Best Aquarium Reviews 2017

Having an aquarium as a home décor or as a way to maintain and provide a healthy environment for your pet fish is a choice you have to think through. Whether you’d want a lavish and humongous fish tank with a diverse selection of aquatic creatures, or you’d settle for a small, simple aquarium for one or two fishes you keep as pets, choosing the best aquarium that suits your lifestyle is important. There are many types and shapes of an aquarium that you can choose from. Here are some of the best aquariums which are available in the market right now.

Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank

First in our list of the best aquarium that is popular right now is this product. Actually, this aquarium is pretty darn cute. This mini aquaponic aquarium is a closed-loop ecosystem which looks like an elegant garden is connected to your miniature fish tank. Aquaponics, if you must know, utilizes the waste products from the fish tank by fertilizing the plants on top of the aquarium. Pretty amazing, huh?

The plants, in return, filter and clean the water in your aquarium. This is an amazing symbiotic ecosystem normally seen in nature. This aquarium mimics nature and it’s so pretty and earth-friendly you’ll surely love to try it for yourself. Think of it as a water garden. Fish defecate and its ammonia, a harmful substance to the fish and the aquarium environment, is absorbed by the plants as a fertilizer. This is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, thus the term “aquaponics” is born.

Going back to this pretty cool aquarium, the Water Garden aquaponic kit has everything you need to start your natural marine life in a fish tank. It includes a 3-gallon fish tank with organic wheatgrass and radish sprout seeds, fish food, natural fertilizer, acoupon for your betta fish, gravel, stones, and a quiet, submersible water pump.

Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon

Another aquarium you might want to check out is the Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit. This product has the capacity of 3-gallons, quite small but a good choice for those who are not really into big, pricey and high-maintenance aquariums. A perfect aquatic environment is achieved with its built-in Tetra 3i filter which keeps your fish tank clean and healthy ideal for small tropical fish.

What’s even more appealing about this product is it also includes a LED light to better showcase your tiny fish. Know that this aquarium is good for small fish with its 10″ D x 10″W x 10.512″H measurement. If you are a Betta keeperor some other small fish you like to keep as pets, then this is a good choice for you. This product is simple, but it shows off your pet nicely with its simplicity.

Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

Now this is one cute aquarium suited for desk tops. This mini aquarium holds 1.8 gallons of water, is rounded and has a darling cascading waterfall above it. The waterfall feature is quite unique and stylish, a good décor for your home or for your office. A pump driven power filter keeps the aquarium clean and maintains its healthy environment for your pet fish. You can change the filter by reapplying filter cartridge provided.

This miniature aquarium has a built-in light you can turn on or off. Again, this is an aquarium suited for small fishes only. Betta lovers are happy with this product, as happy as their pet Betta actually. Some even gave good reviews saying their Betta became more active and swam around the aquarium more when they started using this. The waterfall feature also helps add oxygenation to your aquarium, which is a plus.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Where can you find an aquarium that has bright white and blue LEDs with special daylight and moonlight settings you can adjust depending on your preference? This aquarium has that, and it’s pretty cool. No wonder this aquarium got apretty good amount of reviews and ratings. One of its great features is its advanced 3-stage hidden back panel filtration which has an adjustable flow filter pump. This product is 16.8 inches high x 11.8 inches long x 11.8 inches wide. It also has a hinged light and a sliding glass overhead for easy access to the tank.

Visually, this Portrait Aquarium Kit is modern and stylish. It’s simple yet appealing, good for first-time pet fish keepers. It has a sturdy bottom, and the elongated design actually adds to its appeal. It doesn’t take much space since it is vertically long and not wide. Arranging your fish tank canopies and plants is exciting, your fish will surely love to swim around its spacious area.

API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit

Another small aquarium fit for aminiature type of fish is this API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit that comes with LED lighting and internal filter. You got that right, this aquarium allows 360 visual of everything happening inside the aquarium. The design is specifically made as a compact 3-gallon aquarium with a cylindrical shape for a 360-degree view. This compact design is well suited to be placed in your home, apartment, dorm room or office, pretty much where space is an issue.

