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You have seen the professional chefs and food servers wear them. The truth is, aprons are not strictly for those in the food business. Many professions had seen the importance of wearing aprons in their respective industries. Craftsmen such as sculptures, painters, and blacksmiths also wear this outer protective garment. Aprons are also worn by grocers, shopkeepers, and homemakers everywhere.

Nowadays, aprons are worn for both functional and symbolic purposes. Here are the top apron designs you should consider purchasing.

Bistro/Garden/Craftsmen Professional Bib Apron Black Spun Polyester – Set of 2, by Utopia Wear

Best Aprons

Starting with the best apron brand, this heavy-duty apron is durable and comfortable to wear. Made from 100% polyester, it is a one-size-fits-all outer garment that won’t shrink even if you put it in a machine wash. This 2-for-1 apron deal is ideal for restauranteurs, food servers, and shopkeepers. The design is unisex so you won’t have to worry, it’ll look good on you.

This item also has no pockets so it is easy to put your brand logo on it if ever you are going to use it for commercial purposes.

ICUP DC Comics’ Character Apron

Best Aprons

Bring out the comic geek in you with this fun, inexpensive apron. Available in 10 designs and are also suitable for kids’ use, this outer garment can make meal times memorable for you and your entire family. It is made with cotton-polyester blend fabric so you can be sure it won’t be irritating to your child’s skin. You don’t even have to worry about the color and design fading as it is machine washable.

Now you can make the ultimate super-powered meals with the kiddies.

Bistro/Garden/Craftsmen Commercial 3 Pockets Waist Apron – Set of 2 by Utopia Wear

Best Aprons

Made from 100% polyester, this highly functional and affordable apron is suitable for those not comfortable with using a bib type apron. A one-size-fits-all, it has three interior pockets to help you keep your cell phone, spatula, reading glasses, and other tools you might need for your craft.

Durable and designed to be non-shrinkable, this is the perfect apron for the professional.

Chef Works Bib Apron with Pockets

Best Aprons

You will never look good on a Sunday barbecue ever again if you are not wearing this product. Made of a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend, this cheap apron is highly recommended for those who cannot keep away from manning the barbecue grill any time of the week. There are two interior pockets to keep anything relevant within their person.

Any other aprons for sale won’t make you look as sharp as when you are wearing this.

Hyzrz Women’s Apron with Pockets

Best Aprons

Who says aprons can’t be fun? This costume apron costs almost like a bargain, but it has a chic design and soft, comfortable fabric. It is also functional, so you won’t have to worry if you are going to waste money buying this one. It is highly suitable for the adventurous housewives and for female food servers working at character cafés.

Though this outer garment specifically targets women users with its feminine design, its 69cm x 71cm dimension and adjustable neck strap can fit a medium-sized man if he chooses to wear this one.

DII 100% Cotton, Professional Bib Apron With Adjustable Neck Strap & Waist Ties

Best Aprons

New aprons don’t have to be uncomfortable or boring. This outer garment is made from 100% breathable cotton and is available in 22 different colors and styles. It has a unisex design and one-size-fits-all dimension to make it a perfect gift for your family or friend who loves to cook or bake. You can even monogram the recipient’s name to make him or her feel extra special.

A good apron to give and to receive.

What are Aprons?

First and foremost, aprons are worn for hygienic purposes. The clothes you wear are the ideal incubations for different microbes, which is why those who prepare food should not forgo wearing one. That said aprons are also used for protecting your clothes from accidental spills and stains.

Aprons have an indelible symbolic meaning – those who wear them are seen as domesticated or experienced enough to do household chores. Housewives and house helpers are usually seen wearing one, aside from those who cook (either professionally or domestically).

What to Look For

You might think that choosing the right apron to wear is as simple as choosing one that will fit your size. Unfortunately, there are certain nuances in buying an apron that you need to consider before whipping out your wallet. By considering various factors, you can avoid having to waste money on inappropriate aprons that might end up as a dish rag because it is unusable.

All aprons have two strips of cloth that you can tie at the back or around your waist. There are three generic apron forms: (1) the popular bib, (2) the more comfortable shoulder-strapped bib, and (3) the reliable waist apron.

The bib apron, as the name states, has a strap that goes around your neck to help secure it in place. This is the most popular form as it gives freedom of movement on your shoulders and it gives the least chance of falling off from your body.

The shoulder-strapped apron, on the other hand, looks exactly like a bib apron, but the straps are now placed more comfortably on your shoulders. The shoulder straps can directly rest on your shoulders or have a crisscrossed design and attached to the ties located at the back so it won’t fall off. It is mainly used by those who find a strap around their neck highly uncomfortable.

The last form is a waist apron, which can only protect the upper part of your jeans or pants. This is highly suitable for those not really worried about stains and more worried about having additional pockets to carry their things or tools of trade as they move about.

Aside from choosing the form that would suit your needs, you also need to consider the fabric of your apron. Aprons can be made from cloth, plastic, cloth with plastic lining, or rubber.

The most common apron fabric is cotton. It is cheap, easy to wash, and comfortable to use, albeit it will give you no protection against horrible liquid stains as it is also absorbed. Use cotton aprons only if your work is not that messy, such as house cleaning or baking.

The cotton/polyester blend is also popular since it gives you the advantages of cotton without being too worried about stains.

The 100% polyester fabric is mainly used by professionals, though it’s a bit heavier than cotton since it works pretty well against liquid stains. It is also breathable so your body won’t accumulate too much heat if ever you wear this apron in a hot environment, like the kitchen.

You should find an apron that costs both affordable and reasonable. Durable, heavy-duty aprons are not cheap, but you must be willing to pay the price to get an apron that will last even after repeated use and wash.

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