Best Aquarium Thermometer Reviews 2017

Do you have an aquarium at home? If yes, then you most certainly would understand the importance of maintaining a favorable temperature of the water so your water friends could thrive and live a healthy life. But, to be able to do that, you need a good aquarium thermometer that’ll give you quick updates of the temperature inside your tank.

Therefore, we are introducing you to some of the top aquarium thermometers in this post. We will walk you through their special properties and features and understand what makes them stand apart from the other thermometers in the market!

HDE Digital Aquarium Thermometer

HDE brings to you one of the best digital aquarium thermometers available out there. It features a large display screen which makes reading the temperature easy and convenient. It comes with a suction cup for easy placement.

To be able to use his thermometer, all you have to do is submerge the probe inside the water. Make sure you do not submerge the display, just the probe. Once you have this setup ready, just press the “On” button. Your temperature will be recorded and displayed.

This unit can give you measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This device can give you accurate temperatures within 0.1 degree. It runs of LR44 batteries of size 2” x 1.25”. You can choose to buy a pack one, two, or three thermometers. This aquarium thermometer provides you with an easy and quick way to measure the temperature of your aquarium so you can always control the environment your fish live in.

Leegoal Digital Aquarium Terrarium Thermometer

This is one of the cheapest aquarium thermometers yet has superb quality and accuracy. Brought to you by Leegoal, this thermometer is perfect for use in your aquariums as well as terrariums. The unit comes with an external thermistor and a 3 ft. insulated wire. The LCD display gives you clear easy to read readings.

The compact structure of this thermometer makes it easy for you to handle it. The suction cup allows you to position the unit on any smooth surface. You can keep the unit switched OFF when not in use this saving the battery power. The operation is pretty simple and straightforward. Just submerge the probe in water and record the temperature displayed.

Very few aquarium thermometers can beat this one when it comes to price and quality. You should definitely try it out and decide for yourself!

Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Brought to you by Zacro, this aquarium thermometer is a quick and efficient way to measure the temperature of your fish tank so you could make the necessary adjustments accordingly. The unit comes with a probe and a suction cup. The suction cup can be fixed on any smooth surface which helps the probe to stay in one position so the temperature could be recorded accurately.

The power ON/OFF could be used to make sure the unit is working only when you need it. The temperature readings displayed on the LCD screen are accurate within 0.1 degree. The entire unit is powered by one LR44 button cell which is included in the pack. All this comes at a very affordable price which means you don’t have to think twice before purchasing this simple yet efficient device!

American Thermal Horizontal Aquarium Thermometer

A new and innovative method of measuring your aquarium temperature brought to you by Amer Thermal Instruments. This horizontal aquarium thermometer is like a small strip which is meant to be placed on the outside of the tank. Once the thermometer is placed firmly in this position, it uses the sensitive color changing liquid crystals to indicate the temperature of the aquarium.

Each temperature indicator on the thermometer has been formulated under strict laboratory specifications. The thermometer is fully calibrated and it reacts immediately to any change in temperature in your aquarium. Also, if you’re not happy with the existing position of the thermometer, you can easily remove it. You could also switch using it between two or more aquariums without any difficulty.

Now, get the most accurate temperature readings with this inexpensive yet innovative thermometer. This product is highly recommended by its customers.

AODE® Digital LCD Aquarium Thermometer

AODE’s aquarium thermometer is one of the most popular thermometers out there because it is backed by the quality and accuracy of AODE. The thermometer comes with a small unit with display and a cord attached to a probe. The probe is supposed to be submerged inside the water while the unit stays out.

The probe senses the temperature and the unit displays the reading. The display is large enough for the readings to be clearly and easily visible. Buy this in a pack of one or two thermometers. They are available in two colors – Black and Yellow.

The temperature range of this aquarium thermometer is -50°c ~ + 70°c and its operating temperature is -10°c ~ +50°c. It needs one LR44 button cell for power which is included within the unit.

JW Pet Smarttemp Thermometer

JW Pet brings to you this truly smart aquarium thermometer which has to be positioned inside the tank with the help of a magnet which is placed outside. The numbers of the scale are large which makes the process of reading and recording temperature an easy and effortless task.

The scale indicates a green safe zone which is the ideal temperature to be maintained in the aquarium. This thermometer is available in two styles – standing and non-standing. The non-standing type requires a magnet whereas the standing thermometer comes with a stand which fits securely in gravel. The stand also comes with unique anchoring fins to help the thermometer stay intact in its position. This thermometer provides you with a good accuracy within +/- 1.5 degree f.

CNZ Digital LCD Thermometer for Aquarium

Brought to you by CNZ, this aquarium thermometer is perfect for any type of fish tank or even terrarium temperature recording. It comes with a large display screen which makes it easy for you to read and record temperatures. The temperature could be displayed either in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on the setting you choose. The probe that’s connected to the display unit sits inside the tank whereas the unit is positioned outside.

The pack comes with a replaceable battery. The power button on this digital thermometer allows you to control the use of battery. You can safely turn off the unit when not in use. If you want to save money, you could opt to buy a pack of 3 or 6 of these thermometers.

Coralife Digital Thermometer

This digital thermometer is brought to you by Coralife. The small unit consists of an LCD display, a 3 foot long temperature probe which senses the temperature, and a suction cup to keep the probe in its position inside the tank.

When the probe is submerged, the temperature is recorded and displayed. You can toggle the display between the Fahrenheit and Celsius units. The thermometer works well not only for aquariums but also for terrariums. The readings are quite accurate to the range of 0.1 degree F or C. The thermometer comes with a battery so you could start using it right away after the purchase.

General Tools In and Out Aquarium Thermometer

General Tools and Instruments brings to you this In and Out aquarium thermometer which is capable of measuring and displaying temperature in any type of marine habitat. It can measure temperature in the range of -58 to 158 Degrees Fahrenheit.

This thermometer has a minimum and maximum memory and therefore can be set to a high/low alarm. This means, you are fully in a position to control and maintain the temperature in your aquarium even without having to constantly monitor the temperature. The unit comes with a backlight display and a foldaway stand. The power ON/OFF button allows you to save battery usage.

This thermometer can display both the ambient as well as the remote temperature. The display mode could also be toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius. This aquarium thermometer is CE approved.


By now, you must have a fair idea about the things to look for when buying an aquarium thermometer. You know how most of the digital and analog thermometers work, and also learned about some new styles of temperature recording. So, we’re confident that when you go shopping to buy a thermometer for your aquarium, you’ll make the right choice.

But, what would you do after you notice that the temperature of the tank is drastically low or high than the desired range? Slowly try to bring the temperature back to normal by adding warm or cool water accordingly. However, when doing so make sure the temperature of the water inside the tank changes slowly. An abrupt change in the temperature might not be favorable for your fish and they might not be able to cope up well with the change.

So, just take it slow and your fish will be happy and healthy!

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