Best Backpacking Pillows Reviews 2017

Everybody loves outdoors nowadays. Staying outdoors and doing physicalactivities will helpyou vent out all the stresses you have accumulated since day one. After all the trekking, camping and hunting; one will always want to rest and sleep. Sleeping away from the comforts of your bed will somehow give you a hard time and will even make you restless. There are backpacking pillows available in the market that will help you get the rested sleep you deserve after a very long day. These kind of pillows are very handy and are made for people who loves to spend so much time outdoors.

Camping/Inflatable Air Pillow– 20in x 12in, 10.5oz, Self-Inflating, Compressible By ONWEGO

Onwego is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to outdoor gears. This has been with the adventure loving people for ages. The name speaks for itself, on we go.

The inflatable air pillow by Onwego is made with lightweight material that makes it easier for you to carry anywhere you go. The foam material inside it makes the pillow more comfortable to lie on. The gentle texture of the pillow makes you feel like you are just sleeping in the comforts of your own bed. This is perfect for side sleepers because of its adjustable valves. You can adjust it to whatever size you want as long as you are comfortable. Being an outdoor person, one should carry as minimal things as possible, right? This pillow will greatly ease your pain of bugging yourself with too much baggage. You can easily keep this one. Deflating this pillow will give a size as heavy and as small as a softball. This has been proven to be durable. It can withstand any humidity. The materials of this pillow are moisture resistant. When using this during camping, you will never feel a sticky feeling. The back of this pillow is specially designed to resist gliding. This will allow you to sleep comfortably even if you move so much because you are confident that your pillow will not escape from your head. The vinyl type cover allows you to clean the pillow easily even if you are far away from your laundry.

You can use this pillow not only during camping or trekking but also in your own home. There are customers who were very delighted with this pillow and started using it even in their own houses or while travelling either by plane or by car.

TETON Sports Comfort Lite Self Inflating Pillow

Teton has been in the outdoor gear industry for such a long time. Their ability to produce a durable and high quality products has been proven and tested in ages.

This pillow is one of the comfort lite series released by Teton to give a new meaning to how a backpacking pillow should be. Sleep like a baby with this pillow that is made with organic cotton to increase ones comfort in sleeping. This is perfect while you go on camps, road trips or even just inside your home. This will inflate itself so no need for you to worry about having stiff necks and other sleeping discomforts. The base of the pillow is specifically made to have a rough texture to ensure that the pillow will be kept in place. This can also be easily kept and carry because you can easily deflate this one to a smaller size with the weight as light as a twelve ounce soft drink.

Cocoon Air45 Core Pillow Ultralight

From the company name itself you can deduce that Cocoon is dedicated to providea comfortable and safe sleeping gears when you are outside your home. The products they are producing have been proven to be made of finest materials.

This pillow is one of the cheapest so far. It might be cheaper than the rest but the quality and durability is very dependable. This is made up of polyester and nylon which is known to last forever, that is how durable this pillow could get. When in use or inflated the pillow could be as big as your own pillow at home. When you want to keep it, this can be deflated as small as a Campbell can. Carrying this pillow needs more attention because of its lightweight you will forget that you are actually bringing a pillow with you. Be sure to keep it in the deepest portion of your bags.

ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Camp Pillow

This pillow is specially made for people who love to sleep anywhere. You can bring this to wherever place you want to go because you can stuff this easily inside its stuff sack. Though, this is not inflatable unlike others pillows. It will still give you the ease of carrying this one because it is very light and very easy to keep. It is made of soft microfiber fabric to ensure softness. It is too soft that you like to push your face against it. The cotton does not irritate you and you are like sleeping on top of the clouds. The base case of the pillow is made rough to prevent gliding while you are sleeping. The sad thing about this pillow is that you cannot adjust it as to how big you want it to be given that it is not inflatable. This will not be a good option for people who are side sleepers. This is still a good option for others who do not require too much pillow height.

Kuda Outdoors Self Inflating Travel Pillow for Outdoors

This pillow is made up of polyester that makes this pillow lightweight and durable. The good thing about this pillow is that you cannot smell traces of chemicals on it even if it is made with polyester unlike other pillows. This foam inside the pillow makes it more comfortable to lie on. It is very soft and very sleep-inducing. This pillow self inflates to ensure that you will have a firm pillow to sleep on all throughout the night. It is lightweight and can easily be transported due to its small size when deflated. The good thing about this pillow is that it does not make sounds.

