Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews 2017

If you have a pet and you worry about when you leave the house, you can get this automatic dog feeder that will take care of feeding schedules, while you’re out. These contraptions will feed any wet or dry food, but keeping wet food is not good for a long duration. The dog feeder applies to any sized cat or dog while be using it to get their meals!

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder is what you need to feed puppywhen you’re out. We all want to keep dogs but sometimes due to busy schedules, we forget to do so. But, if we have this gizmo to keep him fed, ti would be much easier and puppy won’t have to starve.

This option does things like keep portions to be fed at intervals of 12 times, and they can be from 1/8 cups to about 4 cups per serving. That’s enough to keep rover happy. Incorporated is a conveyor that’s anti-jam and will give out both semi-moist foods of sizes and shapes. An alternative slow feeding mode that’ll serve portions bigger than 1/8 cup over a 15-minute duration, is employed to reduce gulping and vomiting. Other functions are pause feed mode and immediate feed mode that will not affect the inputted schedule. If your dogs paw the machine it ‘s pet-proofed to keep the food inside! Included is a stainless steel bowl, that’s more sanitary than a plastic bowl, and can be taken apart with some parts that are dishwasher safe! To power it, 4 (D) batteries are needed but a power adapter can be bought too.

If you get this option, an after-sales support network is ready to serve you, at 6- days a week (US-Based customer only). This is one great option for your pet! Feeding rover is easy with this mechanical wonder too, and it’s been around since 1991.

PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Station with Stainless Steel Bowl

PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Station with Stainless Steel Bowl will be your best friend in feeding Rover. There are times when we need to leave rover at home, and if that happens he might not get his regular meal. In order make sure that he gets his meals on time, you need this at home.

What it does is give out food every time, he’s hungry and this will enable you to leave him with no worriesbecause it can hold 2-pounds of dry pet food at any time. A stainless steel bowl is included that is dishwasher usable and easy to clean out! To prevent spilling food, incorporated in it is a plastic hopper that is durable to prevent it from happening. If there is any question about the product, a support network will answer queries and assist for after-sales service! This is a prime product since 1991.

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi, 18 L x 16 W x 3 H-Inch, for Dogs and Cats

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built-In Webcam and Wi-Fi, 18 L x 16 W x 3 H-Inch, for Dogs and Cats is the high tech solution for automatic dog feeding. There are many options to choose from, but this is the distinctive product that every dog owner should get. This is one option that will simplify the chore of feeding Rover.

This machine is really smart that it can dispense many doggy items like dry/wet food, medication, and treat that your doggy will love. it’s best to keep wet food no than 24-hours, it’s size is 18X16X3-inches overall dimensions. To monitor your pet, it has a built-in WIFI that connects to the network, and it sends real-time images via camera to any smartphone OS or Windows Microsoft. A preset of single feed or regular feed for unlimited feeding, as long as there’s food in the compartment! Each of the six containers will hold up to 8 oz. Of food, whether be it wet or dry food. But, wet food must be minimized because of spoilage after 24-hours!

It’s one good deal for an auto feeder, and keeping doggy fed when out, will give peace of mind! Get this for doggy and he’ll be wagging all the time!

HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Reminding and Timer Programmable

HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Reminding and Timer Programmable, Electronic Food Dispenser 6-Meal for Dogs (Large, Medium and Small) and Cats is for owners of dogs and cats who need this gizmo at home. This is a premium automatic option with all the bells and whistle that’ll make you say wow! Why? It’s because of having the capacity to serve meals automatically in meal sizes of 1/32 cup to 7 cups per meal, though if you need more info then go to youtube and type us in!

The gizmo can be preset to 6 meals a dayuntil anyone arrives to check Rover or Kitty. A pre-recorded voice will call the pets out, to eat from the food provided. An infrared detector will help avoid looking in the food and avoid spillage, that will insure pets get fed on time! The right-sized food should put inside to make sure they wouldn’t get jammed going out of the dispensing hole. It runs at a low power setting, using 4 alkaline power cells but an Amazon brand battery is best for prolonged operation, up to 6 months! This is one sweet deal that will be appreciated especially for our four-legged pals.

Homdox New 5.5 Liter Large ABS Material Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Dry Food Portion Control

Homdox New 5.5 Liter Large ABS Material Automatic Pet Feeder Dog Cat Dry Food Portion Control will keep you furry pals fed, even when you’re not me.

If you leave the furry pals at home, you need this to keep them feed and healthy all the time. It can’t be helped if we leave them, and it can’t be helped. This is the solution for the problem.

