Best Ankle Weights Reviews 2017

With the rising popularity of getting fit and healthy as well as its health benefits there’s been a lot of innovations on how to improve your health and fitness despite having a bus schedule. One of the way to build muscle and stamina are ankle weights. Athletes also use this during training to improve their footwork and of course their overall stamina while playing. With the rising number of brands of ankle weights you’re sure to be getting a bit overwhelmed with choosing which one is the best for you. So whether it’s your first time getting an ankle weight or if you’ve had one and looking into replacing it, we’ve got you covered! Below is a list of the most popular ankle weights in the market.

Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

Valeo is a company that has been making athletic equipment since 1988. It’s a Wisconsin-based company that first started with making belts and is now making more equipment for fitness that you can use both at home and at the gym. One of these is their ankle weights. Their ankle weights are made with soft padding for added comfort and it comes with an adjustable key ring. The comfort and ability to adjust to the just the right size to fit you you’re sure to use this whenever you workout. Working out with this will improve your muscle tone and stamina. Constantly working out with this also means that it’ll for sure be covered with your sweat and other gym odors and dirt. If you’re worried about cleaning this ankle weights you don’t need to be anymore because cleaning it is easy. Just soak it in water and soap, let it dry and you’re set to use it again the next time you work out.

This Valeo ankle weights received great reviews from its consumers. They loved how well it fit almost all sizes because of the adjustable D-ring it has. The weights were of sand so it was a great change from the usual metal ones. The sand also made it easy to fit on people of different sizes and made it easy to pack since it’s form could adjusts to how it needs to look like. If the sand bags make you worry about leakage a lot of costumers claim that its sealed tightly so you won’t need to worry about it spilling all over the gym floor while you workout. It’s best to take note that although most of the reviews are great there are those who weren’t as happy with the product and have polarizing claims to other reviewers. This could be a case of defective items of problems with the distributor so be sure to get one from somewhere you could replace broken items.

Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set

If D-rings are not your preferred way to adjust your weights and would rather have adjustable Velcros to adjust the weights to your size then this ankle weights from Nayoya might just be the one for you. These are three pound weights which will surely be great companions for each workout that you’ll have whether it’s in the gym or at home. It’s also great for those who are training in kickboxing since it’ll improve the strength of your legs and your muscle tone making round house kicks better and more powerful. The weights are also not too heavy so it’ll also be great for those who are rehabilitating their ankles. No matter where you want to use this on you’ll be sure that it’ll fit you nice and snug and won’t fall off and be a cause of any accidents. These ankle weights also has a carrying pouch so you can bring it wherever you want with no hassle.

The Nayoya ankle weights received outstanding reviews from its customers. They loved how comfortable the weights were and were impressed that they didn’t get any scratches from the product unlike with other weights. They also loved how well made it is and the fact that the weight is equally distributed throughout the band so you’re sure that you’re getting the right support and equal weight training on their legs. It’s overall look is something which received tons of compliments too. It was nice that the look complemented how well made and how durable the ankle weights are. The carrying pouch was also greatly appreciated by those who’ve purchased these since it made them more portable and easier to lug around. If you’re looking for good quality ankle weights which you can use with whatever type of workout you’re doing be it on land or in the water then this Nayoya ankle weights may be the one that’ll fit you the most.

Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weight Sets

If you’re looking to try a two-in-one equipment which will be great for outdoors then these Thera-Band ankle and wrist weights may just be the one you’re looking for. It’s exterior is made of neoprene which is a material that’s often used for swimwear due to its easy drying capabilities. This means that when your weights gets wet due to your sweat or in case you forgot to clean it the night before and just washed it a few hours before going to the gym it’ll surely dry quick and easy. It’s interior is made of terrycloth which easily absorbs moisture and is incredible comfortable. Its quick absorption will ensure that you won’t get those annoying drops of sweat stuck in between your ankles and the weights. The comfort it provide is also a great bonus to those who have sensitive skin that easily gets scratched. If you’re planning to use it for running at night then you’ll be glad to hear that it also has a reflective trim which will help you be more visible during night time.

