Best Aftershave Balm Reviews 2017

Shaving is in almost every man’s daily routine and with shaving comes with an arsenal of products that you need to avoid nicks, cuts, and ingrown hair. One of the products that one must have is an aftershave balm. These balms will save you from ingrown hair which if given attention would start making you feel itchy. Now that you’re set on buying an aftershave balm for yourself you might now find it difficult to choose the best one for you as well as which one does the best job. Below is a lit of the best aftershave balm which you can check out to guide you in choosing the one that’ll fit your needs.

Lather and Woods After-shave Balm, Sandalwood Scent

Lather and Woods is a brand which prides itself as being one of the best in the market because of its alcohol free formula. Its also extremely moisturizing so you won’t have to worry about getting dry skin. Its moisturizing formula is also great in getting rid of those dead skin that might’ve been scraped off while shaving. It goes on smooth on your skin and it doesn’t burn so you’ll find enjoyment in this otherwise bothersome process. If you have sensitive skin then this might the balm you need to do away with the skin irritation and itchiness you probably get after you shave. Aside from soothing your skin it also give it that great aftershave glow you want to see when you just finished shaving.

This aftershave balm is great for anyone with sensitive skin and for those who don’t want any harsh ingredients in their products. It’s also great for those who have dry skin that tend to get even drier with regular shaving. It also received great reviews from consumers who all loved how smooth it left their skin. They also love the smell that the aftershave balm has which isn’t too overpowering but yet when you get a whiff of it you’ll surely love it.

Givenchy Pi Neo By Givenchy For Men After Shave Balm

Givenchy is one of those brands that are known to be of high quality and a high price tag. Their aftershave balm is no exception to this. It’s heaps more expensive than any of the balms on this list. Its one of those items that you would really splurge on. The set also comes with a perfume with a matching scent of citrus and pine. This is perfect for use during special occasions or even for everyday use.

This aftershave balm received great reviews from consumers. This is a huge relief as it would be a shame to purchase something expensive and not get the same quality that you expect of something from a high end brand. However, do be careful with purchasing this item online as you might end up purchasing something that’s either fake or a really old stock.

Paul Sebastian After Shave Balm

Another aftershave balm from another designer brand and this time its by Paul Sebastian. It comes in the masculine scent that’s a mix of lavender, sage, jasmine, and musk. This is definitely not fro those who are sensitive with odors but it is great for those special nights out when you want to feel special. The price isn’t also as expensive as you’d expect from a a brand that’s considered higher end.

This received great reviews from consumers who loved the way it smelled and how the aftershave balm gave them the right amount of smoothness you’d expect for it. However, like the one from Givenchy, its best that you purchase this from a reputable distributor since there are a lot of fakes going around.

Proraso After Shave Balm

Looking for an after shave balm that gives your skin protection as well as moisture? Then this After Shave Balm from Proraso might just be the perfect fir for you. It contains Aloe Vera to calm your skin, and Vitamin E to ad moisture. It also contains the soothing properties of licorice so whatever skin problem you may have this balm has you covered. Those with dry skin would also benefit a lot from this product since its specially made to boost moisture in your skin making you less vulnerable to itching after shaving. It has a scent of amber and musk which would surely give you a refreshing smell after you shave.

This Proraso after shave balm is a great product for you whether you have sensitive skin or not. It gives you added protection so your skin won’t dry up or be dehydrated. It received mostly great reviews from its consumers proving that the claims of those behind this product are real. Most consumers loved how smooth their face feels after using this product. They also were impressed at the absence of any redness or bumps after they shave since they would normally get this after shaving while they were using other products. The soothing properties of the balm also helps them
to relax and truly enjoy their routine.

Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm 3.3 oz

Nivea is a brand which has been proven and tested to have products which work really well and are yet really affordable. Their products are also available in almost every supermarket and drugstore making purchasing it quick and easy. These aftershave balm from Nivea are designed for those with sensitive skin. This just shows that you don’t need to purchase high end brands just to care for your skin whether they’re sensitive or not. It also doesn’t have strong alcohol so you won’t get that slight burn that some of the balms have. It’s great for preventing dryness and redness that you get after shaving. If you’re one of those who prefer not having smell in their products then you’d be glad to hear that this is lightly fragranced so you won’t even notice its smell.

