Best Baby Powder Reviews 2017

For parents, it is a requirement to only get the best for their children. Among the leading products that people go for is a baby powder. This product is used for cosmetic uses, to prevent diaper rashes or used a deodorant. Moreover, putting baby powders over your baby’s skin helps them stay dry and feel dry all throughout the day.

Typically, the main ingredient of a baby powder is talcum powder or may also be called as corn starch. It is often used as it is one of the softest minerals because of its sleeper feel and smooth sensation. Unsure if you want to use talcum for your baby? There are also other ingredients that acts like talcum which are organic but provide the same effects.

Are you looking for the leading baby powders in the market? Then you are definitely in the right page. If you want to know which brands are reliable and 100% trustworthy then go read the list we provided down below. Furthermore, if you are interested to know more about this item and want to understand how it works then you must also check what we gathered about baby powders.

Talc Free Baby Powder by Honeybuns

Want to get the powder from the top baby powders brands? Then you must certainly try the Talc Free Baby Powder by Honeybuns. This product uses safe ingredients such as rosemary extract, calendula extract, organic arrowroot powder, kaolin clay and cornstarch. It is 100% natural and certified organic by the USDA, which means that it is free from toxic ingredients as it is non-toxic, talc-free and fragrance free.

It is perfect for babies with sensitive, chapped or dry skin with its gentle and nourishing ingredients. Moreover, this one can also be used in replacement of talcum powders to prevent diaper rashes. It has a dimension of 2.3 x 2.3 x 3.9 inches and can be purchased in 3 ounces. All in all, if you want a good baby powder for your baby then go for the Talc Free Baby Powder by Honeybuns.

Caldesene Baby Care Powder

Are interested in finding the cheapest baby powder deal? Then you’d love having the Caldesene Baby Care Powder. This product uses active ingredients such as corn starch, talc and zinc oxide that protect both babies and adults. It can treat a good number of skin irritations such as sunburn, cuts, scrapes, dryness, heat rash and chafed skin.

Its active ingredients acts as the skin protectant, it also features inactive ingredients such as calcium stearate and some fragrance. To properly take care of it, place this baby powder in room’s with 15 degrees – 25 degrees temperature. Moreover, this product can be bought in pack of 1, 2 or 3. As the most inexpensive baby powder in this list, we suggest giving the Caldesene Baby Care Powder a try.

Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Dusting Powder

As one of the leading new baby powders in the market, we encourage you to give the Burt’s Bees Baby Dusting Powder a try. It is available in 4.5 ounces and 7.5 ounces which vary in price. Additionally, this one contains a naturally absorbent cornstarch, which means that it is talc-free and therefore safe to be used by babies.

Since babies’ skins are 30% thinner than adult skin, the Burt’s Bees Baby Dusting Powder is a lot safer and done meticulously. It is one of the most reliable and trusted brand in the market and most probably one of the most affordable baby powders. It uses commiphora myrrha leaf cell extract, bentonite, rosa centifolia flower extract and ulmus fulva bark powder.

Johnsons Baby Powder Original

Johnsons Baby Powder Original Travel Size 1.5oz (Pack Of 3)

As one of the best baby powders for sale, we know you must have heard about the Johnsons Baby Powder Original. This product is made out of talc and parfum, which has been tried and tested over the years. It is available in 113 grams, 425 grams and 623 grams and comes with the classical and the usual scent it had over the years.

To make sure that it is worth buying, this one is dermatologist tested and allergy tested which makes its hypoallergenic. Moreover, it is clinically proven to be mild and gentle on your skin and over your baby’s. As one of the leading brands in the market, we know that Johnsons Baby Powder Original won’t be a waste of time.

Anti Monkey Butt Baby Powder

Anti Monkey Butt 00030 Baby Anti-Monkey Butt, 6oz.

Are you buying a baby powder? The try the Anti Monkey Butt Baby Powder. This product is a combination of calamine powder, tricalciumphosphate and cornstarch, specially formulated to minimize the discomfort of diaper rash and effectively absorb moisture. It comes with a baby fresh scent and is available in 6 ounces.

Does your baby keep suffering from rashes? This product is the most ideal item for you. It is one of the most unique baby powders in the market as it contain calamine which is therapeutic and lasts longer that other products. It can be used by not just babies but also adults with sensitive skin. As a cheap baby powder, we know that the Anti Monkey Butt Baby Powder will be great for you.

What is a baby powder?

A typical baby powder is usually composed of talcum powder. This type of powder is composed of magnesium silicates and zinc stearate, which are then finely grounded. In the past, it was used to keep a baby’s bottom dry and prevent rashes, although the use of talcum powders have been controversial as it has been included in several disputes.

We know that you are unsure if using a baby powder is safe to use. After all, they have been linked to several respiratory problems that can cause breathing problems to babies in case they begin inhaling its particles. If you are unsure if you want powders with talc powders then you may also purchase products that are free out of it and instead, uses clay or cornstarch.


Our primary suggestion to keep your baby safe from dangers from baby powders is to stop using them. However, if you are confident that you have a healthy baby then we are not stopping you. Nonetheless, we recommend that before applying the powder onto your child, be sure to put it into your hands and wipe off any excess powder. This is to prevent any of them getting exhaled by your child.

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