Best Baseball Shoes for Women Reviews 2017

Baseball is a sport that demands agility, traction, and high speed from its players. Every inch matters and every single step can determine the fate of the game. If you’re a baseball player, you’d know very well what we’re talking about.

When the situation is this competitive, who would want to risk their chances of winning by wearing some low-quality cleats for the game! Out of the many baseball shoes available on the market, how can you choose which one is of a good quality and fits you well? We are here to help you with just that.

This post provides you with all the information you need to buy a good women’s baseball shoe. So, let’s start with some of the top baseball shoes that are present on the market.

Mizuno Women’s 9-Spike Softball Cleat

Mizuno is the leading baseball shoe brand and they are proud to bring to you their 9-spike swift 3 baseball shoe for women. As the name suggests, the highlight of this shoe is the 9 metal spikes outsole which is built for highest comfort level and excellent traction.

This shoe also provides you cushioning and stability with its parallel outsole wave. These shoes can be placed among the top women’s baseball shoes because they give you excellent performance. They provide you with an optimal fit and awesome feel for firm grip and speed. They come in 14 different color combinations.

Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM Softball Cleat

Women's Under Armour Glyde RM CC Softball Cleat Black/White Size 6.5

This highly-durable baseball shoe for women is brought to you by Under Armour. Coming with a leather-and-synthetic upper, this shoe gives you the comfort of leather and the flexibility of synthetic. The synthetic upper makes this a lightweight baseball shoe.

The cleats of these inexpensive baseball shoes are rubber molded and are designed for comfort and great traction. It features the unique rotational traction configuration which allows you to move increased speed and stability. Having the die-cut Eva footbed, this is easily one of the best women’s baseball shoes available on the market.

Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike ADV Finch Softball Cleat

Mizuno Women's 9-Spike Advanced Finch Franchise 6 Softball Cleats

Mizuno is back with yet another fantastic product in women’s baseball shoes. These shoes are especially made to give you ladies the speed and comfort in a charged-up baseball field. The synthetic sole makes it possible for you to play with ease by letting your feet breathe. The use of synthetic upper also guarantees long life to your shoes.

The 9 spikes on the outsole make for excellent traction and flexibility. This affordable baseball shoe is endorsed by Jennie Finch and features a full-length midsole to maximize your comfort level. They work well in all types of grounds.

Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond Keystone Softball Cleat

Women's Nike Hyperdiamond Keystone Baseball Cleat Black/White Size 11 M US

Nike presents to you this keystone low molded baseball shoes for women. This exceptionally cheap baseball shoes come with synthetic-leather upper that gives the shoe a lightweight body and high durability. The fastflex technology is one of the important highlights of the rubber outsole of this amazing pair of shoe, which enables you to move swiftly and quickly when playing.

In addition to that, the rubber sole gives you a firm grip on the ground. If you’re looking to buy a women’s baseball shoe which is comfortable and gives you a cushioning effect during landing and impact, this should be your product.

Adidas Performance Women’s Metal Softball Cleat

adidas Performance Women's Abbott Pro Metal 2 Softball Cleat, Core Black/Running White/Black 1, 6 M US

Want to grab a profitable baseball shoe deal, check out these incredible women’s baseball shoes by Adidas. The mesh design on the upper makes this a lightweight pair of shoes allowing your fete to breathe. It comes with a rubber sole which lets you move with total control and flexibility.

They feature a sprintweb fit cage which locks in your foot leading to high performance and freedom of movement. The midsole along with the full-length ADIPRENE gives a cushioning effect and ensures the shoe lasts really long. The cleats on the outer sole give you a good traction and grip.

Ringor Women’s Diamond Dynasty II Leather Metal Spike

Ringor Women's Diamond Dynasty II Red Leather Metal Spike With Pitching Toe 5.5 B US

Ringor brings to you this leather shoe which is a new women’s shoe recently introduced in the market. These high-quality shoes are made of genuine leather upper which makes them highly durable and comfortable pair of shoes. The full-length EVA midsole protects you from the impact as it provides you with a cushioning effect.

It features the patented Ring-grip which and the metal spike which makes for great flexibility as well as stability. Although, these baseball shoes cost more than others, they are backed by the trust, quality, and value of Ringor.

What are Baseball Shoes?

If you are a baseball player, the above section must have given you a fair idea about the different qualities of a baseball shoe. Baseball shoes are exclusively designed and manufactured considering the demands of this game.

A baseball player should be able to move quickly, they cannot afford any lag. The pair of shoes worn by baseball players should be able to give them a good amount of traction as well as stability.

Also, baseball is a sport which can cause serious injuries to the players especially in the foot area and near the ankles. It is extremely important that the shoes you wear, offers protection from any injuries.

Considering these requirements, women’s baseball shoes have been manufactured so that you ladies can beat all the problems offered by the field and other players, and still manage to put up your first-rate performance.

Whether you are seasoned baseball player or someone new to this field of sport, a good pair of baseball shoe is a must for each one of you. There’s no two ways about that.

In the following section, we will list down some of the essential factors that will help you decide good baseball shoes from the lot.

What to Look For

First of all, take a look at the material used to construct the shoes. Most shoes are either made by genuine leather or synthetic leather. While genuine leather is more breathable and long-lasting, synthetic leather can give you a good support at a cheaper rate.

Go for the build that fits your budget; however, make sure you do not neglect the importance of good support and comfort.

Secondly, take a look at the cleats. Some shoes come with metal while others come with molded or plastic cleats. The metal cleats give you excellent traction on muddy and soft grounds.

The molded or the plastic cleats give you a better grip on the concrete surfaces and they do not wear out easily. Depending on what type of ground you are likely to play, you can choose whether to go for metal or plastic cleats.

Next, comes the sole which, the outsole as well as the midsole. The job of the sole is to provide maximum amount of comfort and protection. A shoe having a midsole will reduce the impact on landing or being stamped by the opponent. Make sure you check this before buying your shoe.

The last factor is the price. There is a huge variation in prices of baseball shoes; you will find extremely cheap as well as highly expensive shoes in this category. While comparing the prices, make it a point to go through the features, and check the durability.

A best way to get hold of an exciting deal is to go through the entire list of women’s baseball shoes for sale. You will come to know the best prices and all the ongoing offers.

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