These ankle weights received mostly favorable reviews from its consumers. They loved how well it fit their need and how easily it is to adjust. The Velcro strap allowed for an extremely snug fit to your wrist and ankles so you won’t have to worry about it falling off or changing positions. They also loved how accurate the weights are which is a must for those who are using this for therapy. However, it’s best to take note that there’s iron and inside the weights so it might rust if you choose to clean it. This was the case for some of the consumers but others didn’t seem to have any problems with rusting. There were also complaints about the durability of the strap which some claim to break after just a few uses. So if you’re looking for something to use everyday then this might not be the weights for you.

Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights

These Da Vinci ankle weights are perfect for those looking for something extremely comfortable yet affordable. It has a soft cloth exterior that’s sure to make working out with these weights as comfortable as possible. The soft cloth would also be a great plus for those tho are scared that the product would be too harsh and scratch their ankles while they the workout. The cloth also stretches while you adjust the weights using the Velcro strap so you won’t have to worry about it being loose and falling out of place. These features would surely make these weights fit for everyday use whether its for strength and muscle training or for rehabilitation you’ll be comfortable with these weights all throughout your training.

These weights received exceptional reviews from those who’ve purchased it. They all were gushing about how snug it fit on their ankles and how comfortable it was. It didn’t bring any unwanted pressure and discomfort to their ankles. The Velcro strap are also very durable and is able to adjust to the whatever size it needs to be. The weights were also very comfortable that a lot of the reviews say that it felt like it was a part of their body and they sometimes forget that they were even wearing it. This is perfect for those who are just starting out with using weights since they wouldn’t feel any discomfort. If you’ve used other weights that have sand bags and have disliked them you don’t need to worry as these do not contain those. It also doesn’t have any iron sand bags so you won’t have to be wary of any rusting that might form due to cleaning or sweat. Although the majority of the reviews are great there those that received weights that didn’t last them more than a few weeks.

Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle / Wrist Weight Set

These Yes4All ankle wights are made from soft elastic Neoprene fabric that’re soft enough to provide comfort to your skin and make sure that you won’t get any scratches. The neoprene material also allows for quick drying so you won’t feel any of the sweat from your body while you workout. This would also be perfect for cleaning since it’ll dry easily. If you’re worried about the snug fit to your ankles these weights are probably the ones who would give you the snuggest fit since it doesn’t only have a Velcro adjustable strap but it also has a D-ring which will make the ankle weights as snug as it possibly could preventing them from being displaced while you do your workout.

The reviews that these weights got are mostly favorable. Consumers all loved how high quality the weights are. They were all impressed sat how the straps don’t wear out even after continuous use which is usually what happens to other ankle weights available in the market. The dual adjustment mechanism also received lots of love since it gave really snug and comfortable fit even to those who have smaller ankles. Do take note that the weights available from this brand are quite heavy so doing high intensity workouts with these are not advisable. It’s also a bit on the bulky side so it might not be a great fit for those with shorter legs since it would start and end on uncomfortable parts of your leg. The weights are also unevenly distributed since there are five weight bags this might make some uncomfortable but what really makes it bad is that it might cause your muscles to develop unevenly. Overall, despite some bad reviews, these weights from Yes4All are great to have especially if you’re just beginning to use weights since they’re of great quality and would give you the training that you need.

All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights

All Pro Exercises is one of the leading brands when it comes to exercise equipment. Its products are specially designed by expert occupational therapists; this ensures that the design is made for both comfort, safety, and maximum performance. One of these patented items is their ankle weights which have cushioned flaps to protect your ankles from any kind of scratch or injury. These also allows you to move as freely as possible so you won’t feel like the weights are keeping you from moving fully and from doing your workout the way you want to do it. The padded heel also protects your Achilles tendon from any form of injury so you won’t have to worry about overusing this part of your ankle which is vulnerable to injury.

