Best Basal Thermometer Reviews 2017

The general objective of charting your Basal Body Temperature is to find out the best period in your body cycle that is most ideal in conceiving a child. A BBT thermometer can you be your perfect tool towards family planning.

Presently, the most precise thermometer available, it can record your temperature up to the tenth degree and track your ovulation. By doing so, it can provide you the best chance at being pregnant. By simply checking your body regularly and at intervals, you are actually taking the first steps to parenthood.

Let this list be your guide in choosing the best BBT thermometer available today.

Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

This state of the art Basal thermometer uses the latest technology to take professionally accurate readings in just a few seconds. Incredibly durable, comfortable and user friendly, it can track real time body temperature and even record the slightest changes.

Equipped with technology to record the readings with time and date, this is a favorite gadget at home and the ideal choice for clinics and hospitals too.

It also has simple and fun icons that you can easily interpret it even has time-stamped notes and photos for quick reference. It is also designed to easily share health information with doctors and caregivers.

This BBT thermometer can also sync with your smartphone so you can share your body readings with your husband, anytime and anywhere! By downloading the Kinsa app, you and your partner can be easily keep track of when is the best time to get pregnant.
An innovative tool to help designed especially for your needs.

MABIS Basal Thermometer

Minimize the guessing games – this basal thermometer is tested for clinical accuracy and made in an FDA and ISO registered facility.

This stylish and clinically accurate basal thermometer is designed to assist you in making that dream of being a parent a reality! By simply taking your basal body temperature (BBT) orally every morning, you can now determine when you are ovulating. This wonderful thermometer informs you with an encouraging tone the moment t recognize the peak temperature, making it easy for you and your partner to know the best time for you to get pregnant.

It also comes with a 12-month worth of ovulation charts, making it easier and more inspiring to track your cycle. A very creative presentation in helping you and your partner’s journey towards parenthood.

It also gives fast results with a quick 60 second readings up to the hundredth of a degree. The funky and easy to read LCD display can is also designed to recall your last reading. By this way, you can efficiently track even the smallest changes in your day to day records.
Innovative, simple to use and made specially to encourage would-be parents!

Easy@Home Digital Oral Basal Thermometer

This improved and newly upgraded Digital Basal Thermometer is especially designed for women who are ready to conceive and have baby. This ingenious tool is specifically crafted to help women in tracking down their menstrual cycle and that long awaited ovulation.

By simply recording women’s basal temperature with this highly accurate thermometer religiously every morning, women can now fully understand the cycle of their body and adjust their family planning methods effectively.

With a large, blue screen with backlight for easy to ready even in the dark, women can read their records with just a glance. It also has an installed alarm clock set up that helps users to wake up and gently reminded to take their temperature record at the same time every day. The “beep” is gentle and as not to disturb others. The manufacturers of this thermometer know that in order to have positive result, temperature monitoring should be consistent and that is exactly why they added this special feature. Last but not the least, it is also equipped with a sound system that provides a soft beeping alarm that signals the test is complete so there’s no more need to count timer.

A high tech tool that is crafted for your family planning needs.

Waterproof Clinical Basal Thermometer by Generation Guard

This high quality basal thermometer is the next big step in ovulation tracking. Be assured of a 1/100th of a degree accuracy with this trusted temperature aid. Track your Basal Body Temperature the hassle free way so that you can learn about our body’s signals and in turn take advantage of you menstrual cycle.

Generation Guard, the company behind this smart thermometer knows how important it is to take daily record of your body changes for that future pregnancy that will take place soon that is why they crafted one of the best and most sensitive thermometer in the market today.

Worry no more as highly temperature reading is assured every time. Also this BBT thermometer is equipped with alarm set up that features ear friendly beeping sounds. You can now check your body heat even while in bed with your partner as he will not be distracted with the sound notifications. What an efficient way to effectively help you with family planning!

A user friendly fertility thermometer that is also water proof!

Fairhaven Health Digital Basal Thermometer

Digital Basal Thermometer

This digital tool is your new best friend in charting your Basal Body Temperature and predict ovulation. A reliable piece to help track your most fertile time of the month for conceiving baby and to finally make that dream of being a parent a reality!

A specially designed BBT thermometer, it is designed to understand a rise in body temperature means a woman is ovulating thus giving a high chance for mothers to be a more fertile time for conception.