Being small in size has its benefits measuring 10-1/5 x 14-1/2 x 10-1/5 inches (LxHxW). This aquarium is energy efficient even with its myriad of colors included in the package. Seven-color LED lighting composed of amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red, and white lights illuminates everything inside the aquarium. It’s very pretty. The built-in mini filter cleans and purifies the tank with a 45 GPH flow rate. There’s also a Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge included in the aquarium kit which removes odors and discoloration from your aquarium.

Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

Presenting to you an aquarium that copies nature’s cascading waterfall is Aqueon Kit Betta Falls. The unique feature is possible due to its sleek, curved design composed of three, individual chambers placed one after another in a sloping arrangement that allows a miniature waterfall at the top to flow water from one chamber to the other. Take note, this is a Betta aquarium. If you’ve ever been an owner of a Betta, you very well know they are not meant to be accompanied with other fishes. That’s why this aquarium is well suited for Betta fish because it has individual compartments.

This is compact enough to be placed on a desk top at your office, in your home or somewhere with a limited space. Included in this aquarium kit is a quiet flow power filtration system with a filter cartridge you can change in order to maintain a healthy and clean environment for your pet Betta.

API Panaview Aquarium Kit

This is a very nice aquarium, although it’s quite underrated. The look of it is really cool and the design is simple but convenient. This product has garnered mixed reviews, though. Some think this aquarium is so-so, but for the given price it should be a good enough aquarium especially for those who are still starting their freshwater aquarium.

API Panaview Aquarium Kit is a compact 5-gallon fish tank with a flat-back design and a rounded front. This is a “panaview” aquarium, you can see the different angles of your fish tank. It’s quite nice for a simple and well-priced aquarium suited for small sea creatures such as pet shrimps, small crabs, Betta fish, or other mini fishes you want to keep as pets. Included in the kit is an energy-efficient 7-color LED lighting composed of amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red, and white which shows off the inhabitants of your aquarium. Just like the API aquarium featured in this list, this Panaview aquarium also has a Superclean 10 internal power filter and Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge which cleans and purifies the fish tank. The seamless construction provides crystal clear view and the design is very child-friendly too.

Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium Kit

Tetra 29137 Water Wonder Aquarium Kit, Black, 1.5 Gallons

For Betta pet owners, this is another aquarium you should consider getting especially for those who are first time Betta pet owners. It’s kind of a drag and inhumane to place your Betta fish in a tiny, as in super tiny, bowls with no ornaments whatsoever. You won’t have a happy Betta fish with that kind of living environment.

Now this aquarium is a dainty home for your Betta fish. Not only is this very pretty to look at, especially with the overhead light included in the aquarium, it is also an easy, convenient and safe fish tank specifically designed for beginners. Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium Kit is 1.5-gallon in size which can fit almost anywhere. It has a clear, resilient acrylic tank offering a beautiful underwater view. The kit pretty much has everything: it has a filter, adjustable LED light, filter cartridge, and complete setup guide good for those who are still starting their freshwater aquarium.

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, 1.1-Gallon

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, 1.1-Gallon

Another Tetra product up in the market is the Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, 1.1-Gallon. This compact aquarium is also conveniently designed for Betta fish and also a good buy for those who are still beginners in rearing a pet fish. For a reasonable price, you can have a miniature fish tank with a repositionable LED light which you can either place above or below the tank. Four white lights with an on/off switch sums up the LED light included in the kit.

Measuring 4.875-inch D x 9.5-inch W x 9.875-inch H, this aquarium also has a feeding hole on its lid. This is a very affordable little aquarium that serves its purpose for your little guy. Super simple, beautiful and cordless aquarium designed for 3 AA batteries you won’t need to plug it in. The LED lights are not only beautiful, they are energy efficient too. Your pet Betta will surely love this cute aquarium.


In choosing an aquarium for your pet fish, you want the best aquarium out there. Another thing you should consider is the type of fish you are taking care of, the amount of space you are willing to set aside for your pet fish, and your budget in buying and maintaining your aquarium, among other things. There are many types and sizes of aquarium you can choose from in the market. From the list we have provided we hope you now have an inkling of what you want and need for your home and for your pet fish. As long as you’re happy with your purchase and your pet fish seems happy with their new aquatic environment, then it is a win/win situation.

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