Best Airsoft Shotgun Reviews 2017

Airsoft is a past time that’s been gaining popularity throughout the years. This is shown by the numerous airsoft places that have been popping left and right and are here to stay. With the growing enthusiasm about the game a lot of people are considering purchasing their own airsoft gun. Now that you’re set on having your own airsoft you’re now faced with the problem of which on to choose with the numerous choices you have. But you won’t have to search anymore cause we’ve listed down the best airsoft shotgun in the market.

BBtac Airsoft Shotgun Pump Action

Looking for a shotgun that needs not much equipment nor lots of fuss? Then this airsoft from Bbtac might be the best for you. It’s a spring powered shotgun so you won’t need gas or batteries to operate it. Just load it with BBs and you’re good to go. You also won’t need any magazines or shells so reloading will be a breeze. It’s made of lightweight plastic material so it’s easy to carry and won’t slow you down while you play. It can also fire up to 300 FPS depending on how heavy your BBs are and is able to shoot up to 100 rounds. Since the force of it is not as powerful it’s great for beginners and for those who play airsoft casually. Experts might find this a bit too weak or too lightweight for the the BBs that they use.

This airsoft shotgun received mixed reviews from its costumers. Those who liked it were impressed by the overall design of the shotgun. They also liked how lightweight it was. Bit what they really liked about this shotgun is its price. The price is great for beginners since they won’t be spending so much on their first gun. Its also great for those who don’t really play that often since it’s reliable and yet won’t break the bank. However, they did point out that the materials made for the gun itself is not of great quality and seems like it’ll break even after dropping it just once.

BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle 400 FPS

Another airsoft shotgun from BBTac. The biggest difference between the two is that this can fire up to 400 FPS, that’s a whole 100 FPS greater than the other one. This makes it a better fit for both beginners and experts alike. Although this shotgun has metal alloy it’s still partly made by the same hard plastic as the other airsoft shotgun from BBtac so you should still be careful not too drop it too hard.

This shotgun received mostly mixed reviews from its customers. Most of them were initially impressed at how powerful the shotgun was and how it can shoot even long distances. However, since it is made of plastic it didn’t last as long as a lot of the customers would’ve liked. There were even reports of it falling apart after only two months of use.

UTG Sport Airsoft Everblast CQB Special Ops Shotgun

If you’re an expert but still looking for something that’s still fuss free and easy to use, then this airsoft shotgun from UTG might just be the perfect fit for you.It offers you a powerful shots but still with the easy mechanism of a spring operated shotgun. It also has a sure-cocking foregrip, tactical tri-rail system and a metal swivel. Its butt-pad is ergonomically designed to allow you to have maximum results and yet still be comfortable. It also comes with a speed loader so you’ll surely have no delays with loading your BBs.

This shotgun is perfect for those looking for something more powerful. It’s also for those who frequently play airsoft This received mostly great reviews from its customers who were impressed at how powerful this shoots. However, there were still a couple of complaints regarding the accuracy of its shooting as well as the weight.

BBTac Airsoft Shotgun Pump w/ Shells and Flashlight

This BBtac Airsoft Shotgun is perfect for those who plan to play at night ot those who usually play until it gets dark. The flashlight included provides you the ability to play at night without having to buy additional accessories. It also has the red dot laser that’ll give you accuracy since it would mark your target before you shoot. It has four shells included as well and each shell can hold up to 14 BBs.

This shotgun is perfect for those who want to play no matter the time of the day. It’s also perfect for those who want to recreate missions in the military or in movies. This received mixed reviews from its customers. Those who liked the shotgun were satisfied with the quality as well as the power it gives given that it’s so affordable. However, there were those who were really disappointed at how easily it fell apart for them.

UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Shot Combat Shotgun

Are single and dual shot not enough for your airsoft play? Then this shotgun from UTG. This just be what you’re looking for. It offers triple shooting action that’ll surely satisfy your multiple shooting needs. It can hold up to 30 BBs for 10 powerful shots per shell. It has a matte black non-glare finish which allows triple and continuous shooting. This shotgun also comes complete with almost all the accessories you’ll need like a speed loader, spare shell, and a quality sling.

This received great reviews from its consumers who all loved how great the quality of the shotgun in. They also loved the power and accuracy that this shotgun gives them. However this shotgun does fall short on range. A lot of customers found that it couldn’t shoot long distances.

