Best Ballet Flats Reviews 2017

Ballet flats are stylish, these amazing shoes can be paired with almost any piece of clothing and they sure would still be pretty to look at and won’t ruin your outfit. There are a lot of ballet flats available in the market and some can go as cheap as your favorite cup of coffee while some are so expensive, you’d rather not get a pair.

Ballet flats should be two things, comfortable and chic. We have listed down our top 8 ballet flats ranging from the cheapest pairs to treasure priced pieces so we can help you save your sole.

Lucky Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat

Lucky Women's Emmie Ballet Flat, Black/Leather, 7 M US

On top of our list is a decently priced, stylishly comfortable ballet flats. The Lucky Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat is the one to fit all your ballet flat needs perfectly. This product is best known for its quality without having to mess up your budget. It comes with an inside padding that won’t hurt your toes as it is extremely cushy. Before you order the flats, do note that the sizes may run slightly smaller than normal so you’d better get one that is bigger than what your normally get. These ballet flats are semi-scrunch in style but it definitely won’t rub the back of your heel. However, just like similar flats, these may rub along the edges on the upper back side of your foot, but sometimes, all you need is to break them in so you’d feel more comfortable in the next use. The design, style and colors of this specific product will surely make you want to have them all.

The material used in these ballet flats would take up the shape of your feet, so if you’re eyeing on a pair that won’t hurt your soles, then go for these nice shoes and be amazed at how comfortable it can be.

Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat

Hush Puppies Women's Chaste Ballet Flat,Black Leather,7.5 M US

If you’re looking for a pair of ballet flats that can be used casually everyday, then this second top pick is the your sole-mate! The Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat is a sensible ballet flat that looks sweet and blissful because of its colors and style. You are going to have soft leathers or suede uppers as your flats’ finish. Definitely a classic favorite among those who loves to wear comfortable ballet flats. The Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat is made of full grain leather and novelty suede uppers. Its unlined uppers would not hurt the back of your foot and would give you extreme comfort with the perfect fit. The genuine suede leather that is used for the sock lining of the product gives its extra breathability so your feet won’t sweat a lot.

Its molded robber outsole will give its user extra traction and utmost durability. The Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat comes with ZeroG Technology, meaning to say, it is made of super lightweight materials that is not hard on your feet. Also, it boasts of HPO2Flex Technology wherein a cushioned triangle footbed conforms to your walk and allows air circulation for flexibility and support.

PUMA Women’s Zandy Ballet Flat

Puma Women's Zandy Casual Shoe,Black Patent,8.5 B US

Style without having to compromise comfort? Then pick the next item on this list, the PUMA Women’s Zandy Ballet Flat. This ballet flats carries a soft mesh upper that is so comfortable it feels as if it is barely there. It also has synthetic overlays for extra comfort and durability when using. This PUMA Women’s Zandy Ballet Flat’s outsole is so smooth because it is made from rubber. If you’re convinced enough on how great these ballet flats are, note that you should get the size that is ½ bigger than your normal so you can slip on a perfect pair.

These PUMA Women’s Zandy Ballet Flats looks cute and sporty but you can also pair it with your corporate attires and never worry about ruining your outfit. You can wear it with jeans and blouse, or yoga pants and t-shirts. It’s never gonna be much of a headache trying to look for what goes well with these pair of shoes. The PUMA Women’s Zandy Ballet Flat is really versatile and would give you the comfort, plus let’s just add, the brand recognition you might be looking for.

Sam Edelman Women’s Felicia Ballet Flat

Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Ballet Flat, Black Leather, 9 M US

Looking for a ballet flat that would go well with anything in your closet? Then Sam Edelman Women’s Felicia Ballet Flat should be your pick. This item is a stunner with its butter leather upper that carries a prim bow detail and an elegant metallic logo charm which makes your ballet flats look a little more fab and glam. The Sam Edelman Women’s Felicia Ballet Flat is made from imported leather and fur from China. It has a synthetic sole that might be a little hard on your feet at first but would definitely feel a lot better after several wears.

You won’t say “bye Felicia” but always “hi Felicia” with this ballet flats. There are dozens of colors to choose from and if you wish, you could get all as these ballet flats are all you need everyday.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye Ballet Flat

Jessica Simpson Women's Mandalaye Ballet Flat,Black,9.5 M US

Our next in line is from the famous Jessica Simpson, a well-known celebrity for her sexy yet fun style and now, is making a name for herself in the footwear industry. She also ventured into handbags and sunglasses so that you can take home her signature styles. From hip boots to popular casual or formal attire, she got you covered. And this stands true with her Mandalaye Ballet Flats. These ballet flats are lightweight and will not hurt your foot. It has an elastic ankle strap so it fits your foot perfectly. The outsole upper is made of manmade leather and the footbed is lightly padded so it feels cushy to touch. It even has a synthetic sock lining you’d surely love.

