Best Archery Targets Reviews 2017

Did you know that archery came from the Latin word “arcus”? Originally, arrows and bows were used for hunting or self-defense. In the ancient times, around 15 thousand years ago, archery has been practiced so people candefend themselves from their enemies. Nowadays, however, it’s been transformed as a sport and hobby. Archery is indeed one of the most well-liked sport and hobby all over the world.

On that note, target archery is one of the most popular types of archery practice worldwide. Target archery is either held in a private archery club or in a wide place where you can place a target. The distance of the archer from the target ranges from 18 to 90 meters, depending on the level. Without a good archery target, this type of archery will not make any sense. Don’t fret though, because in this article we’ll provide you significant details about this niche and offer you top archery targets for sale.

Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Target

The Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Target may be the cheapest archery target deal we can find. This block target is structured to stop arrows of up to 400 FPS. Moreover, to effectively catch your arrows, it has a patented nucleus center that is known to be extremely durable. This product is 100% weather proof with a weight of 32 pounds, so more likely it is guaranteed that it can withstand any type of weather. The Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Target is equipped with an E-Z tote handle along with an IFS technology to give you the best portable archery target.

FIELD LOGIC Classic 18 Archery Block Target

Looking for an inexpensive archery target? With the FIELD LOGIC Classic 18 Archery Block Target, get the cheapest block target you could ever find! With a weight of 13.5 pounds, this archery target is very portable to carry around. Additionally, this product uses high-density core with polyethylene layers and polyurethane shell so it canreceive even the strongest arrows, yet easily let go of it after some time. This target has a black and white design to efficiently offer you a high-contrast design, making it easier for the archer to aim at the target. If you’re looking for a cheap archery target, then we certainly vouch for the FIELD LOGIC Classic 18 Archery Block Target.

Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead Target

Want the finest archery target there is? Then we dare you to try the Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target. To guarantee you of a strong and long-lasting product, this one uses a legendary rineheart self-healing foam that can take any types of arrow. This archery target has a unique design, giving you at least 18 available targets to shoot. As an advantage, this one only weighs about 2 pounds, so with its strong yellow handle, this product is easier to carry and travel around. Hate it when your arrows get stuck? The Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target is designed to easily let go of arrows after shooting.

Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600

If you want to take your target archery to the next level, then getting an animal 3D target would be good. This company sells several types of targets, but this 3D target is in a shape of a deer. This one has a dimension of 37.5 x 10 x 22.8 inches with a weight of 15 pounds, making it an ideal target to put in forests or woods. At a pretty low price you can get a strong and durable target that can withstand several amounts of arrows and still stop them anytime. For anyone practicing for hunting, then getting this 3D target would be a great start.

What are archery targets?

Before telling you what archery targets are, it’s important to know where it came from and the purpose it holds. People who like archery are either called as a bowman or an archer. Archery is a prominent type of sport and hobby. It used to be a tool for warfare and hunting, but as certain machineries proved to be better at this field, archery transformed to be a well-known recreational activity and professional sport.

One of the best ways to practice archery is through target archery.Target archery is commonly practiced in huge and wide places, indoors or outdoors as long as there are bow, arrows and a target. Target archery has different level of difficulty, depending on the archer. One of the most common distance from the archer and the target ranges from 18 meters to 90-120 meters. For some people, target archery may seem very easy to do, but when you realize its rules and regulations, you’ll understand why people get crazy for it.

Despite being a fun activity, playing this game could be lethal. Whether you’re playing alone or in a private archery club, we still encourage you to pay attention especially when shooting. If you seriously want to up your game and practice even better, then choosing a good archery target is very important. We’ve provided you the best archery target brands in the market; however, it’s still important to know certain information about them.

Archery targets used to be available in one form. But the improved and new archery targets have several types of form, sizes and weight. Below, we’ll give you the 4 most common types of archery targets.

Bag archery targets – are probably the most common type of archery targets. This type of target is usually cheaper in price yet still able to arrest your arrows. A bag archery target is often filled with synthetic fiber, known to be extremely tough to effectively stop your arrow. Moreover, after shooting, it is also easier to remove arrows in a bag target. The most affordable archery target may possibly be this type, so if you want a low-cost product, then going for this one will suit you.

Block archery targets – are the improved type of archery targets. They are also cheap, portable and light. Ideally, you can even carry this around. Block archery targets are made out of several foam layers to efficiently stop arrows. Preferably, if you’re planning to use lightweight arrows, then going for this type of target may be a great choice. However, if you’re using a pretty heavy arrow, then you may encounter some problems because heavier arrows may go deeper, hence making it harder to remove them.

Animal 3D archery targets – if you want to elevate your quest buying an archery target, then getting an animal 3D may be the best. If you’re interested placing yourself in hunting situations, then this is the best one for you. This type of archery target is made out of foam in the form of certain animals such as: deer, wolf, rabbit or wild bears.

Bulls eye archery target – is perhaps the most popular type of target in archery. It is the most common type because it is often used in archery clubs, in competitions and even in the Olympics. In this one, hitting the core or the gold/yellow circle will give you the highest point.

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