Best Bath Pillows Reviews 2017

Sometimes, all you want to do is take a long, hot bath and relax in the tub. But it is pretty tough to completely relax your back against a cold, hard bath tub surface. This is where bath pillows come in.

Like standard bed pillows, a good bath pillow will offer comfort and support as you unwind and let all the day’s stresses go while you are in the bath.

Here are some of the leading bath pillows for sale in the market.

Epica Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

#1 Top Rated Luxury Spa Bath Pillow Large-Strongest Suction Cups -Most Comfortable Size and Thickness

This top bath pillow is made of double-thick foam to provide the greatest comfort and powerful suction cups that will ensure your pillow stays in place as you try to relax after a long stressful day. Its two-panel design will give head, neck, and back support no matter what type of tub you have.

This cheap bath pillow has a decent vinyl coating to make the foam waterproof. It certainly delivers on their promise to be the thickest and most comfortable pillow you’ll ever purchase.

The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow

The Original GORILLA GRIP (TM) Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow Featuring Powerful Gripping Technology. Extra Soft & Large, 14.5" x 11", Luxury 2-Panel Design for Shoulder & Neck Support. Fits Any Size Tub.

Like this bath pillow brand implies, it boasts the strongest suction cups that will ensure that your pillow will stay in place. Its large two-panel design features a 2-inch thick, ultra-soft, padded foam, which will make every tub and Jacuzzi experience extra memorable.

The fabric in which the foam is encased is also mildew-resistant and waterproof so you won’t have to worry about moldy, smelly pillows ever.

Not convinced? This bath pillow deal offers a 100% money back guarantee to anyone not truly satisfied with this product. This one affordable bath pillow offer is truly irresistible.

Swissco Bath and Spa Pillow

Swissco Bath and Spa Pillow with Suction Cups

An inexpensive bath pillow that does the job it is intended to do. A simple, no-frills pillow to make your bath time enjoyable. Its large size can perfectly fit any bathtub.

A nice bath pillow to try if you are planning to buy a bath pillow that fits your budget.

Serenity Now Bath Pillow

Serenity Now Bath Pillow - The Cloud Soft Luxury Pillow for Your Bathtub, Hot Tub Spa & Jacuzzi - With Complimentary Cooling/Warming Gel Eye Mask & Spa Music Download - A Featured Product of the Simply Elegant Tranquil Home Spa Collection

This super soft bath pillow costs a bit expensive than other pillows in this list, but only because it comes with a free gel eye mask to maximize that first-class spa experience right in your home.

This product features seven heavy duty suction cups to keep the pillow secure. You can now treat yourself even more with a relaxing bath like no other.

Simply Essentials Spa Bath Pillow

Simply Essentials Spa Bath Pillow with Suction Cups

This ergonomically designed, bean-shaped bath pillow will give better cushion to your head and neck. This pillow is truly a great addition to your bath as it uses high quality PU foam. It even includes an eBook entitled, ‘The Secrets to Relaxing’.

This is the best gift you can give your loved one so that he/she can truly enjoy the real meaning of stress-free baths.

Best of all, this product offers a money-back guarantee to all dissatisfied customers. A truly wonderful bath pillow you should try.

What are Bath Pillows?

Bathing is one of life’s luxuries that offers to strip the day’s stresses and anxieties away. There is something peaceful in just staying in the tub and not to care as to what is happening in the outside world.

To maximize your relaxation time, it is recommended that you get a bath pillow to cushion your head, neck, and back as so you won’t have to be bothered by the tub’s hard surface. Thus, bringing more focus on your bath time.

What to Look For

Like a standard pillow, a bath pillow’s main purpose is to offer comfort and support for the user’s head, neck, and back while they are trying to enjoy their time in the bath. Though it might sound strange for those who much prefer to take showers, bath pillows are made specifically for those who treat their bath time as their pampering time.

With a good book, a glass of wine, and some scented candles, a bubble bath at home can be as relaxing as if you went to a first-class spa. A bath pillow can further enhance that experience as you won’t have to adjust bath towels or worry that your ordinary pillow will get wet as you try to find the best bathing position to relax and unwind.

Bath pillows can be an inflatable vinyl or a foam that has suction cups underneath. The inflatable bath pillows are popular among consumers because (1) it is a lot cheaper than the other kind and (2), it is portable so you can bring and use it whenever you may go.

The only downside of an inflatable bath pillow is that it needs to be detached, deflated, and stored inside a cupboard whenever you had finished bathing to ensure its longevity.

The more permanent bath pillows, on the other hand, is mostly made of either a combination of vinyl and plastic or a foam made of polyurethane (PU). Unlike the inflatable type, you don’t need to waste time inflating and deflating your bath pillow to use it. Furthermore, the foam type always feature several suction cups underneath to help lock the bath pillow into position so that you won’t have to adjust it every time.

Suction cups are usually attached to the tub and the bathroom wall in order to create a more comfortable, relaxing position that you don’t have to adjust, unlike if you ordinary towels or pillows as your head and neck support.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing bath pillows is the size. As logic suggests, a big pillow will give a better support on your back, but it won’t be necessarily comfortable around the neck and head.

Meanwhile, a narrower pillow will offer excellent neck and head support, but you might find it lacking around the back. You better choose which size you’ll be most comfortable with before whipping out your wallet and buying that product.

The more expensive bath pillows eliminate this need to choose as they usually offer a broad back with the neck and head specifically designed to support any user. These pillows are more known as spa pillows since these are the type of pillows you’ll find in high class spas. Furthermore, these pillows tend to also provide additional spa accessories such as an eye gel mask, waterproof massagers, and herbal scents to complete the spa-experience at home.

The foam or filling should be encased in a waterproof, mildew- and mold-resistant fabric. A waterproof fabric will eliminate the risk of getting a soggy, sopping wet bath pillow at the end of your bath (which can be a new source of anxiety for you).

The fabric should also resist the possible growth of mildew and mold, types of fungi that actually grow in warm, humid environment, like your bath.

Mildew and mold can lead to certain types of respiratory diseases when inhaled, plus it can give your bath pillow a nasty, unclean smell.

A bath pillow that is waterproof and fungi-resistant are also easier to clean, dry, and store for the next use.

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