This is a perfect aftershave balm that doesn’t have the hefty price tag and yet gives you results and features that you would only normally get from higher end items. It also received lots of love from its consumers who loved that it made their skin smooth and prevented any aftershave skin problems they used to have from happening. Do take note that even though Nivea claims a light fragrance some of the reviews still say that it’s a bit overpowering. If smell is one of your top concerns then this might not be the perfect fit for you.

Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm

f you want an aftershave balm from a brand that been tested and proven to be effective then this on from Dove Men might be the one for you. The fact that the brand is extremely popular also means that the product would be readily available even in your local supermarkets and drugstores. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about hoarding a ton of these just to be sure you won’t run out of your favorite aftershave balm. This aftershave balm from Dove is also really affordable and yet it gives almost the same results as the more expensive ones on the list. It’s also especially formulated for those with sensitive skin and you won’t need to worry about it burning or feeling harsh on your skin since it is alcohol-free.

This Dove Men aftershave balm is great for anyone looking for something that won’t break the bank and yet gives quality results. If you experience redness or razor burns and worry that this won’t be able to take care of that you can be assured that it does and it does it well. These claims from Dove are backed up by the excellent customer reviews that this got. Most of the consumers loved how well it works on their skin and how smooth and refreshed their face feels after using it. They also liked that its odor free and wouldn’t overpower the smell of their perfume.

Baxter of California After Shave Balm

This Baxter of California after shave balm is great for those with sensitive skin. Its also great fort those who aren’t fond of harsh alcohol in their products. This also has moisturizing properties and natural ingredients that’re formulated to soothe skin to avoid redness adn irritation after you shave. It also prevents razor burn and dryness that comes with stripping off some of the outer layer of the skin. Aside from adding moisture it also calms the skin and restores it using the added Aloe vera and allantoin that the balm has.

The Baxter California aftershave balm doesn’t only boast of quality ingredients but it also has great reviews from its customers. They all love how smooth it leaves their skin and how gentle it is on their sensitive skin. They also didn’t get anymore redness or irritation after using this balm. They also loved that its long lasting because its not runny. Overall, this is a great product to consider when looking for a great aftershave balm.

Pre de Provence Natural After Shave Balm

Pre de Provence is a brand that uses natural ingredients in their products and have been in the market for years. They produce products that are free from harmful ingredients such as sulfate and parabens. It’s made with cruelty free procedures. Their After Shave balm has Aloe Vera and allantonin to sooth and cure the skin which is essential to prevent cuts and ingrown hair after shaving. It also contain Shea butter, grape seed oil, and Shea oil which all helps leave the skin moisturized and smooth. It does have quite a strong masculine fragrance so it you’re looking for something that’s fragrance free then this isn’t for you.

This after shave balm received generally great reviews from those who’ve purchased it. They all loved how gentle the balm is due to its natural ingredients. They also liked that it makes their skin feel refreshed and moisturized with every application. However, there is the issue of its smell. A lot of them found that the smell is a bit overpowering so if you’re sensitive to odors then its best to look fro something else.

What to Look For

When purchasing your after shave balm its best to look out for a few key features. Before anything else, its best that you determine the skin type you have. You should also take note of whether or not you have sensitive skin or any allergies. These would help you narrow down your choices since some of these balms are not recommended for certain skin type. You should also consider the ingredients used for the balm. Its best if its made of natural ingredients but those who are alcohol-free are recommended as well. Another thing to consider is the scent. Of course each of us has our own preference whether you want something that has a masculine scent, mild scent, or none at all you should look out for these so you won’t purchase a balm you’d end up not using at all because you do not like hot it smells. Its also best that you consider the availability of the product. Some of the items aren’t as readily available in your local stores as those brands who are more popular. So, if you choose to purchase the ones that have limited availability its recommended that you buy more than one if you end up liking it. Finally, you should consider the price o the balm. It must be cost effective meaning the price has to match the quality or even better if the quality surpasses what you expect with the price.


Overall aftershave balms are great to have. They help you fight against irritation and redness. It also helps you skin recover after the harsh shaving it experienced with the razor. It will also keep your skin moisturized and nourished so you won’t have to worry about your face drying up just because of shaving. So we hope that the list above will help you find the best aftershave balm for and for your skin.

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