless steel. You and your hands will definitely enjoy utilizing the tools since it has an inlaid hand grip that feels comfortable.

This multi tool includes a hammer, pliers, jack-knife, a saw, a file and an adjustable wrench. In addition, twelve screwdriver bits also comes with the package that is encased within a multi-purpose pocket tool kit. The tool kit also comes in a case to make sure that the tools will be properly preserved and protected against damages when not in use.

The Multitool Hammer By HunnyDooTools, Pliers, Jack-Knife, Saw, File Adjustable Wrench Multi Tool is perfect for minor jobs and even some big fixing tasks.

BlizeTec 9-in-a Adjustable Wrench Tactical Pocket Knife with Led Light

The BlizeTec 9-in-a Adjustable Wrench Tactical Pocket Knife with Led Light is also ranking on top of the line when it comes to multitasking with fixing tasks. Beat the trouble of carrying heavy toolbox with this versatile and on-the-go tool and you are also sure to beat the needs when emergency situations arise.

The first of its key feature is that it has a fine locking style that is integrated with an adjustable seven inches of jaw that serves as a wrench. Its mini wrench can amazingly perform up to five positions. Along with the durable wrench also comes a sharp stainless steel pocket knife plus the tools that are well encased in a nylon pouch. You can rely in the sharpness of its pocket knife since it has grade 420 of stainless steel. In addition, the The BlizeTec 9-in-a Adjustable Wrench Tactical Pocket Knife is installed with three of the most used phillip screwdrivers and bit holder that will definitely provide you supreme convenience and flexibility. In times of emergency, the LED light in this multi-purpose tool can provide assistance. It is powered by two CR1616 batteries that come pre-installed.

Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-inch Adjustable Wrench

The Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-inch Adjustable Wrench focuses on just being a great adjustable wrench. It has superb and unique features that will surely make your fixing jobs a breeze. In terms of gripping power, the Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-inch Adjustable Wrench can deliver up to twice more than the normal gripping power that the usual adjustable wrenches can do. This means less pressure to the hands and less damage to the adjustable wrench. This makes sure that the nuts and bolts will have a safe and damage-free rotation as well. While it can be used for inch fasteners, this adjustable wrench can also fit with metric fasteners proving that the Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-inch Adjustable Wrench is a versatile one. In addition, its jaws can be conveniently adjusted up to one inch that is sure to fit most commonly used fasteners.

The Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-inch Adjustable Wrench has convenient features just like it has with its lever. It has a release lever that makes disengagement of the adjustable wrench to the fasteners. It also offers extreme comfort as it has comfort grip that has dual material handle.

TOOGOO(R) 4 Inch Professional Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool

The TOOGOO(R) 4 Inch Professional Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool offers durability and flexibility. This adjustable wrench only weighs at about 47 grams which is great compared to carrying an overweight toolbox that has multiple fixed spanners for different fasteners. It has an improved body in terms of strength of its material and its versatility to work with more sizes of fasteners. The TOOGOO(R) 4 Inch Professional Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool has a well-sized knob or knurl that makes it more easier to adjust the jaw size. If the jaw size adjustment is more accurate, your work efficiency will be increased and damages to the nuts, bolts and to the adjustable wrench itself will be avoided. To be exact, its jaw capacity measures up to 16 millimeters. It has a metallic construct that makes it more durable and sturdy against damages.

One unique feature of TOOGOO(R) 4 Inch Professional Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool is the hole on its handle that has been specially designed so you can hang your adjustable wrench on hooks and be available whenever you need it. This is a basic necessity for every handyman and is ideal for home, professional and even industrial use.

Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench

The Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench was manufactured by its brand that has been existing more than 60 years of delivering quality and innovative products for its gearhead customers. For example, the Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench can fit to different types of spud nuts, slip nuts, lock nuts and basket strainer nuts. If you need to do some sink and toilet work, this is the perfect multi purpose and adjustable wrench.

This does not only adjust to different fastener types but it can also adjust to size variations of the fasteners. In fact, the Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench has the ability to adjust its jaw from one inch up to three inches. Imagine how many fasteners this can fit with!

The Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench also delivers a sturdy build since it boasts its zinc plated material. To elaborate more, one of the major advantages of zinc plating a steel material is that it will prevent the metal to undergo oxidation. In simple terms, the zinc plate will serve as a shield against steel’s greatest enemy that is corrosion. With the zinc plating process incorporated with the Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench, this guarantees that its lifespan will stay much longer than the other adjustable wrenches that do not have a zinc plate.

Wright Tool 9AB12 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench

The Wright Tool 9AB12 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench must not be underestimated due to its lighter than usual weight which is only one and a half pounds. This adjustable wrench has been tried and tested by various individuals for personal and even professional works. This one is a real treasure piece to add on to your tool box.

The brand is proud to present its patented Wright Drive and Wright Grip into this adjustable wrench. This special feature enhances and increases the wrench’s ability to rotate by evenly spreading the pressure and stress to a much bigger contact area. This will divert the pressure away from the fasteners that will decrease the chances of damaging it.

