Best Anoraks For Women Reviews 2017

In cold cities with sub-zero temperatures, an anorak will come in handy. An anorak, also called as parka is a type of jacket often worn during winter season. They typically have fur or artificial fur along the hood to keep the person warm in freezing temperatures. Furthermore, they are also frequently made out of water resistant shells.

The term anorak got its name from anoraq, which is a Greenlandic language. This type of jacket was first developed by a group of hunters from Keewatin Region called as the Caribou Inuit. These people would hunt special animals called as the caribous and use their fur to warm themselves in the cold weather of the arctic.

The anoraks of the past decade were extremely different compared to what is being offered today. Now, a lot of designer houses as well as manufacturing companies produce anoraks not just for men, but also women. If you want to know more about the leading anoraks in the market then you must definitely read the list we gathered below!

LL Womens Casual Anorak Jacket with Hoodie

LL WJC643 Womens Pop of Color Parka Jacket S BLACK

Want to have the top anoraks for women? Then try getting the LL Womens Casual Anorak Jacket with Hoodie. This jacket is made out of 100% cotton with a lining that is made out of 100% polyester. Additionally, this anorak can be bought in 19 different colors such as khaki, olive, navy and black, it can also be purchased in different designs.

This anorak comes with adjustable waist drawstrings, thermal linings, zip up closure and drawstring hood. It also comes with 2 pockets on front, where you can hide your hands or money. This one can be also be bought in 5 sizes such as: small, medium, large, XL and XXL. In conclusion, if you want a good anorak for sale then you must certainly get LL Womens Casual Anorak Jacket with Hoodie.

BIADANI Women Anorak Hooded Jacket

BIADANI Women Military Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket Olive Small

The BIADANI Women Anorak Hooded Jacket is also among the best anorak brands we have ever seen, so it is only logical to give it a try. This one may seem a little bit pricier, but it comes 6 different sizes from small to triple XL. Additionally, this anorak is also available in 6 colors such as 3 shades of olive, green and 2 shades of khaki.

This product is made out of 100% cotton that is equipped with a zipper closure. If chosen right, the anorak must be slim fit and snug around your figure. Its jackets come with drawstrings and pockets that will come in handy when needed. To put it briefly, if you are buying an anorak for women then you must definitely try getting the BIADANI Women Anorak Hooded Jacket.

Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket

Columbia Women's Switchback II Jacket, Black, X-Small

Looking for affordable anoraks for sale? Then try getting the Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket! This one’s shell is made out of 100% nylon while its lining is made out of 100% polyester. Additionally, this anorak can also be bought in 16 colors such as bright rose, light grape, coral bloom and dark lime, there’s no doubt that they got the color you need.

Furthermore, this jacket is also water resistant so you can also wear it in rainy or snowy season. It comes with a zip front closure, side vents and a stowaway hood. It also features a vertical welt pockets, drawcord hem and a hook and loop cuff straps. In a nutshell, if you want an acceptable yet inexpensive anorak then go for the Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket.

MBJ Women’s Military Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket

LL WJC643 Womens Pop of Color Parka Jacket S BLACK

Looking for a new anorak that is trustworthy? Then you must certainly give the MBJ Women’s Military Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket a try. This anorak is available in 5 sizes, so choosing your right size won’t be an issue. Furthermore, this one is also available in variety of colors such as: black, khaki, olive and navy.

Moreover, this one is also made out of 100% cotton, so it is guaranteed that you will be at your outmost comfort! This jacket comes with adjustable drawstrings, pockets on front and a zipper closure. To sum up, the MBJ Women’s Military Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket may seem more pricey for you compared to others, but it is definitely worth giving a try.

ViiViiKay Women’s Anorak Parka Jacket

ViiViiKay Womens Cotton Anorak Lightweight Utility Parka Jackets with Drawstring IJ1189 NAVY S

If you are aiming for the cheapest anoraks for women then go for the ViiViiKay Women’s Anorak Parka Jacket. This anorak jacket can be bought in several different colors such as: olive, khaki, camo, navy and black. Moreover, this jacket is also purchasable in 3 sizes namely: small, medium and large.

It features a slim look to give you a sleek aesthetic as well as show your feminine silhouette. It is made out of cotton, polyester and polyester lining. If you are planning to get this, we recommend washing it in cold and hang it dry. To cut a long description short, if you want a cheap anorak deal then you have finally found it through the ViiViiKay Women’s Anorak Parka Jacket.

What is an anorak?

The first ever kind of anoraks were extremely thick and heavy most probably because they were made out of real caribous. This jacket was invented by the Inuit tribe to protect their people from the cold coming from the place they live in, the arctic. To give the anorak further protection, they would even include fish oil to make it water-resistant.

Nowadays, anoraks can be worn in winter season or simply in cold places. Moreover, it is mostly paired with faux fur while some may not. The anoraks of today are also made from synthetic materials such as cotton, wool, rayon and polyester, compared to the usual animal fur of the first generation anoraks.

Right now, there are definitely several kinds of anoraks in the market; however, we’d like to give you the most common and much preferred type of anoraks in the market.

Fleece anoraks – are very comfortable to wear because they are lightweight yet still makes it to warm the person. As we all know, fleece is an extremely beneficial garment during cold weathers. Furthermore, compared to wool, they dry quickly. Fleece anoraks can be seen in hip-length, full-length and knee-length.

Shell anoraks – are the type of anorak you would use in snowy or rainy season. They are very lightweight yet protects you from water as it is windproof and water-resistant. For adventures and demanding outings, shell anoraks would be good at protecting you from different elements.

Down anoraks – if you are feeling extra fashionista then you would certainly this type of anorak. Down anoraks are equipped with duck down that is very excellent in keeping any wearer warm. This type of anorak may either use a real duck down or synthetic duck down.

Anoraks are very efficient in keeping any girl warm. Additionally, they are also very fashionable to wear and may even be included as an outfit. Furthermore, they are also an ideal product to give as a gift, as we couldn’t think that any person would hate having an anorak.

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