Best Baby Activity Center Reviews 2017

Your baby needs a lot of tummy-time in order to improve their motor skills and strengthen their muscles early on. Not only will you enjoy having your baby placed on a baby activity center, your baby can benefit immensely by having fun. Your little one can stimulate their senses with the myriad of sights, sounds and textures the best baby activity center can have. Here are some of the best baby activity center you can check out for your baby.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

The most popular baby activity center we found is this one by Fisher-Price. There are a lot of good baby products from the brand, this one included. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym has two modes of play you can choose for your baby when you’re doing tummy time together. You can lay and play with the different stimulating toys strategically placed in certain locations where your baby can easily grab it, or you can have a safe place where your baby can do their tummy-time and strengthen their body.

It has special features which respond to baby’s moment. There are music, sounds and colorful dancing lights that’ll surely catch your baby’s attention. Your little one will surely love every moment they spend in this baby activity center. The built-in music lasts for 20 minutes. You can also switch to rainforest sounds that will intrigue your baby. This has 10 activities your baby can use and some linkable toys they can grasp and play with. It also has this satiny butterflies that spin when your baby touches it that will activate more lights, music, and sounds. From the moment of birth until your baby gets tired of this playground you can use this. Your baby can learn a lot from rolling around until the moment they start to crawl, they will have the full benefit of this reasonably priced baby activity center.

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy

This is another cute and playful baby activity center that we found in the market. You might like to have this for your baby. It looks so fun and colorful your baby will have a blast playing in this. The materials used for this baby activity center is made of polyester which is durable enough to last for the many months your infant is going to make use of this. It can fold easily for easy storage and is compact enough that it won’t take too much space in your baby’s room.

Your baby can have all the space needed to do tummy time and learn how to hold their head up, practice rolling around on their own and even reach the moment where they can crawl. It’s important to have a safe place where they can strengthen their bones and muscles as well as reach important baby milestones. In here they can sit and play and discover many wonders with the overhead collection of toys. There are 4 linkable toys overhead where they can grab and play with. Also included in its design is a plush prop-up pillow your baby can use when they do tummy-time. This is easy to assemble and to store, perfect for your little one.

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

Next on our list of the best baby activity center is another Fisher-Price activity center with a different design and a much more affordable price compared to the previous one we presented. In this product, your baby can have four ways use this in their play time. Babies can kick at the piano instrument at the bottom and musical sounds will come from it. With this, they will learn to associate that kicking certain parts of the piano situated at the bottom of the activity center will emit fun sounds. Their leg muscles will strengthen and their brain develop with such a fun activity.

Also included in this baby activity center is a non-breakable mirror your baby can use to better get to know themselves, as well as 5 activity toys they can play with. There’s also a hippo teether they can gnaw safely with and clackers in the shape of elephants. There are more toys included in this product that your baby will surely love to interact with. Your baby can lay and play, or do their tummy-time where it’s safe and spacious. It has a long and short music you can choose from which lasts up to 15 minutes. The numerous colors, textures, and music will be a good stimulation for your growing baby.

Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

Another fun baby activity center that’s inexpensive yet durable that you might want to check out is the Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with a cute canopy. The canopy can be adjusted and removed as you wish. This can serve as a protection from the sun when you’re out on a picnic near a body of water with your baby and you needed a clean, safe and spacious place for your baby to swim in. It has an interactive play station with special activities that are congruent to every developmental stage your child will undergo. Always make sure an adult is holding this and your baby. You should be vigilant at all times.

The octopus arms included in this product’s design hold toys for your baby to touch and activate at their own leisure when they are out in the water. There are many toys in this baby activity center which includes a squeaker, stacking rings, rattle, soft touch star and even a teether that your growing baby can chew when they are teething. Babies at this age love to place everything in their mouth. It’s some kind of affirmative gesture where they place anything they’re not familiar with for their mouth’s inspection. That’s why it’s important to have a safe and clean space your baby can play in such as this product. This product is recommended for 9 months to 24 months old baby and must have adult supervision at all times especially when in the water.

Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Here’s another baby activity center we found in the market that’s highly recommended for babies. The price is reasonable enough for such a long-lasting baby product. Newborn babies and up can fully benefit from this activity gym for developmental and leisure purposes. This is a gym activity center as well as a ball pit where your baby can have all the fun and interactions in the world. As many as 40 colorful balls are stored inside the turtle’s head for your baby to play with.

You won’t be disappointed with this product. A lot of parents gave good praises for this baby activity center. Unlike other baby activity centers which only lasts for a few months, this product can last for ages. From one activity feature to the next, your baby can outgrow it but still have fun since it has another challenging area for your baby’s discovery. Once they master another activity area, they can shift to another. The many activities they can do in this baby activity center is enough to cover many developmental milestones throughout the months your baby will grow. This is a highly recommended product by parents.

Skip Hop Baby Infant and Toddler Treetop Friends Activity Gym and Playmat

Another baby activity center we’d like to introduce to you is this product. Skip Hop Baby Infant and Toddler Treetop Friends Activity Gym and Playmat is a highly recommended activity center for babies. It might be a little bit pricey but this is worth its price. Many good reviews were given by those who purchased this for their little ones. It has layers upon layers of high-quality fabric and the materials used are durable that can last a long time and withstand multiple uses. Some of the activities your baby can benefit from this product are crinkling leaves, squeaking flowers and a non-breakable mirror on a tree trunk that your baby can play with.

Babies from birth onwards are eligible to use this activity center. It has as many as 17 developmental activities your baby can make full use of. About 5 multi-sensory hanging toys are available for them to interact with and the surrounding design has nature-inspired graphics that will stimulate your baby’s senses. This also has 13 loops where toys are hung low and high for your baby to reach for. The oversized mat serves as a safe haven for your baby to play in. This also has a pillow included where it can support your baby’s stomach when they do their tummy-time. The bars on its side can be detached when you want to have exclusive tummy time for your baby. Cleaning this is easy, too, since it’s machine washable.

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym

Your baby can have all the fun in the world in this musical baby activity gym. This has short and long musical modes and fun sounds you can choose from for your baby’s enjoyment. There are also five activity toys linked in this for your baby to grab and play with. The arches built into this activity center has linkable toys that you and your baby can move. You can take them off, too, if you want for your baby to play outside the activity area. The arches are easy to fold and portable when you needed to carry this somewhere or store it after use.

You won’t have to stress on how to clean this baby activity center. You can remove the parts and have the mat washed in your washing machine. Don’t be scared to wash this since it’s machine washable. The mat is padded so it’ll be soft and comfortable for your baby to have their tummy-time as well as roll and crawl around in. The colors, toys and its ability to be machine washed makes this an appealing and convenient baby activity center not usually seen in other products. Even though the toys and activities seen in this activity are simple, your baby can benefit from everything in it and learn for months to come.

Skip Hop Baby Infant and Toddler Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym and Playmat

Last on our list of the best baby activity center is another Skip Hop product that has a different design and features. This is kind of on the pricey side but everything is worth it and this is highly recommended by many parents. This has 17 developmental activities your baby can play with in order to stimulate their motor and brain functions. The mat of this baby activity center is made of a soft and quilted material which is a safe and comfortable place for your baby to have their tummy-time. It has playful and colorful patterns that will promote good development for your baby in many areas.

This has 13 loops where toys are hung low and high for your baby to reach. Also included in this product is a soft and comfortable pillow for your baby to use during tummy-time. Getting this activity soiled is something you can’t prevent in the long run. Don’t fret, you can actually take this apart and have the mat and some of the toys machines washed. You can even wash this multiple times and it won’t get damaged easily. This is a reasonably priced baby activity center that your little one can use for a long time.


Having a baby is the best feeling in the world. Watching your baby grow is a miracle. One moment they are small balls of cuteness, the next they’re balls of energy packed into such a tiny body. Watching your baby grow and learn to explore their surroundings is one of the rewarding moments of parenthood. When your baby hits their developmental milestones, you can’t help but exult. It’s important to guide and provide your baby in strengthening their body and learning how to move about. Having the best baby activity center can help your baby have a safe place where they are stimulated from music, toys, textures and colors.

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