Best Alarm Clocks Reviews 2017

One of the many difficult things to do in the early morning is to wake up, especially after a very stressful night or day to go work early or to school. If you are a student that needs to wake up early for school or a married individual for work, you can rely on your parents or your spouse to wake you up. However, if you don’t have access to anyone that can help you, you rely on the most basic of things, an alarm clock.

With the many cheap alarm clocks sold in the market today, it is quite difficult to find which one suits you best. To help you, here are some of the most popular alarm clocks for sale now.

Sonic Alert SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Best Alarm Clocks

The Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb is one of the top sellers of affordable alarm clocks now. It has a large red LCD that gives you the time clearly. It has a turbo loud alarm with a vibrating feature that adds extra spice to the noise, especially when placed on hard surfaces. Also, if one alarm is not enough to wake you up, you can always adjust to allow a few times of snoozing.

The volume and tone are adjustable to the right loudness and when the alarm comes the noise is accompanied by pulsating light alerts for extra effect. The product also comes with a bed shaker, which is perfect for those who find it rather difficult to wake up even when there is the blaring noise of the alarm.
If you can’t wake up with only the noise, then try turning on all three. That should do the trick. The loud noise, the pulsing lights and the bed shaking from the Sonic Alert will surely wake you up.

RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4″ Display

Best Alarm Clocks

Another top alarm clock in the market today is the RCA Digital Clock. The product has a simple 6 by 5 inches dimension which makes it just the right size to place on your bedside table.

The product is also packed with a streamline design fashioned with features like snooze settings that help you repeat your alarm for a few times if one alarm is not enough. It also has a simple interface that is easy to navigate and is supported by a red 1.4 inch display that allows you to see the numbers clearly even in dim lighting.

The snooze button is large and easy to access and brightness can be controlled to high or low settings depending on your preference. Also, the product comes with a No Worry battery back-up which helps you not to worry too much about failing to alarm because of a weak battery.

Electrohome EAAC475W USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection

Best Alarm Clocks

When you buy alarm clocks, you should also consider looking into the Electrohome USB Charging Clock. The product is not only just your average digital clock that can function as an alarm. It also has a built-in high-speed USB charging feature which is ideal for those who want to charge their phones, tablets, mp3 players, and other chargeable devices.

The device also has a SelfSet technology that automatically detects and set the time and date even when there is a power failure and you’ve just turned it on. Also, unlike most digital clocks out there, the Electrohome Clock has a built-in WakeUp battery backup. This feature keeps your alarm functional and lets you hear the alarm sound even when there is no power.

Aside from the charging option, the clock also has a built-in radio that can connect to AM/FM stations. The clock also keeps tab of the proper date and time through its Daylight Savings Time set-up.

Patch Products LLC Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight

Best Alarm Clocks

Another alarm clock deals that you should consider is the Patch Products LLC Teach Me Talking Clock. The thing that makes this clock popular, especially for children is that aside from reflecting the alarm time, it also tells you the time, literally. The clock also has a programmable nightlight that is yellow at night and green by day.

Aside from the large digital numbers, the clock also shows an analog clock on the screen which teaches children the concept of how to read time, whether in analog or digital. Your child can also play with it due to the adjustable levels in the built-in time-teaching game.

If you just want to use it as a regular good alarm clock, the clock has the snooze features and adjustable volume. You will also get three bezels with interchangeable colors.

Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio, Black

Best Alarm Clocks

Another inexpensive alarm clock that you should look into is the Sony ICFC1 Clock Radio. The clock does not only functions as an alarm clock, but a radio as well that can tune into AM/FM stations.

Unlike most clocks that are used as an alarm, the Sony ICFC1 do not sound the loud alarm abruptly, instead it sounds the alarm gradually, meaning you will be awakened but a gradually increasing noise instead of an abrupt loud noise.

The clock also has a programmable timer for its radio if you want to listen to some smooth melody for you to sleep. The radio will be turned off automatically after the time.

What are Alarm Clocks?

Some of you may not have the luxury of being light sleepers or those who “wake up with the sun”. Hence, you may find yourself in need of some help. It is a good thins thing, then that clocks that can “alarm” you to wake up are invented.

An alarm or digital clock with alarm features is a clock that is structured to be able to produce sound or any other signal, such as flashing lights, at a programmed time to help wake you up from sleep. There are also some clocks of this type that are used as an alarm, not for sleeping, but for other activities as well such as school exams, games, and many more.

You may think that buying a new alarm clock is a waste of time, but it is not so. This is because such devices have great advantages as well.

First, these clocks wake you up due to the sound. If you wake up early, you can avoid being late at school or at work. Second, such clocks are cheaper and less of a hassle compared to getting yelled at by your mom or spouse to wake up.

Third, there are digital clocks that come with bed shakers. If the sound will not wake you, then the vibration or shaking of your bed will most probably will.

What to Look For

There are very important things that you should consider when you want to buy any alarm clock brand. Taking time to consider these factors will help you decide better.

The first thing that you must consider is the type of clock you want. There are digital clocks and analog clocks that still function as an alarm. Second, do not go for the look. The appearance and design of your clock will not matter if it does not do the job well. Do not forgo the functionality and quality for the appearance.

You also need to identify whether you want a plain clock with an alarm function or do you want with extra features. There are those with built-in radios, interactive games, charging features as well as talking features.

Lastly, compare the alarm clock costs and brands. The cost of your clock must be reasonable when compared to the quality. Do not be afraid to pay more if the quality you will get is greater.

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