Best Anti Fatigue Mat Reviews 2017

Have you ever stood for so long that your legs started to feel heavy and almost rock hard? This is because the normal blood circulation is compromised by the prolonged standing where gravity pulls more and pools blood in your legs. Especially if you don’t move your legs every now and then to promote at least minimal circulation, blood stagnates and that’s when you’ll feel the heaviness. But when you stand on a solid ground, the tendency is you’d rather stay in one place. Thus, we introduce to you the best anti-fatigue mat that can make standing worthwhile!

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Sky Mat looks just like an ordinary floor mat but it surely has so much more to offer than removing dirt from your shoes. This anti-fatigue mat is larger than any regular mat and gives your feet more space to move around as you do your chore, be it in preparing food in the kitchen, cleaning cabinets, or at work if your job requires prolonged standing.

Its surface is neatly rugged to prevent accidental slipping even for people with sweaty feet, and the edges are beveled as well for safety and to avoid tripping. This anti-fatigue mat has just the right thickness and isn’t too solid under your feet unlike standing on a hard ground. The comfortable thickness of its sturdy rubber material allows you to freely move around with the slight gentleness it gives to your soles. It’s made to withstand excessive use and guarantees not to wear off or compress even after many years. This mat’s design is beautiful enough to use anywhere around the house or bring to work for a less stressful standing.

Imprint Cumulus9 Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Our second one comes from one of the most top-rated companies that offers incredible standing solutions and more. Imprint Cumulus9 Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat has a sleek and classy design with minimal grooves on the surface. You can choose to have it in cinnamon color, basic black, creme, espresso, or mocha, whatever suits your taste. This mat is also up to 60% thicker than other anti-fatigue mats available in the market, making it more comfortable to stand on as it would feel like standing on a firm foam. It also has a larger size than regular floor mats so you have more room to move around on it.

This anti-fatigue mat’s design is conveniently made safe to avoid tripping or even accidental slipping. The edges stay flat on the floor and don’t curl towards the surface unlike other mats. It’s built with a durable and tough material that’s resistant to normal wear even when under constant use, and guarantees free of harmful toxins or chemicals such as Phthalate. Little children can use it, too, and your pets can sleep on it without the danger of toxic effect.

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is another rugged and tough mat that guarantees comfort while standing. It looks almost flat on the floor but has the perfect thickness to cushion your feet from the hard ground. The edges are widely beveled for safety to avoid accidents and they stay flat on the floor as well. No curling edges mean no inconvenient tripping which would cause you stress rather than comfort. Its large size also gives you more space to move around as you do your chore or work.

Sky Solutions ensures this anti-fatigue mat can relieve up to 40% pressure on your knees, feet, and joints so you can efficiently work and won’t have to feel fatigued right after. Its bottom portion is guaranteed versatile as well which means you can place it on various surfaces such as marble, wood, laminate, or any other flooring without slipping. It also has an incredible resiliency to withstand pressure from your feet but to prevent puncturing holes into it, don’t step on it while wearing high-heeled shoes.

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat has a unique design that comes as a twist from the usual appearance of most anti-fatigue mats. This mat has apparent corrugations on the surface that give it an edge from the others. These corrugations give more comfort to your feet as you stand because the mat won’t feel too solid beneath them. The breathable effect supports the right thickness of this mat that’s also conveniently soft for an overall comfort.

It’s made of very durable and sturdy vinyl foam material with a thickness of 3/8 inches, and guarantees to stay flat on any flooring. Adding to the breathable effect of the corrugations on its surface is their ability to ensure safety as well. With the undulating surface, you can stand on it without the fear of slipping even if your feet get sweaty as you work. It’s all about giving you both convenience and comfort so what else can you possibly ask for?

GelPro NewLife Comfort Mat

GelPro NewLife Comfort Mat is another anti-fatigue mat with a stylish edge. This mat has a variety of colors for you to choose from including caramel, espresso, palm, pomegranate, and wheat. It comes as colorful as the its qualities and features that’ll surely make your standing more bearable.

This anti-fatigue mat is made of a supportive ergo-foam which has a core thickness of 3/4 inches, making it a reliable and outstanding cushion for your feet from the hard ground. This quality guarantees to protect your feet, legs, and even back from pain. The bottom portion of this mat is also resistant to slip so you can place it on different surfaces such as tiles, marble, or wooden floors. Plus it has a rugged surface as well to ensure overall safety with no tripping. Other useful qualities include beveled edges which are curl-proof and wear-resistance courtesy of its durable and tough materials. This anti-fatigue mat is also easy to clean and its surface is resistant to any stain as well. It’s great for kitchen chores without the fear of getting it dirty too easily.

