Best Ballet Shoes for Women Reviews 2017

A ballet dancer’s life is all about balance and endurance. They need a shoe that gives them support and makes them feel comfortable. But, as you know, the dance markets are flooded with so many ballet shoes manufactured by different brands. How can you possibly choose the shoe that is the best for your feet?

Worry not! That’s why we decided to bring this post to you. It will help you with all the information you’d need before buying your perfect ballet shoe. This post will also walk you through some of the top women’s ballet shoe out there.

Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Shoe

Capezio Women's Daisy Ballet Shoe,Black,3 M US

This Daisy Ballet Shoe by Capezio is one of the best ballet shoes you would find on the market. Made of leather upper and sole, these shoes will surely last longer than you expect. The leather and the lightly-padded footbed provide comfort and breathing space to your feet.

The pre-attached elastic strap ensures your feet stay in their position. They also feature an adjustable tie at front to further adjust the fitting of your ballet shoe. They come in three colors, black, ballet pink, and white. If you’re looking for a great ballet shoe deal, do check this out.

Bloch Women’s Dansoft Ballet Slipper

Bloch Women's Dansoft Ballet Slipper,Pink,3 A US

Bloch, a popular ballet shoe brand, is a pioneer in the field of technical dance products. They are proud to present you these top ballet shoes for women, which will provide you with the support and balance required in the ballet dance form. They are made of leather which is strong and also flexible at the same time, coupled with a cotton lining for your comfort.

The attached elastic allows your feet to stay in their position, one of the important qualities of a good ballet shoe. The suede-leather outsole is perfect for the grip and stability.

Capezio Women’s Canvas Juliet Ballet Shoe

Capezio Women's Canvas Juliet Ballet Shoe,Light Ballet Pink,4 M US

Capezio is back with another amazing ballet shoe called the Canvas Juliet shoe. As the name suggests, these shoes are made of canvas which is an extremely comfortable material. The moisture-absorbing lining on the inside makes sure your feet are dry and there is a good amount of air flow in there.

It comes with the pre-attached elastic to make sure the shoe fits you well. The tie band at the front allows you to decide how tight you want the front part to be. Coming in two colors, pink and black, they have a suede-leather outsole.

Sansha Pro Canvas Ballet Slipper

Sansha Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Slipper,Light Pink,10 M (8 M US Women's/6 M US Men's)

Sansha’s Pro Canvas ballet shoe is a split-sole slipper. The hand-stitched leather sole will make sure that the shoe doesn’t wear out even after a long use, and it’s stitched in a way that the thread is not seen on the outside. The canvas upper makes them breathable ensuring maximum people to the dancers wearing them.

You could wear these shoes all day without experiencing even the slightest amount of discomfort. It comes with the crisscross elastic band for adjustment and is one of the most inexpensive ballet shoes out there. They are lightweight and have double-lined upper.

Capezio Women’s Cobra Ballet Shoe

Capezio Women's Cobra Ballet Shoe,Light Pink,34.5 EU/ 2 UK/ 4 M US

These Cobra ballet shoe by Capezio is a canvas shoe teamed with the suede sole. That gives you a perfectly comfortable, durable, and lightweight shoe. They come with the tube bow and the pre-attached elastic so you could adjust the fitting to your liking.

The carefully designed shoe prevents pull, bags, and bunches. If you want to buy a women’s ballet shoe, which gives you everything you’d expect from a ballet shoe, then this is your product. These affordable ballet shoes come in 5 shades and are best for your training and performances.

Pegasus Galaxy Women’s Soft Ballet Slipper

Pegasus Galaxy Women's Soft Ballet Slipper 10.5M

These are relatively new ballet shoes brought to you by Pegasus Galaxy. These ballet shoes cost less than most others present on the market. Made of leather upper and sole, these shoes will give you comfort and durability. They come with the attached elastic which lets you adjust the fitting. The cotton lining and suede insock make sure your shoe can breathe comfortably every time you wear them. If you want to lay your hands on a top-quality shoe at a decent price, these remarkably cheap ballet shoes should be your best bet.

What are Ballet Shoes?

Ballet shoes are especially made to provide the ballet dancers with the support, comfort, protection, and grip they need when performing or training. They need shoes that deliver on each one of the above mentioned qualities.

Whether you are a professional ballet player or you aspire to become one, you need a good pair of ballet shoes. Even if you are someone who is venturing in this amazing field of art, you cannot do that without a good pair of shoes to support you. Ballet shoes also give you the confidence that you need during the initial stages of your ballet dancing journey.

As a ballet dancer, your feet have to do the maximum amount of work and as a result, they get tired the most. You want your shoe to make them feel relaxed and good all the while. Even when the practice sessions go on for the whole day, your shoe should not make you feel uncomfortable in anyway.

In the following section, we will list down some of the deciding factors that will help you look for the right things when buying a pair of ballet shoe.

What to Look For

One of the most important factors to be considered when buying a good ballet shoe is the material used to make them. Most shoes are either made of leather or canvas. Both these materials are comfortable and soft making them one of the best choices of material to make the women’s ballet shoe.

The second factor is the sole. Ballet shoes must have good sole because they provide you with the grip and stability; both highly important when it comes to ballet dancers. Most of these shoes have leather sole or suede sole which lasts really long and won’t wear out easily.

Next, you want your ballet shoes to fit you really well. You cannot wear shoes that are loose on the feet even though it’s your size. In order to make sure the shoe fits you well, most manufacturers provide you with elastic band and a tie, which could be tightened to get the desired level of fitting.

The next factor that you should check is the inner lining of the shoe. While shoes are made of lather or canvas, to make them extra comfortable, some of them have special lining on the inside made of cotton material. This also gives you a feel-good vibe when you wear the shoe.

When selecting the size of the shoe, make sure you read the instructions by the seller. Most ballet shoes are to be purchased of the size that is about an inch or half longer than your street shoe size. Give special attention to this factor.

The last factor that we can consider is the price. Ballet shoes are not highly expensive items and are most of them are priced quite reasonably. When selecting a pair of shoe, make sure you also check out the above mentioned factors, along with the price.

If you want to buy them in bulk for your dance group, it would be a good idea to glance through the different ballet shoes for sales offers and promotions. You might just get some amazing discounts and prices.

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