GameFace ASRGCMBO Crosman GFRS Tormentor Airsoft AEG Carbine

This airsoft shotgun from GameFace is a powerful shotgun that’s a combination of a rifle and a shotgun. The upper is a full or semi-automatic M4-style which can fire up to 300 FPS. Its lower, on the other hand, is a spring powered shotgun that can shoot up to 295 FPS. It also features a dual trigger and an adjustable buttstock. This shotgun is a perfect fit for those who want a powerful shotgun and for those who plays airsoft a lot. A big letdown of this shotgun is probably its price but with the features it offers you might be willing to overlook this.

This GameFace airsoft shotgun received mostly positive reviews from its customers. A lot of them loved how well made the shotgun is and how well it fires. They were also impressed at how durable it was and how it stayed together even after dropping it a couple of times. But it is best to note that there were those who experienced missed fires with this shotgun. This might be a defect to theri item but it’s still best to be careful when purchasing this. It’s advisable that you try it out first, if possible, before making your purchase.

Double Eagles M58b

If you’re having trouble with ejected shells or BBs that fall due to the lack of magazine of most airsoft shotguns then this one from Double Eagle might just be what you need. This shotgun is magazine fed and can fire up to 350 FPS. It’s made of metal and poly-fiver so there’s no need to worry about it breaking with just one or two drops. However, the biggest selling point of this shotgun is probably its price. You get a durable and powerful shotgun without paying the hefty price tag.

This Double Eagles shotgun received mostly positive reviews from its customers. They loved how powerful this shotgun is and how durable it is. It’s also a great value for money since all the accessories are included and it’s very affordable as well.

Crosman Stinger S32 Slam Fire Airsoft Pump Shotgun

This shotgun from Crosman is a great pump and shoot shotgun. It can shoot up to a velocity of 350 FPS so you won’t have to worry about not having enough speed or impact. It has a comfortable pistol grip that will give you not just comfort but also support so you can use it throughout the match without feeling uncomfortable. The magazine can hold up to 17 rounds this ensures that you won’t loose time while laying. It also features a tri-rail structure for mounting.

This shotgun received mostly mixed reviews from those who’ve purchased it. They were all impressed at how powerful the shotgun is and how accurate its shots are. Those who felt like it missed the spot were disappointed by the make of the magazine since a few BBs do fall when the orientation is changed. There were alos those who complained about not being able to fill the magazine to its full capacity since it would spill out or get stuck.

What to Look For

Even with the list thta we’ve provided some may still be confused eon which gun to buy. There might also be those who have top picks but can’t choose the best one. Below is a list of qualities that a great shotgun should have that hopefully would help you choose the best one for you.

  1. Durability. No matter what the product is, durability should be the number one priority. It’s disheartening to love a product and all its features but find it broken after just a few uses. When it comes to airsoft shotguns, you can more or less know how durable it is based on the materials used for the products. Normally, if it’s made of plastic it might not last a couple of drops on the concrete. So, it’s best to choose a shotgun that’s a mix between alloy and hard plastic.
  2. Velocity. Most airsoft shotguns in this list are around 300-400 FPS. The higher the number f course means the faster and the greater impact. You might be enticed to buy the one that has the highest FPS from the get go but it’s advisable that you align the power of the gun to your expertise level. Beginners should choose lower velocities until they get the feel and accuracy from a lower powered shotgun.
  3. Range. The range is the distance that each shot could reach. Great shotguns should be able to reach further distances. This allows you to shoot long distance targets. Having a higher range shotgun also gives you advantage when you play since you won’t need to go near the other players making you less vulnerable to counter attack.
  4. Level of Expertise. The shotgun that you’ll buy should be aligned with your level of expertise. This means that you shouldn’t aim for the most powerful guns when you’re just starting out. Going to high powered guns on the first try might make you loose control very easily and you wont have the foundation to work on. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for the cheap plastic shotguns but you shouldn’t buy the most expensive ones either.
  5. Cost Efficiency. A lot of the people who are looking into buying their fist shotgun might be enticed to focus on just the price. But this is not a good strategy. Even if it were cheap and had all the qualities you need but breaks after dropping it once you’d end up spending more money. Buying the most expensive one won’t ensure that you’re buying the best as well so better try to weigh the cost and the quality as well as the features.


We hope that with the list above you’d be able to choose the best airsoft shotgun for you and your expertise level. Just remember to keep those tips in mind when buying your shotgun and we’re sure that you’d be able to pick the perfect one for you. It’s best to focus on the qualities that you would need for an airsoft shotgun so you would surely be able to purchase one that’ll satisfy your airsoft needs.

Overall, airsoft shotguns are great to own. It has a lot of benefits that rented shotguns do not have. Having your own would surely be more cost efficient in the long run especially if you play quite often since you won’t have to rent every time. Having your own would also ensure that the airsoft gun you’ll be using has great quality and is well taken cared of.

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