Best Aquarium Air Pump Reviews 2017

While an aquarium air pump isn’t exactly a necessity, it’s going to be beneficial not just for the fishes but also for the tank. By forcing air to enter the water, air pumps create motions to provide oxygen to the water and let fishes breathe. If you want to know not just the leading but the best aquarium air pump in the market then read down below.

PonicsPump Submersible Pump

As the product with the most patrons and supporters, it’s only fair to include the PonicsPump Submersible Pump in this list. The company offers pump in 8 different sizes and 19 models. This specific model however includes a 5 foot cord that’s waterproof. Additionally, it also has 2 outlet adapts for ¼ inch and ½ inch diameter tubing along with adjustable input flow rate screen.

With this one, we can guarantee that it’s made with the highest quality as it uses epoxy resin encasement in internal motor components, also to prevent any unwanted conductivity. To assure that there will be no seal that would damage the pump motor; this one includes a magnetic wet rotor. The PonicsPump Submersible Pump is safe for all kinds of fish as they have no exposed copper and is oil free. It has a flow rate of 92 gallons per hour.

JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump

The JW Pet Company Fusion Air Pump is another popular aquarium air pump for its versatility and affordability. It’s patented with a baffle system that allows it to operate in silence. As a result, its quiet operation makes it reliable for aquarium aeration. Currently, it’s being sold in model 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 with different capacities and pressure.

This air pump feature patented baffle system that creates internal pressure to increase air output. Despite running on a silent operation, this one can run air-driven ornaments, filters and air stones. Moreover, to expel harmful gasses and welcome oxygen rich air into the aquarium, this one also includes a fusion air pump. The leading 4 models (from 400 to 700) include an adjustable dial for controlled air output.

Tetra 77848 Whisper Air Pump

Considered as the best sellers in the industry of aquarium air pumps, the Tetra 77848 Whisper Air Pump is here to impress you. It’s available in 7 models that cater to different gallon or aquarium sizes. This aquarium air pump features a unique dome shape construction along with rubber feet to prevent creating noises. It flattens the sound waves and prevents them from reflecting sound from other surfaces.

The Tetra 77848 Whisper Air Pump can be used in deep tanks as deep as 8 feet and still have strength to power decorations such as air stones and protein skimmers. This item not only provides water movement in the tank, but also pumps oxygen which will be good for the tank and fishes inside the aquarium. It’s one of the most powerful air pump that Tetra offers, so what more can you possibly ask for?

VicTsing Ultra Silent Aquarium Air Pump

The VicTsing Ultra Silent Aquarium Air Pump is the newest air pump that your aquarium will only need. This item includes air pump hydroponics, 2M silicone tube, and 2 air stones, oil-free compressed air pure and multi-level muffler. With its regulating valves, this one effectively regulates air displacement. Its large volume and high performance will be ideal for small to medium sized fish tanks including oxygen.

Additionally, it will also be appropriate for high-grade aquarium, spout decoration and aquaculture oxygenation. It’s installed with double headed pump and has 2 vents to provide oxygen for 2 fish tanks at the same time. For sure, it has a stable performance, low power consumption, long operating life and high efficiency in performing. Lastly, with its fashionable and sleek design, this one will surely easily fit inside your home as it’s also light and portable.

Aquarium Air Pump by Hpumps

The Aquarium Air Pump by Hpumps is an air pump that’s light weight, ultra quiet and has a long life service as it passed the RoHs and CE certificates. It has a size of 3 x 0.8 x 3 inches, so to date; it’s the smallest air pump out there with good tubing, air stone and quiet performance. Despite its small size, this one can be used for fish tanks up to 20 gallons.

To help you save more, this one consumes energy of only 1.5W with a flow rate of 240 mL per minute. It has a water depth for working up to 600 mm and has a noise level of 33 dBA, something noise haters would love. This purchase includes an aquarium air pump, air stone, air tube, 1 sucker and a user manual to get you started.

Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump

The Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump is the number item to be used for freshwater and marine aquariums. It has a size of 3.9 x 2 x 2.2 inches and includes 2 watts, a pressure of 0.014Mpa and 2 LPM. Moreover, it also has a single outlet up to 30 GPH and can fit fish tanks with a capacity of 10 to 30 gallons.

Hate noisy air pumps? This one is a life saver as it only has a minimum sound of 40 dBA, which makes it ultra-whisper quiet. This set includes 1 return valve, 1 air stone, 1M airline, 2 connectors and the air pump. Want to get to know its other features? It has an exhaust of 2 L/min, internal diameter of airline of standard 4mm, a length of the power supply cable: 6 feet and a weight of 320g.

Flexzion Pond Pump

The Flexzion Pond Pump is a pump t that’s available in 7 models with different capabilities. With its features, this pump is not only good for aquariums, but also pond filtration systems and waterfalls. Furthermore, it can also be used submerged, both inline and external using fresh water and salt water. It has an adjustable flow rate and is safe for all fish because it does not contain chemicals or copper.

With its spiral propeller design, it also allows dirt up to ¼ inch to disappear. It’s energy saving up to 60% with its electronic conversion technology. Additionally, as a top aquarium air pump, this one also has variety of settings such as small power, large flow, silence and high H-max. This package contains 1 Flexzion Pond Pump with Adjustable Submersible Inline and 1 set of outlet adapter.

Hpumps Aquarium Air Pump

The Hpumps Aquarium Air Pump may be strange to the most of you, but we still urge you to give it a try. This pump provides oxygen that is super silent, light weight inside its compact design. It has passed the RoHs and CE certificates so it’s to be trusted. This breathe pump is best for fishes as it provides high quality oxygen. To get the best results, it can be used on tanks with 20 gallons of water or 1000mm water depth.

With its ultra slim design, this air pump can even be brought even while travelling, it’s that easy! It has a low energy consumption of 110-120v, an air flow of 400ml/min and a power of 2.0w. Each air pump is matched with a good set of air tube and air stone.


An aquarium air pump has variety of uses. It’s used to put some action for ornaments such as spinning wheels by letting air pass through them. There are also air stones that provide bubbles in the tank. Moreover, water with less oxygen provide more danger to aquarium inhabitants due to buildup of harmful gasses that’s gathered in the water.

Like us, fish also require oxygen to survive. It may sound ridiculous for some, but the dissolved oxygen coming from the water pass through their gills. Additionally, semi-aquatic animals such as mudskippers, crabs and shrimp also need fresh air to breathe, or else they may crawl out of the aquarium. Aquarium air pumps are also necessary so old fashioned filters can run. They cost cheaper than brand new filters but still do the same job as expensive ones.

The first thing to mind when buying an aquarium air pump is to mind how big your tank size is then chooses the air pump accordingly. Say, you’re only pursuing an air pump to let it operate a gravel filter then you’re more likely to go for standard sized air pumps. However, if you’re planning to do more than just that then a standard sized air pump is not enough for you.

As a small piece of advice, if you’re still unsure which one to get then it’s best to go for one that is slightly larger than what you think you need. Larger aquarium air pumps will provide better and stronger performance, plus, their settings can be altered according to your liking.

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