If you’re a girly girl who loves things feminine, then you will love the ballerina-influenced design of the Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye Ballet Flat and its snip-toe silhouette. Fitting wise, the Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye Ballet Flat is a bit narrow than the standard sized. You can get two size larger your normal and you will be just fine. These ballet flats doesn’t even require longer break-in periods because trust us when we say, it’s comfortable right out of the box.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandayss Ballet Flat

Jessica Simpson Women's Mandayss, Natural, 7 Medium US

Here is another item from Jessica Simpson, a sure favorite among shoe lovers from all over the world. The Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandayss Ballet Flats are slightly similar to the one above but they sure carry a different style that you will also possibly love. If you’re a lady who aims to keep your style classic, then this shoe pair with the rounded toe silhouette will surely do the trick. There are elastic straps overlap provided for your ankle which makes a huggable fit, and securing that your shoes stay in place. There is a synthetic lining and insole which are easy on your feet. Also, the Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandayss Ballet Flats carries a lightly cushioned footbed that will give you comfortable support.

With this pair, you’re getting an imported man-made outsole finish. Again, if you want to keep your look classic, pick the Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandayss Ballet Flats and you’ll fall head over heels with it over and over again.

Anna Dana-20 Women’s Classic Ballerina Flats with Elastic Crossing Straps

Anna Dana-20 Women's Classic Ballerina Flat w/Elastic Crossing Straps Black 8

Life is too short for ugly flats. Don’t let cheap poor-quality shoes ruin your wardrobe, but also don’t let overpriced pairs to burn holes in your pockets. If you’re looking for top-notch quality, stylish and comfortable pair of ballet flats, then you should get the Anna Dana-20 Women’s Classic Ballerina Flats with Elastic Crossing Straps. With it being justifiable priced, you’re getting the most out of your money. With zero break-in time, you’re guaranteed of flats that are comfortable right out of the box. The Anna Dana-20 Women’s Classic Ballerina Flats with Elastic Crossing Straps is best for those casual days when you’re in your laidback dress or shorts and tees. Walk in comfort with this pair of ballet flats that is made from simple suede material that has a reflective synthetic body making it foot-friendly. Plus, you get a soft lining that won’t hurt your soles.

Get more than what you pay for with this pair of ballet flats from Anna Dana.

DREAM PAIRS SOLE CLASSIC Women’s Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats Shoes

DREAM PAIRS SOLE CLASSIC Women's Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats Shoes WHITE PU SIZE 7

The DREAM PAIRS SOLE CLASSIC Women’s Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats Shoes comes in varying prints and designs, from strong bright colors to animal prints and florals, these ballet flats is sure to be an easy outfit complement. They are extremely foot friends and will never hurt even when you wear them for long. With a comparatively low price compared to the others on this list, the DREAM PAIRS SOLE CLASSIC Women’s Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats Shoes will surely give back the value of your money. It is comfortable in your feet and in your wallet!

This product will surely become your go-to everyday ballet flats and you will surely keep buying one after the other because you’d want all styles to be yours. They’re made of neoprene so it’s really comfortable and it will definitely be topping other ballet flats in the same price range. These product are so good for your feet and it will make any outfit look cute.

What to Look For When Buying Ballet Flats

Buying shoes, not just ballet flats is the most exciting yet complicated shopping activity a girl can ever have. With gazillions of shoes available in the market, you will surely find a hard time getting the deciding which pair to pick. Before you get your dream pair, do note that it will be easier for you to get your dream pair in a physical shop rather than through online because you can try the sizes on, unlike when you get a pair online, you’re not sure about the size but do not fret, most online shops has a return policy so it’s okay. Second, know the material of the shoes you’re getting, some materials aren’t as comfy as the others. The material of your pair will also determine how long it would last even with frequent usage. You must also decide if you’re getting a split or full sole, full soles are great for those who use ballet flats in dancing while the split soles are great for casual everyday use. Oh, and before we forget, remember too, that fitting is the key to having the most comfort with your purchase. Get the pair that isn’t too tight or too lose. Lastly, with brands come the price. Choose a pair that is fit with your budget, don’t overspend with extremely over-priced pairs that won’t do you justice, but don’t also settle for those cheap ones that would break the moment you break-in!


Getting a pair of ballet flats is incredibly important for people who would want to have a go-to pair of shoes everyday. These style of shoes represent style and comfort and class. There are a lot of ballet flats available in the market but not all of them will give you what you want, and mostly, if you’re too impulsive in getting your new pair of ballet flats, you will only lose more money because you will get a pair thatyou won’t use because it hurts your foot or most unfortunately, breaks the moment you use them to walk.

That is why, you should be careful when you choose your own pair. Don’t rush in finding the best pair of ballet flats for your feet. Given the list above, you should keep in mind that you’re getting a pair with the most value for your money. Choose what suits your preference best, and enjoy your new sole-mates!

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