Best Baby Potties Reviews 2017

If you’ve been noticing how lately, your child seems to be reducing their time doing poos or pees during night time then they just reached the stage of potty training. Potty training is both an exciting time for parents and toddlers; for the latter, it is exciting to finally do what adults does while for the former, it is the relief of finally letting go from diapers.

Potty training typically begins with a potty chair, potty insert or a potty seat. These items are individually lightweight and ergonomically designed for a baby’s bum and size. Seeing your child committing to independence may be an overwhelming moment, but it will all be worth it knowing they can finally exert simple tasks on their own.

If you are ready to teach your child how to flush, pull their undies up and down, wipe their bottom on their own or to cut it short, use the toilet on their own then you just landed the right page! In this article, we are giving you the leading baby potties that are the perfect match for your baby. Likewise, if you want to know more about this product, what it does and how to choose the right one, we also urge you to read further down below.

Cozy Greens Potty Seat

Cozy Greens® Potty Seat | Kids Toilet Training Ring for Boys or Girls | Secure Non-Slip Surface | + FREE GIFTS Suction Cup, Storage Hook, Potty Training eBook | Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do you want to have the best baby potties for sale? Then we know just the right brand for you! It’s the Cozy Greens Potty Seat! This seat adapter makes regular toilet bowls extraordinary with its round and elongated bowls. Additionally, this one also comes with an integrated splash guard to prevent any spills and makes cleaning much more efficient.

This baby potty contains a luxurious comfortable seat to keep your baby relaxed while sitting. Furthermore, it also uses a GrippySafe Anti-Slip ring to reduce the possibility of your child falling. Compared to other brands, this one has a stylish design that will fit in any bathroom décor. It has a dimension of 14.5 x 11.6 x 2.5 inches and is currently being sold in white and mint color.

The First Years Mickey Mouse Potty System

The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-In-1 Celebration Potty System

As one of the most affordable baby potties in the market, we are certain that you must know the First Years Mickey Mouse Potty System. This Disney potty system is a 3 in 1 kit that is packed with features to help your little one succeed in their potty training. Moreover, this one comes with a first stage of potty training as it can act as a standalone product that features a soft foam ring.

The ring is equipped with a high pee shield to protect your walls from liquid and a lift-out pot to make cleaning easier. Also, to get your little one to continuously learn, this one also has a pretend flush so they know how a real toilet functions. Hate using it as a standalone? This one can act as a second stage where you can detach its seat and place it in the toilet. The First Years Mickey Mouse Potty System is one of the cheapest baby potties deals you will ever find.

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel - Green

The OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty is another inexpensive baby potty we thought you’d love. You’ll never know when nature will call, so it is best to come prepared whether you are at home or while travelling. This item is a 2-in-1 potty training set that can be opened in one snap. Moreover, this one also has legs that lock in securely at a reasonable height for your toddler.

This purchase comes with 3 disposable bags and absorbent pads so you can easily collect their fesses and other dirt. It has a dimension of 11 x 10.2 x 6.3 inches that is perfect for little bottoms. To keep your child stable while sitting, this one also has non-slip grips that can also be installed on other restrooms in case of emergency. As a cheap baby potty, the OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty is surely a must have for meticulous yet economical parents.

Kids Toilet Training Seat By Lebogner

Kids Toilet Training Seat By Lebogner - Purple Potty Trainer For Boys And Girls, Toddler Toilet Topper Ring, Fits Elongated And Round Bowls, Secure Non-Slip Surface, Suction Cup, Storage Hook Included

Are you looking for new baby potties? Then you’d love having the Kids Toilet Training Seat By Lebogner. If you are ready to train your little one the basic etiquettes of toilet movement then this is the perfect choice. It is made out of durable materials to make it long-lasting that could last a lifetime or until you get another child. Additionally, it also comes with a topper ring to make potty training easier and without any frustrating experience.

Furthermore, to help your child become comfortable, it also has padded seats with contoured design and an integrated splash guard to prevent any accidents. For additional helpful accessories, this one includes a suction cup and a hook where you can place behind toilet tanks or against the wall. All in all, if you are looking for good baby potties then head for the Kids Toilet Training Seat By Lebogner.

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer - White/Red

Got a kid from ages 2 to 6? Then it may be the best time to buy a baby potty like the BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer. This item is ergonomically shaped to give your little one a comfortable seat without having difficulties. It comes with contoured curves to help your children get on and off the potty by themselves. Moreover, this one also includes a BABYBJORN safe step so your toddler can climb the toilet on their own.

This one has a dimension of 15.6 x 11.5 x 3.8 inches that fits most standard toilets in the market. Furthermore, this one also comes with an adjustable dial so you can alter its size. Among its additional feature are adjustable wings and a soft rubber edge so the potty stays in its place for a long time. As one of the top baby potties brand in the market, we are fully commending the BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer.

What is a baby potty?

“Patience is a virtue” is a good quote to begin whenever a parent is going through potty training. It is true; you have to be extremely patient with your child as they learn the basic etiquettes of potty training. However, this is both a thrilling part for the baby and the parents as they finally get to say goodbye from inevitable rashes and say hello to new nappy changes and independence.

To distinguish if they are finally ready for potty training is to notice if they’ve been quite aware about their urination or defecation lately. Furthermore, if you notice that they have been dry most of the time, especially during the day then they may be quite ready.

One of the few benefits of getting your child into potty training is that it promotes better relationship for the parent and the child. Moreover, as you teach them how to use the toilet, they also get a lot more comfortable not just because they are learning, but because they finally have to stop wearing diapers, which should also make you happy.

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