These weights received great reviews from those who purchased it. They generally loved how it does what it’s supposed to do. They work out the muscle groups in your legs even if your just walking and doing normal chores with them. They liked that the weight could be adjusted depending on the weight you need it to be since the weights could be removed accordingly. They also loved how well it adjusted on different sizes of ankles making sure that the weights won’t be bouncing around even if you do a bunch of jumps or running during your routine. They also liked how there’s no sand so there’s no worry of leakage. Since the weights are removable you also won’t have to worry about rusting since you can just remove the weights when you clean them. However, there were some who complained about the weights being uncomfortable after a few hours of use and they recommend that you put these on top of socks or pants so your skin won’t have direct contact with the weights.

Nordic Lifting Ankle / Wrist Weights for Women, Men and Kids

These weights from Nordic Living are carefully crafted using neoprene which is great for absorbing moisture and sweat so you won’t have to ever worry about squishy and wet bands. It’s also made with reinforced stitching so you’re sure that it’s of great quality and the stitches would last for a long time. It’s design also provides comfort and gives you the perfect fit you’ll need to it won’t bounce or feel too tight or too loose. It also has reflective trimming which would provide you with added safety for when you use it outdoors since this will make you more visible to vehicles on the street. These weights are perfect for both athletes and those who just want to use it for fitness it’s also great for those that are rehabilitating from any injury.

If you’re looking for something that’s not only comfortable but would also last you more than a few uses then these might just be the perfect gym buddy for you. These weights also received mostly positive reviews from consumers. They all loved how its light enough that you would be able to use sit for everyday use and wouldn’t immediately feel the weight unless you’ve been using it for several hours. They’re also easy to put on and off so you won’t feel any hassle trying to figure out how to “break free” from it. An added bonus of these weights is the fact that it’s guaranteed this assures you that it’s of great quality and that you’ll be able to replace it in case you get a defective item. Despite being comfortable for the most part, the cushion part of the weights does become uncomfortable for a lot of people since they only cover a cushion a small part of the ankle leaving the other parts without any cushion and uncomfortable.

Stronger Adjustable Ankle Weights Set

If you’ve been working out for a while you’ll probably get used to your routine and eventually plateau since your muscles are used to the intensity a perfect way to spice up your routine is by using these ankle weights from Stronger. It’s also great for those who want something comfortable but wouldn’t compromise great results. It’s also portable offering you hassle-free transport from your home to the gym or to anywhere you’ll be using it. The weights also has adjustable straps that makes it fit for any size and making it flexible enough to fit even your wrists. What’s really great about these is it’s lifetime replacement guarantee. This gives all consumers the peace of mind that they’re purchasing something that’s of great quality and that the company values customer satisfaction.

These weights received great reviews from its consumers. They all loved how well it fits them and how durable the whole equipment is. The Velcro strap makes it a quick fit for all shapes and sizes. The weights are also equally distributed around the ankle so you won’t need to worry about putting too much weight on one side or having not enough in the other. It’s also really comfortable and makes it great use for any type of activity. But what really sets this apart is how well it’s made. You won’t have to worry about buying replacement weights after just a few uses cause these weights will last you a lifetime and if they don’t you can always return them to the manufacturers since it does have lifetime guarantee. Even though these weights are really comfortable you shouldn’t expect them not to hurt or feel harsh after using them the whole day this is something that can’t be avoided no matter how much of great quality the weights are.


With all the tips and tricks as well as other customer reviews we’ve shown we hope that you’d be able to choose the perfect ankle weight. Remember that it’s best to choose one that doesn’t just look great on paper but one that fits your overall physique. It’s also best if you could try the weight on before you buy it since the bands might be slightly different for each weight and any slight change in the band’s width might be an ingredient for accidents since it might be a bit too uncomfortable for you while you’re doing these activities of the bands aren’t the right fit for your ankle and overall leg size.

Ankle weights are a great tool to help you in getting you to the fitness level that you want but it’s still best to consider all the aspects that we’ve mentioned before getting one. You should also consider the weight of the ankle and shouldn’t just jump to a high weight thinking you’ll get immediate results cause this’ll for sure be a mistake that might cost you more than you think.

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