Best Backpacking Towel Reviews 2017

So you regularly travel or go for backpacking trips? If yes, you’d understand how important a good travel towel is to make your trip highly comfortable. In this post, we’d introduce you to some of the top manufacturers of backpacking towels and we’ll discuss their features. First of all, let’s list down some of the most selling towels available on the market.

Youphoria Sport Towel and Travel Towel

Youphoria Sport, the leading sports and travel towel manufacturers, brings to you this best quality backpacking towel that has been created especially keeping in mind a traveler’s needs. This fast-drying and super-absorbent towel is made from 100% micro-fiber, which increases the drying speed by almost 10 times than the terry cloth or cotton towels.

This towel can hold up to 4 times its weight in water. Whether you want to use it while on the beach, when traveling, backpacking, or in the gym, this towel will be perfect for any place. It is accompanied with a mesh carry bag with a hanging loop so it can be organized well inside your luggage when traveling.

This backpacking towel comes in three different sizes – 20×40 inch, 28×56 inch, and 32×72 inch. Also, they are available in 10 amazing color combinations including Gray and Blue, Blue and Green, Gray and Pink, etc.

Sunland Microfiber Towel

Sunland Microfiber towel is perfect for backpacking. And why do we say that? It’s lightweight and compact, which are two of the most important qualities you want in your towel when you’re going backpacking. You want to travel as light as possible and have enough space in your pack for all the items you might need during the trip.

Secondly, this is a fast drying towel, and can soak up lots of water. It can fully dry your body in practically no time. The microfiber is extremely gentle and soft on the skin. It has the non-sticky feeling even when it’s quite wet allowing you to not feel any level of discomfort.

There’s a carry bag included with this towel that you could use when traveling. These towels come in 8 various colors such as Dark Blue, Purple, Grey, and so on. Also, they are available in 6 different sizes. You could buy them in a pack of one or two towels!

Lightload Towels

This set of three hand-size towels are brought to you by Lightload Towels. Lightload claims these are the only towels that are survival tools and they may be right. They are manufactured using the wickable fabric which keeps you safe from the cold. These towels can absorb more water than the cotton or microfiber towels.

One of the best features of this towel is the fact that they’re soft and gentle on the skin. They remain lightweight even when they’re wet. They come with waterproof packaging which you could pack right away in your traveling backpack. With Lightload, you’d always have clean and dry towels at your disposal when hiking or camping in the outdoors.

Bodi Hut Microfibre Sports and Travel Towel

Bodi Towel presents to you one of its finest and top-rated microfiber towels of all times. These towels are fully equipped to dry your body in a matter of seconds. They dry quickly and are antibacterial. What more could you possibly ask for from a backpacking towel?

You no longer have to carry a lump of wet towel when hiking or trekking, just wring and the towel will lose 90% of its water. The rest of the moisture will be gone in a few minutes. Now, that’s the feature most backpackers would love!

Additionally, these towels occupy the least amount of space. Actually, only 10% of the space required by the conventional towels and doesn’t weigh much. The towels are durable and strong, and also soft and gentle on your skin. The antibacterial properties make it fit to be used even on small babies, providing you with optimum hygiene. They come in 4 colors – Purple, Blue, Grey, and Pink. These towels are backed by a 100 day warranty!

ECOdept Large Microfiber Travel Towel

ECOdept’s microfiber travel towel will make all your trips more convenient and easy. This large towel fits in the smallest of spaces. The towel comes with a corner zip pocket to hold your valuables and cell phone. There’s a hanging loop for drying as well. Thus, this is certainly much more than a travel towel!

It comes along with a free small hand towel of the matching color. The towel is available in 4 colors – Desert Sand, Foliage Green, Marine Blue, and Slate Gray. The fabric of this excellent quality towel is made from the super soft suede material. It feels soft on the skin and is lightweight.

The fast-drying and the quick absorbent feature of this travel towel make it one of the most reliable and trusted backpacking towels present on the market. The anti-microbial property prevents odor and germs, both qualities highly appreciable in any camp or outdoor setting.

Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel

Raqpak brings to you this highly sought-after travel towel made from microfiber. The antibacterial and quick-drying towel is easy to use and maintain in the hectic routines of your treks or hikes.

The lightweight towel is perfect to be carried in your backpacks without adding to the overall weight of the bag. It can absorb water up to 3 times its weight.

This towel by Raqpak leaves no stone unturned to make your trips and journeys as comfortable as possible. It’s treated with the antibacterial agents that offer protection against molds and bacteria. This extends the life of the towel making it stronger and more durable.

This towel comes in two sizes, Small (40×20 inches) and Large (60×30 inches). You could either go for the solid colored patterns or stripes of two or more color combinations. There are over 10 different patterns to choose from!

Micro-Miracle Microfiber Travel Towel

Micro-Miracle travel towel is a great towel that’s made for you to take it along on all your backpacking trips. First of all, the lightweight and compact towel can conveniently fit inside a mesh and nylon carry bag and weighs as less as 150 grams. Isn’t this what you need the most when backpacking? Things that are light and take up the least amount of space in the luggage!

Next, the towel by Micro-Miracle has been manufactured to absorb water quickly and for fast drying. The new and advanced microfiber used to make the towel is capable of absorbing water up to 7 or 9 times the weight of this towel.

The microfiber material is extremely soft on your skin which will provide you with luxury even if you might be out in the nature away from the comforts of your home. The antimicrobial formula used in the towel keeps germs and odor away giving you clean and dry towel at all times.

Use them as the beach towel, yoga towel, backpacking towel, or as a cleaning cloth or even wiping dishes. No matter what your task is, this towel will do complete justice to it!

The Friendly Swede Microfiber Sports & Travel Towels

The Friendly Swede brings to you this pack of amazing towels perfect for all your outdoor trips and travels. The towels are made from the microfiber blend that has all the essential properties of a backpacking towel such as lightweight, quick drying, compact, durable, and soft.

This towel is highly efficient in that it could absorb water and retain it, without making the towel too wet or useless. They don’t weigh more than 50g, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

This machine washable towel set are great for using in the gym, traveling, camping, backpacking, or even when at home. Each towel comes with a carry bag for easy storage and portability. They are available in sets of different color combinations such as Gray + Blue, Pink + Purple, and so on. The sizes they are manufactured in are 20×40, 20×52, and 30×60 inches which is the largest one!

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel

This DryLite travel towel is brought to you by the sports brand, Sea to Summit. Made from the strong and durable microfiber, this towel comes with the super soft suede finish to give you added comfort when using the towel.

This machine-washable towel is exceptionally absorbent and fast drying, so much so that you no longer have to carry or move around with a lump of your wet towels whenever you go on outdoor trips. The towel is treated with the silver-ion antibacterial treatment to keep you safe and away from the germs at all times.

The towel fights odor and bacteria leaving you with nice and clean towels all through the trip. These towels come in mesh bags which make storing and carrying them highly convenient. They come in 5 different sizes, ranging to X-small to X-large. Also, they are available 5 unique color choices.


What is a good backpacking towel? One that is lightweight, dries quickly, highly absorbent, antibacterial, and that’s gentle and easy on the skin. Just watch out for these qualities when looking for travel towels and you’d end up buying the right towel for you!

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