It also comes with free ovulation chart so that you can be sure no to miss anything! With a large, easy to read digital display and an innovative memory recall feature, this handy Basal thermometer is such a helpful tool for busy women. A necessity for a modern woman’s family planning.

Stop guessing when you are at your peak and trust this thermometer to significantly increase your chances of having a bun on that oven soon! A perfect addition to natural conception.

Basal Digital Thermometer by Veridian

Are you one of the couples who are now ready to have children? Have you been trying to conceive for months now with no results? Have you begin to wonder that perhaps something is not right?

Well you can stop right there. Before you stress yourself on the whole business of family planning, you must understand first that getting pregnant is not a walk in the park. Your body and your husband’s must first be in condition and in sync in order to be pregnant. The first step to this is knowing your body’s schedule. It is significant to be aware of when a woman’s body is ready for conception. You can easily and scientifically track this with just a basic tool- an effective basal thermometer.

Introducing, the Basal Thermometer by Veridian. This miracle worker only delivers what it meant to, that is to accurately track your ovulation by reading your basal temperature. This thermometer can accurately provide reliable recording of your basal temperature which can greatly help in tracking your ovulation period. Once you have your temperature in check, you and your husband can take care of the rest!

Sure Success® Digital Basal Body Temperature Thermometer

The Sure Success® Digital Basal Thermometer is ingeniously crafted to help women track their menstrual cycle and ovulation period to perfect that family planning. With smart features like built in alarm clock that can wake you up without disturbing others early in the morning, you can now start your day right by letting this thermometer take your basal temperature accurately and swiftly. In addition, the makers of this practical tool also know that readings should be taken early mornings, so taking into consideration that users are still sleepy by that time, they made sure that the test completion alarm will repeat three times after making a reading, this is to make sure that the user can be gently reminded of the importance of the results. This is a very simple feature but highly useful. Also this basal thermometer comes with a blue back light display for easy visibility even in the dark.

A handy and practical tool for you and your partner.

Fertility Tracking Digital Basal Thermometer by The Fitness Family

Have you’ve been planning for that new family member? Are you waiting in vain for your ovulation? Then don’t waste time and energy guessing but instead let the Fitness Family help you with convenience and accuracy! Designed to deliver fast and accurate results, this Basal thermometer can literally make family planning a breeze. By just lending 15 seconds of your time, you can be assured that the results you will be getting are of medical standard, meaning it can track and record your temperature up to 1/10th of a degree, thus enabling you to learn your body’s signals so you and your partner can take advantage the perfect time in your fertility calendar. Apart from providing you with medical grade readings, you can also be at ease in knowing that your device is both FDA & European CE approved.

Also the smart features of this top of the line basal thermometer includes easy to read LCD screen, long battery life and a sleek appearance. A wonder of a tool that can easily tucked in your bedside table.

Now you can finally start family planning right. Start charting off your fertility cycle and enjoy your family planning instead of stressing over it. Understand your body to improve your chances of getting pregnant. All you need to do is remember to take your basal temperature every morning before eating or drinking so you can be sure to get perfect readings every time. After that, just chart off the readings on your fertility chart and when that ovulation day strikes, it’s now time to get busy!

Whoever thought family planning can be this easy?


If you and your partner have been trying to conceive, you probably know how important it is to track your ovulation cycle. After all there is only a short amount of time every month in which you can become pregnant and that is why it is important that you understand when you should have intercourse. Being aware of your “heat” period increases your chances of becoming pregnant. Also during your ovulation, your body is hay wired to conceive, as your hormones are guiding you and your partner to naturally unite without the pressures of trying hard to get pregnant. This is your sexiest and healthiest period, and you should take advantage of it.

Do not compromise this important day due to lack of awareness. Most couple who are craving to have children, missed the opportunity not because their bodies are not capable to but more often is because their bodies are not yet scheduled to.
So take matters into your own hands and manage your fertility. You will be surprise to know that getting pregnant is largely dependent on proper timing. There are many tools available now that can help you track that cycle. The most effective one is the basal thermometer. Many women have used these in the past and found that they are extremely helpful when trying to track their ovulation cycle.

Just remember that the most important thing when using a basal thermometer is that you must be consistent in testing. You will need to be diligent and test at the same time each morning. With this rigorous routine coupled with a passionate desire to have children your chances of being pregnant is stellar.

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