Best Air Freshener for Car Reviews 2017

So your car is getting a little stuffy, or worse- a foul smell is starting to be emitted by goodness knows what! Luckily for you, there are many solutions when it comes to making the stench go away. Read on to find out about all the different options you have to help your car rides more enjoyable and to forever conquer the disgusting smell with the best air freshener for cars!

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

This air freshener is packaged so beautifully and comes in 3 colors to choose from which are charcoal, a light minty green, and a natural beige brown which all look so cute! This air purifying bag actually has no fragrance, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t like the chemical smell of most car air fresheners. What it does is absorbs excess moisture in the air to prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria that can cause foul odors.

It acts as a filter and it is filled with 100% natural moso bamboo charcoal can event absorb pollutants and allergens which is awesome for those who suffer from hay fever and other allergy disorders. The bag is sewn with linen. These bags can be constantly reused for up to 2 years, to clean it up and get rid of all the absorbed nasty stuff, leave it in the sun for an our each month and the charcoal will do the rest of the cleaning on its own. Truly is such a remarkable product! This little bag can cover up to 90 square feet areas, yes it is that powerful, yet so gentle to the human nose!

Chemical Guys AIR-101_16 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

This air freshener for cars comes in liquid form in a spray bottle! Chemical Guys bring back the scent of a brand new car! Don’t be discouraged by the name Chemical Guys as their scents are naturally extracted and mixed. This liquid purifier is concentrated and you may spray the concentration directly or choose to dilute it in some water depending on your preferences.

This can be sprayed on any material, it won’t stain. Make sure you spray lightly to avoid the build up of moisture, mold, and bacteria. This uses natural enzymatic odor elimination to eliminate odor causing bacteria and to help sanitize the area it’s being sprayed onto. You can mix it with up to two gallons of water for a lighter spray and a much longer use! They say that this lasts 5 times longer than the normal liquid car air fresheners.

Auto Expressions Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel

This Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator by Auto Expressions come in a little tin can that is filled with balls of gel that filter the air and gives you a patented fragrance to make your car smell wonderfully! Just place it wherever you prefer and need it to be and let the gel balls do the magic! You can even pull off the tape underneath the container and stick it upside down!

It weighs 4.5 ounces and is super compact you can store it almost anywhere! You can even control how much scent this thing exposes into the air through the strength adjustment system by twisting the top. This product can last several months with proper care, but it really depends on the scent power level you have it on and also the heat in your area. In specifically hot places where your car can really heat up, this product can last a little over 2 months but gives off a really great smell, the kind of scent you won’t find anywhere else!

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

If you’re all about going classic, this is probably one of the most classic and well known air freshener for cars and I’m sure you’ve seen these before! The little hanging paper pine trees that is usually seen hung on the middle rear view mirror in the car! These fragrances are strong and last a very long time. So for car owners that smoke in the car, this will do a great job of covering up that cigarette smoke smell!

This fragrance is a mix of sandalwood, bergamot, lemon, and something else that they won’t mention because they want to keep their special original scent a secret, ensuring that you won’t find this smell anywhere else! There are a bunch of different scents, 43 different scents to be exact. Some of the interesting scents that little trees come in, apart from Black Ice, is bubble gum, margarita, new car, tropical shores, morning fresh, cherry blossom honey, fresh surge, lavender, black forest, cotton candy, and a bunch more interesting scents including fresh fruity scents and strong masculine scents. This comes in a pack of 24 which is a great deal at this price!

Meguiar’s G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher Odor Eliminator

If you want to really rejuvinate and cleanse the air in your stuffy car, this is the product you’re looking for. Place the mister in the car with the car fan or airconditioner on and close your doors for only 10 to 15 minutes for an ultimate car air cleansing session. It targets and eliminates all bacteria, pollutants, and any other nasty stuff that can cause odors, molding, etc. After cleansing all you have to open all your doors and let it air out for at least 10 minutes for all the captured bad stuff to be released outside.

Since it uses the ventilation system in your car, you can be sure that it will target all areas you probably haven’t even seen before and all the nooks and crevices where heavier and nastier humid air have been hiding and been home to odor causing bacteria. This leaves your car with a new car scent, which is the natural scent of the car as all it’s done is not add fragrance, instead it’s cleaned the air to reveal the true clean scent that has already been there.

FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

This air purifier plugs into your 12 volt cigarette outlet. It uses negative oxygen ions and releases ip to 4.8 million of them per cubic centimeter in your car to really purify it while you drive! It kills the odor causing bacteria in the air rather than cover it up and emits no harsh fragrances. It even kills viruses in the air so that you can avoid air-borne sicknesses when you use this purifier!

Super compact, easy to use and has it place in your car. It also has a blue LED light to indicate if it’s working and what’s great about these purifiers is that it won’t wear out and if taken care of can last up to years. No need to replace liquids or gels as it uses the electricity from the cigarette outlet to produce its own negative oxygen ions. You won’t ever run out of purifier for the air in your car! It only weighs a little over 1 ounce so it won’t add pressure or break your cigarette outlet.

California Home Goods 200g Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag

This air purifier bag is similar to the first product mentioned, which is the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. The two are similar in design and are both filled with environmentally friendly and of course human body friendly bamboo charcoal. Activated charcoal that comes from clean natural materials are known to be great for human health, and for absorbing nasty stuff. It is so safe you can actually mix activated charcoal in with water and drink it! But of course I wouldn’t recommend drinking the contents of this bag, this is specifically made to freshen air.

Leave it out in the sun for the charcoal to release moisture and to kill bacteria and viruses that have been absorbed from the air it has purified. This can last you for up to two years with proper care and cleansing. California Home Goods offer you a lifetime warranty on this product, although I’m not too sure if that means you’ll get free replacements every two years, so make sure to look up on the kind of “lifetime” warranty they mean.

Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

These solid disc shaped air fresheners by Citrus Magic come in 3 different scents which are fresh citrus, lavender escape, and pure linen. The fragrances are strong but not harsh, they are a soft and delightful type of smell which is perfect for those who have sensitive noses yet still would like a mild scent that still makes a statement. This come in 3 air freshener discs.

It absorbs nasty odors and gives off a citrus smell which is fresh and pure to the senses. Each disc is 8 ounces and can last up to six weeks, so that’s basically 24 ounces and 3 months of use with each pack and at this price? Quite cool if you ask me. It comes with a small hole at the top of the disc frame so you can hang it up, or you can even grab some double sided tape and stick it anywhere convenient in your car! This definitely refreshes musty airs and adds a tropical lemon scent to your car!

What To Look For

First of all, it’s very obvious that you have to pick the main purpose. There are air fresheners that help to add a nice smell, and there are air fresheners that will actually clean the air. If you’re looking for something to just add a nice scent to your car, the Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener is a great choice, as well as the Little Trees Car Air Freshener and the Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel by Auto Expressions all have a variety of wonderful scents to add something extra to your car rides!

If you are looking to clean your air there are several different ways. The air purifier bags that are filled with bamboo activated charcoal will absorb extra moisture in the air, both California Home Goods and Moso have these options. These bags can be constantly reused for up to two years if kept it good condition. All you have to do is leave them in the sun for at least an hour a month so let it release all absorbed moisture and pollutants. There is also the car air purifier that produces negative oxygen ions when plugged into your car cigarette outlet by FRiEQ. The concentrated liquid spray by Chemical Guys are another good option, and work best on fabric and hard material.

If you want to go to full air cleaning heaven and have some time to spare, Meguiar’s G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher Odor Eliminator is in a can that is best placed in the middle of the car. Release the nozzle and turn on your car ventilation system (or AC), close all doors and let the mist run through the system. This really is the most thorough air cleaning product on this list but comes with no additional scents.


All of these products are quite different from each other and offer different solutions to the problem of refreshing the air in your car. Some offer cover scents, some offer air cleansing, and some products offer both. You get to choose the best product you believe will reach your expectations and is convenient for you while achieving the results you want! Make sure you pick the right scent if you’re getting a scented one! And if you don’t have a cigarette outlet in your car, don’t grab the FRiEQ as it requires one. Whichever you choose, we hope you enjoy your new fresh car feel!

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