In addition to that, the Wright Tool 9AB12 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench has been incorporated with an industrial finish that makes is durable. This another great and sturdy feature justifies its ability to avoid damages to the fasteners and even to itself. Industrial finishing makes a sturdier material out of any metal, plastic, or even wood by undergoing a secondary process. The finish might be done through injection molding, thermoforming, extruding or vacuum forming but all delivers great results in terms of durability. As per the Wright Tool 9AB12 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench, it has a black industrial finish that gives it more strength to endure tougher jobs.

Ridgid 86922 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench

The Ridgid 86922 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench was created by a well-established brand Ridgid that has been proving quality tools since 1923. Test this adjustable wrench’s endurance and if it fails, Ridgid will be more than glad to replace it.

The Ridgid 86922 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench, a Model 765, offers a bit near on the average length. It can fit to pipes ranging from 1-11/16 inches which is more than what the usual adjustable wrenches can offer.

Staying true to their promise, the Ridgid 86922 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench has a cobalt plate finish. This is a bit similar to what a zinc-plated material can offer. Hence, materials that has been cobalt plated, such as this adjustable wrench, will have a reduced chances of rusting and corrosion. Utilization of this tool is also convenient with its jaw scales in SAE plus its metric that will reduce your time spent on adjusting the jaw. It will provide quick and accurate adjustments of the jaw size to fit to the fasteners and pipes for much swift work and less material damage both on the fasteners and the adjustable wrench.

Performance Tool W1133-8B 8-Inch Pipe Wrench

The Performance Tool W1133-8B 8-Inch Pipe Wrench will definitely improve your performance with jobs that involve fixing and assembling. Its jaws, which has a one inch of capacity, has been precision milled for an increase of accuracy in adjusting the jaws.

The material used for the jaw is steel which has been drop forged. Drop forged steel is popular in the industry since it has excellent strength and stability. In fact, this drop forged steel is also used in the agriculture industry, automotive industry and even in aerospace industry.

While its jaws has a drop forged steel for great endurance against tough jobs, its handle has been coated with enamel paint to also deliver supreme durability and make it long-lasting by avoiding rusts and corrosions. Overall, it has a heavy duty finish.

What to Look For

Firstly, if you’re new in collecting your tool essentials, you should know that there are several types of adjustable wrenches. Each of them are appropriate to certain tasks. Knowing what type of adjustable wrench you need and will fit with your work will save you from damaging the fasteners, fixtures and even the adjustable wrench as well.

The first and the most usual type is the adjustable wrench that can also be called an adjustable spanner. This type is also commonly used for general purposes. An adjustable spanner can be used in close quarters. For proper usage, it should not be utilized with rounded-off nuts and bolts since this can cause pressure on the movable jaw and will eventually damage the adjustable wrench. Be sure to adjust its jaw to the fasteners in perfect fit so the nuts or bolts won’t be damaged and rounded.

If you’re up with fixing items that are huge not just in size but also in terms of workload, be sure to have a monkey wrench among your hardware tools. This type of an adjustable wrench is commonly used for car fixes or even for aircraft assembly. In fact, it’s also popular to be called a Ford wrench since it is always included in every Ford Model A tool kit supply. It has clenching faces that is vertical with its straight handle with smooth jaws that are sure to endure any heavy work.

The next type of adjustable wrench is used for handling soft iron pipes and fittings which have rounded surfaces. This type of adjustable spanner is called a pipe wrench or a Stillson wrench. It has a slight resemblance with a monkey wrench in terms of function and look but a pipe wrench has self-tightening grip and a hardened zigzag jaws. If you need and you’ll be getting a pipe wrench, be sure to avoid using it with hardened steel hex nuts since it can cause damages to the head.

Plumber wrench is another type of an adjustable spanner. Its main function is to rotate plumbing pipes. The difference of a plumber wrench among the other previously mentioned types of adjustable wrenches is that it has an integrated key ring that closes the adjustable jaws around the pipes or fittings. This creates an advantage out of a plumber wrench since it can grip with notable power without engaging a nut.

Before you proceed with your home projects or jobs such as plumbing, bicycle and motorcycle repairing, car repairing and even furniture assembling, be sure to check first what kind and what types of nuts, bolts, and pipes you’ll be working on. In doing this, you’ll lift the chances of making your work undone for days and it can even mean a sturdy finish of your work.


If you’ve chosen your best bet for the best adjustable wrench from our list above, you’ll soon have your best buddy for home repairs and maintenance. These tools are handy and is sure to assist you in perfectly fixing almost anything. You’ll no longer need to switch your usual fixed spanner to fit for every size of nuts and bolts anymore. With simple and accurate adjusting method that has been incorporated with the adjustable wrenches from our list above, fixing and assembling various things will become much easier and even faster.

Since there is a wide variety in terms of size for fasteners, choosing an adjustable wrench over a conventional fixed wrench is a very practical move. Imagine digging one after one fixed wrench just to find the right one that can fit with the bolt you are working on, we’re sure that it’s going to be a really tough struggle. We’re not yet even mentioning the space it can take up in your toolbox just so you can have all the fixed spanner sizes. Now, you can ditch those hardware pieces that also literally puts heavy weight in your tool box since you can practically switch to an adjustable spanner. Adjustable wrenches are space-savers and comfort-givers that will allow you to do more job in a faster pace. Thus, they are convenient and practical that also give durability, reliability and flexibility in general.

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