Each mealtime a recorded 10-sec message will call out the pets for 3- times, and the food will be dispensed from a see-through food drum of 5.5 liters of dry pet food. Auto Feeding will keep the pet fed and on time without anyone at home, and allow a peace of mind too. The feeder is made of amaterial that is 100% safe for your pet, and the mechanism will not allow food to get stuck in the dispensing hole. Preset portions that’ll be dispensed at 1 to 12 cups, and will be scheduled 3 times a day! Plus an LCD that shows how much power it has left too.

There are many options among many products, but this will be an A-1 choice that will keep the pet fed even without you at home!

GemPet SmartFeeder, Automatic Pet Feeder

GemPet SmartFeeder, Automatic Pet Feeder controlled With Your iPhone, Android or other smart devices is what you need to remotely control your pets feeding anytime you’re out! Are you overly concerned about your pets eat on time or not, whenever you leave the house? If you do, then take a gander at this option which has an Internet capability that will allow control over the gizmo from anywhere. Using your smartphone to control feeding time and preset amounts and share online! You do this to make sure that the pet eats right all the time!

Whenever the containers are filled make sure that all portions fit exactly, to make sure they won’t be caught in the dispensing hole. Presets are 4-meals a day, at 1-10 for each portion at 24 ml. All presets are adjustable to your preference and personal setting when or how the meals are served!

It’s important to note that it’ll only work with 2.4 GHz wifi, and will work with IOS above 7.5 or Android over 4.0, only with these requirements can the online functionality be activated! The feeder device has up to 32 GB memory card, operates on 3 “D” batteries, DC power to operate the feeder. If you have more questions, an instruction booklet will guide you through the operation of the pet feeder. This is technology helping us, take care of our beloved pets and if you care, then get it now. The happy sounds of Rover and Kitty will be nice to hear!

GemPet Automatic Pet Feeder ,Up to 5 Meals Per day For Dry &Wet Food

GemPet Automatic Pet Feeder Up to 5 Meals Per day For Dry &Wet Food is the pet feeder for the practical pet owner. Every time we leave our pets at home, we worry if they are eating well, especially without us around! The one option that will be the one to get for your home. Just to be truly sure that nourishment will be given to pets, all 5 meals will have portions that will be at 240 ML, total food capacity is 1.2 Liters at maximum. To make it easy to clean both the hopper and tray are removable and could be washed. The bin holds both wet and dry, but wet food must not be kept long! To top it off, a 20-sec meal call to summon the pets when you’re out of the house. Direct current or 4 “AA” batteries power it, just in case electricity shuts down.

What else can you ask for in a pet feeder, that has all the important features to keep the pets healthy, even without you there to feed them!

Hoison SmartFeeder Wi-Fi Programmable Dogs & Cats Feeder With LCD Light Dispenser

Hoison SmartFeeder Wi-Fi Programmable Dogs & Cats Feeder With LCD Light Dispenser, Electronic Timer Programmable, Compatible with Android and iOS is what you get if cross an auto pet feeder with R2D2! Is the remotely controlled electronic pet feeder that allows concerned pet owners to make sure that pets get fed on time and every time we’re out of the house.

To begin connectivity of the home WIFI network and your “Spanking brand new” pet feeder you need to do several steps that are in the instruction manual provided for clear instructions. It doesn’t matter whether IOS or Android because the free mobile app works well with both systems, and it will walk you through installing steps too. All in all the installation will take all of 15 mins or less to do! The feeder multiple functions that will control feeding and other functions are portion control, offline feeding, programmable timer, real-time interaction, microphones that are prominent features of the feeder. Other extras is an HD camera, about 2 million pixels, 5-liter food capacity, and a 60-day refund warranty! Imagine this in your home now, and feeling secure that poochie’s food will always be given to him. Even if you’re out of the house! How is that for pet happiness that every owner wants.


Getting the right automatic dog feeder will be a very crucial item that’ll keep the pooch or any cat that needs feedingwhen you’re out for any duration of time. These contraptions have many features that’ll ensure the pet gets their food on time! To choose the right one for you, will need all the technical info and practical applications that’ll be useful in getting everything perfect!

For example, there are many kinds of mechanisms that will dispense food to Rover or Mittens and there is a preventive device that’ll keep the food inside too. It’s important to note that some are computerized to give remote access to the house, and you can even see them through a cam! But, some are a straight-up auto feeder with a recorded food call message to call the pets! There are other features that will make pet feeding automatic and easy for you!

Just go through all the data and info then see what’s for you. That simple, and always keep in mind that it must feed pooch or mittens or you’ve got ravenous pets on your hands! Click it and get it, then you’ll love what it does in keeping them well-fed!

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