Best Baby Cereals Reviews 2017

Babies go through a lot of stages, from their first walk, words and first intake of food, these are all their achievements in the earliest years of their lives. After months of only taking milk inside their system, they would eventually reach a point where they will need to eat something heavier than milk. Knowing when it is time to feed the solid food is pretty easy to recognize, as soon as they get interested with what you are eating, you will know that it is time.

Your child’s first solid food must at least be recommended by your pediatrician, although typically, they would suggest practicing them through cereals. Baby cereals are typically combined with milk whether it came from the mother or a formula, as weeks pass, they can be thickened or as soon as the baby can chew on their own.

Most parents used to make their baby’s meal from scratch; usually it would need several ingredients and sometimes, a processor. But, if you want something that is better and much more convenient then go for baby cereals! Want to know the best ones in the market? Go ahead and check our list down below!

Happy Baby Organic Baby Cereal

As one of the best baby cereals for sale, we are highly confident that you’d love having the Happy Baby Organic Baby Cereal. Available in 6 to 7 ounce container, this product is a cereal made out of premium organic ingredients made just right for your baby. It comes with 20% calcium for your baby’s daily calcium need, iron for brain development and DHA for sharper brain and choline for better eye sight.

Additionally, it also comes with probiotics for an improved digestive balance. It is free from toxic ingredients and harmful substance as it is non-gmo verified, no artificial sweeteners, no trans fats and it uses packaging that is free from BPA. The chia, amaranth and quinoa are all naturally gluten free so they are extremely helpful to your child. As one of the top baby cereal brand in the market, we believe that

NurturMe Protein Infant Cereal

NurturMe Protein Packed Quinoa Organic Infant Cereal, 3.7 Ounce

Are you persuaded to find the cheapest baby cereal deal you could ever find? Then try opting for the NurturMe Protein Infant Cereal. Since quinoa is a healthier alternative to rice cereals as they are safe weaning food, it is best to go for this product. It is packed with necessary proteins, active antioxidants and essential amino acids to secure that your baby has a stronger immune system.

Moreover, it also comes with natural fiber for a prebiotic assist with digestion. To assure you that it is safe, this one is USDA certified organic with no salts, artificial flavors, and preservatives and gluten-free. The NurturMe Protein Infant Cereal is being offered in banana, raisin, apple and sweet potato flavors. Certainly, if you are looking for an inexpensive baby cereal then we suggest having this one.

Gerber Baby Cereal Single-Grain

Gerber Baby Cereal Single-Grain Variety Pack, 8 ounce (Pack of 6)

Looking for a new baby cereal? Then go for the Gerber Baby Cereal Single-Grain. This product comes with vitablocks nutrient blend equipped with calcium, B vitamins, zinc, iron and vitamin C for a faster growth development. This cereal is the only infant cereal that contains probiotic B that makes for a healthy digestion tract flora.

The moment your baby can move their tongue forward and backward, that’s when they are ready to eat solid foods. To guide your baby through several flavors, this product comes in 6 flavors such as rice cereal, organic brown rice cereal, banana cereal, strawberry and banana and banana apple strawberry. It is one of the most affordable baby cereals in the market, so we are confident that you and your baby will have a fun time having it.

Nestle Cerelac Wheat

Nestle Cerelac Wheat with Milk Cereal, 14.10 Ounce

Are you interested in buying baby cereals? Then we know the right brand for you! Introducing, the Nestle Cerelac Wheat. This infant cereal is the best meal to give balanced diet to your child, it contains iron for cognitive development, calcium for stronger bones and vitamin D for normal growth. Additionally, this product does not use sucrose and is suitable for vegetarians.

If you’ve got a baby that is 6 months old, doctors recommend that this cereal must be fed to the baby at least 2 times a day. It contains helpful ingredients to boost your child’s growth. Moreover, to offer you variety of sizes, this cereal can be bought in can and boxes. All in all, as a cheap baby cereal, we

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Farro

Bob's Red Mill Organic Farro - 24 oz

The Bob’s Red Mill Organic Farro is definitely among the best and good baby cereal out there. It uses ingredients that are traditional grains from The Mediterranean. Furthermore, since this product uses organic faro, it is high in fiber and comes with great amount of protein and iron. It is extremely easy to digest and be absorbed so it is ideal for babies.

It is USDA certified as it can be paired with other recipes such as pilafs, stews or casseroles. As the “mother of all wheat”, faro is a great source of nourishment that it’s been used by people from the ancient Rome and marked it as a staple food. Moreover, this food isn’t limited for baby’s food only but can also be taken by adults as it is healthy and nourishing.

What is a baby cereal?

Parents used to make their own baby food right from the scratch. Usually it would involve several fruits or vegetable and grind it into pieces. Moreover, they had to do this at least every day or every other day, it was exhausting and fatiguing. Thankfully, since technology took over, parents can now rely on baby cereals as they contain the same nutritional value as the homemade baby food.

It is recommended that you must first consult your doctor before letting your child eat solid foods. Nonetheless, pediatricians recommend that every baby’s first solid food is a puree or a baby cereal combined with milk formula or breast milk. Your child may experience a little difficulty or oddness that may result to constant fussiness. However, after five days or a week, you can eventually make the cereal thicker or increase their intake of solid foods.

What to look for in a baby cereal?

Ingredients – baby cereals contain several ingredients according to the order of weight. The purpose of knowing the ingredients is to recognize whether your child is allergic to a certain food. If you are allergic to a certain food and it runs in the family, chances are, your child is allergic to it as well.

Vitamins – vitamins are often added in baby cereals to make it more nutritional and beneficial. The most often added vitamin would be vitamin C as it acts as antioxidants to keep the food fresh. When you purchase baby cereals, be sure to check its box to know if it must be placed inside the fridge or a cool place, some vitamins are heat or cold sensitive and may lose its capabilities to provide vitamins.

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