Imprint CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Mat

Imprint is back on the list with Imprint CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Mat. This incredible comfort mat is up to 97% thicker than other anti-fatigue mats in the market, giving more cushion to your feet as you stand so you won’t feel fatigued even after a long time. It has just the right size as well for you to move around efficiently as you do your chores for a quality working performance

This mat is made of tough and durable polyurethane material that’s free of toxic and other harmful chemicals like Phthalate. You children can stand on it to or you can let your pets sleep on it without worrying of the toxic effect. Overall it’s also safe and you’re guaranteed protected from slipping or tripping with its rugged surface and non-skid bottom. The material used can keep this mat’s shape for a long time even with excessive use and pressure. It’s one of the CumulusPRO mats with the unique cushion-core technology so you’re sure to have reduced fatigue and increased comfort and productivity during work. It’s a PRO indeed in giving you convenience.

Imprint Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat

Imprint Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat is our third Imprint product in the list so we can expect so much from it already. It’s one of the top-rated comfort mats available that has a thickness of 60% compared to the others. The comfortable thickness not only relieves the pressure on your legs from standing but can also give you a cushioning effect from the solid, hard ground.

The size of this anti-fatigue mat is larger than regular floor mats, giving you a lot of space to move around for efficient and quality working performance. Safety is also guaranteed with its rugged surface that won’t let you slip even if you’re standing with bare, sweaty feet plus its bottom part is non-skid as well. You can choose to use it anywhere around the house or bring it at work with its stylish design because it can surely accommodate different surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles, or marble. With its overall durable materials, it’s guaranteed to last long even with constant use. Another plus of this anti-fatigue mat is its stay-flat memory that ensures its edges won’t curl in the long run but instead stay flat on the floor.

Ergodriven Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

Ergodriven Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat is probably the most innovative anti-fatigue mat from the bunch. One apparent quality that makes this one stand out on its own is its non-flat design and cushioned terrain. Unlike most anti-fatigue mats, it doesn’t have a regular floor mat look and is smaller but its unique design drives you to move your feet on it, ensuring optimal blood circulation in your legs.

It has an ergonomic design that can make standing more bearable and worthwhile. Its core is made of high-quality polyurethane foam, and it also has a durable integral skin that doesn’t wear off even in the long run. The core material guarantees to cushion your feet from the hard floor to reduce pressure and prevent fatigue. The edges are also beveled to ensure no accidental tripping while the bottom portion is resistant to either slip or kid as well.

It’s definitely a revolutionary type of anti-fatigue mat and doesn’t bear the regular floor mat style. You can bring it anywhere you go with its stylish edge. You can choose to use it in the kitchen as you prepare food for your family or bring it to work.

What to Look For

Standing for too long on a flat, hard ground can take away what little comfort is left as you work or prepare food in the kitchen. The solid surface of the floor can put pressure on your soles and the tendency is you would move around to relieve it. But moving around on the same hard ground isn’t so much of a guarantee that you won’t feel fatigued at the end of the day. This is where anti-fatigue mats come to the rescue.

Basically, anti-fatigue mats are like regular floor mats. They’re placed flat on the floor and you can step on them, too. But unlike the regular ones, they have additional qualities that are conveniently very useful. They’re usually made of rubber, vinyl foams, or other textured materials. Since they come like regular floor mats but also work to lessen stress and avoid fatigue during and after standing, they’re designed to go beyond being just an ornament of the floor.

An anti-fatigue mat is built thicker but not too firm or solid. The comfortable thickness serves as a cushion for your feet from the hardness of the floor. This reduces the pressure on your soles so you can comfortably stand on it or move around without too much stress on your legs. It’s also made larger than regular floor mats so you have more space and your movement won’t be restricted for efficient working quality. Another important quality of a good anti-fatigue mat is being trip-proof. The material it’s made of guarantees that the mat will stay flat on the floor to prevent tripping while its surface is rugged to prevent slipping. Most anti-fatigue mats have beveled edges which slope down and ensure not to curl toward the top. Since it’s intended to be stepped on at all times, it should support maximum pressure and guarantee not to slip when placed on different floorings such as tiles, hardwood, marble or many more. It’s also guaranteed to withstand constant use to last many years to come.


If you’re one who stands for a long time most of the day because it’s the nature of your job or you’re an all-around mom who does all the chores at home, an anti-fatigue mat can spare you the stress and cramps for a conveniently satisfying rest after. We’ve just given you some vital points in picking out the best anti-fatigue mat for you and always remember, the key to satisfaction is choosing wisely.

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