Ultralight 2.4 oz. Backpacking, Camping and Travel Inflatable, Compressible Air Pillow for Hiking, Motorcycle Trips, Airplanes and Lumbar Support By Instant Camp

This Ultralight Backpacking Pillow by Instant Camp is very ideal for people who love outdoors. This is specially designed to be very light. This allows you to carry this pillow wherever you want without being burdened. You might think that because it is ultra-light, it is also prone to damage. Quit thinking that negativities because this pillow is made up of nylon. Nylon has been proven to be durable and is being used worldwide for different applications. Since it is mostly made up of nylon and does not have foams inside it, you can just easily keep this and store this in your bag or even in your pocket. This will only use a very minimal space. You can have a lot of space then for the things that is very essential for your adventure. Amazing, right?

This pillow is not just about being lightweight and durable because this pillow is also after your sound sleep. This one here is the sole purpose of pillows, right? Everybody wants a pillow that will provide the kind of rest every human being deserves. This has baffles that will keep your head in the middle so you get to experience the fullest potential of this pillow. When inflated, this pillow will be big enough to support your back and stomach. Are you a side sleeper? That is definitely not a problem for this pillow. This will be high enough for you in order to get the quality sleep you deserve.

If you are from one of those people who cannot resist spending time outside doing adventures, you just found your perfect match.

Camping Pillow by Inspired Equipment

Every mountaineer knows Inpired Equipment well. They have been in the industry for such a long time now and they are known to be very dependable. The outdoor gears they are marketing are very durable and comfortable. The high quality sleeping gears have been proven to provide a comfortable, soft and relaxing sleep.

This camping pillow is made with the finest materials to ensure that you are comfortable while you are laying your head on it. It is specially designed to be lightweight. Though it has the weight as light as the weight of a single feather, it is durable enough to withstand any conditions. The quality of this pillow is unquestionable; Inspired Equipment used state of the art technology to ensure that the pillow is as soft as the pillows in the hotels. There is no need for you to worry about quality and durability because they are all well catered by this pillow. While you are sleeping the weight of your head might cause the air to leak out of the pillow, right? That is not a problem for this pillow because it will inflate back to medium size while your head is on it. This will not only prevent future discomfort but will also give you a very wonderful and sound sleep.

Nemo FILLO Backpacking and Camping Pillow

Fillo is known to provide outdoor gears such as tents, camping bags, pads and pillows. Though their camping gears are more expensive than the average, a lot of people still prefer to buy this one. Their products are of great quality and durability that leaves most customers satisfied with the value of products they get from their money.

Nemo Fillo Backpacking Pillow was released in 2015. Since its release, no customer was left astray or was disappointed. It is made up of polyester microseude and memory foam. You might be worrying about its size now when you keep it because of its foam, right? Do not worry about the foam because you can still keep this handy, as handy as the size of a soft ball. How? The pillow has a Velcro compression strap that you can easily crank that will compress this pillow for easy keeping. Most customers were attracted with this pillow because of its integrated stuff sack; the sack is small enough to carry without hassle. This also comes with a washable pillow case so cleaning this is as easy as walking in the park.

The mission of Fillo to provide unrivaled comfort away from home was successfully delivered with this pillow. A lot of users have proven the comfort this pillow brought. It is indeed very exhausting having adventures—trekking, spelunking, fishing; to name a few, will surely make you tired. A good sleep is what you deserve and this pillow will surely help you achieve that. Planning to buy one? You may want to consider this pillow. The price is a bit higher than the rest but it will surely give you what you are looking for in a pillow. As what other people say, “even better than the pillows in the hotels”.


You are probably thinking right now what to buy in the market. The pillows listed here are just among of the many pillows available in the market. Before hitting the pillow stalls, be sure that you already know what you need. The pillows feature varies from each other. Knowing what you need will greatly help you pick the best pillow for you.

Going outdoors will surely be fun and relaxing. The fresh and cool air and the tranquility it provides give peace of mind to everyone. Though there are activities that will surely drain all our energy, these same activities will also give us joy despite all the stresses and exhaustion we have encountered. Take a rest for sometime. Use the backpacking pillows and the other sleeping outdoor gears you have bought. Do not be overly excited and do everything at once.The best way to enjoy the moment is to enjoy it in slow motion.

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