Best Bath Rugs Reviews 2017

Bathrooms are the only place in our house where we can spend time cleaning, pampering ourselves, and treating our exhausted bodies. And one of the things that our bathroom needs is a bath rug to absorb all the dripping water. But not just any ordinary bath rug, but the best bath rug that has a great quality and is able to last long. Bath rugs are like floor versions of towels. They have the same function but located in different areas.

Utopia Luxury Towels

Utopia Towels are made out of pure cotton. You can tell that it is really cotton because of its softness. It is fast absorbent and dries quickly so that whenever you step onto it again, you will not feel uncomfortable stepping on a wet rug. It has a 21 inches width and a 34 inches length for maximum coverage. It is ideal to place on your bathroom doorstep or right below your sink or anywhere that is prone to the droplets of water. For the rug to last longer, caring and cleaning is a must for everything that is exposed to being stepped on or being dirty. Washing the rugs separately is one of the best ways to make them last longer. Tumbling them dry to retains its original form.

Utopia Towels are bathroom floor rugs. Its texture is only thicker than ordinary towels. But it functions the same. It is a quick absorbent towel and a rug at the same time.

Soft Absorbent Memory Foam Bathmat

Soft Absorbent Memory Foam Bathmat is one of the best bathroom rugs in the market. Its memory foamhas a 1/2 inches density which isa soft and very comfortable when you step and dry yourself on it and the rug is self is a quick absorbent kind and dries quickly as well. It has a Deluxe Drhob, which is a polyurethane a material that is plastic but is flexible enough to have a rubber like texture, which is also a slip-resistant attachment that can help the bathroomrug stay in its place whenever you are drying yourself on it and to avoid any accidents. There are a lot of bathroom rugs that doesn’t have any rubber grips underneath it. And even if the surface is wet, it is still able to stay in its place. Wet floors without rugs that do not have any grips underneath will lead to numerous unwanted slipping in the bathroom which is what we avoid to happen. It is made out of microfiber memory foam which is better because it will be easier for you to reuse them. It dries quickly but absorbs like a sponge to keep everything hygienic and avoid molds.

It has a 17-inch width and with a 24-inch length. The size is enough to be kept inside your bathroom and place it near your bathtub. The flooring outside your bathtub is prone to have more wet areas.Which is a better place to set yourSoft Absorbent Memory Foam Bathmat.

Mohawk Home Memory Foam Bath Rug

This kind of a bath rug has the same features of theSoft Absorbent Memory Foam Bathmat. It still has its memory foam that is made out of microfiber. But it has a touch of a velvet fabric to make the surface extra soft and very comfortable to the feet. It has the same back grips which is polyurethane. This kind of a grip is one of the best-used grips because of its capability to stay in its place no matter how many times it is being used, and no matter how wet the surface is it will still stay in its place. This kind of a bath rug is also ok to wash in a washing machine. It is soft enough to be machine washed and it also dries quickly because of its microfiber material.

Other bathroom rugs tend to get saggy when it absorbs water or when it is already wet. But with the Memory Foam Bath Sage Rug, it does not sag or move around. Thanks to its microfiber material and the polyurethane back grip

Clara ClarkNonSlip Memory Foam Bath Rug

Do you want a bathroom rug that is large enough to be placed in the center of your bathroom? Clara Clark Memory foam is for you. It has a width of 20 inches and a length of 32 inches. It is bigger than any other common bathroom rugs that are being sold out in the market. But Clara Clark also sells some rugs that come in different sizes to choose from. But this kind of rug she is selling is one of their top sellers. It still has a microfiber material that has its natural hypoallergenic factor. It is good for you if you have sensitive skin or have allergies on some materials that ordinary rugs use. One of the amazing features of having a microfiber material on your rug is it has the capability to retain its physical appearance,from its shape and color, no matter ho many times it is being used. But of course, you will have to follow the instructions on how to handle your microfiber bathroom rug whenever it is time to wash it. You can wash this kind of bathroom rug in the washing machine because it is soft enough to be spun inside the washing machine. It also dries quickly because of its microfiber feature. And make sure to tumble it dry so that it will still look almost the same since the day you bought it.

The Clara CLark brand is making different kinds of rugs for the past 40 years. Therefore they have already formulated and developed great quality products to please their customers that will purchase their items.

Stainmaster TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug

The Stainmaster TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug is one of the softest bathroom rugs out in the market. Just like the Clara Clarks brand, the Stainmaster has been in the rug industry for quite some time. It started in the year 1986, and until today they are still providing the best quality of bathroom rugs. The Stainmaster TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug is almost as soft as a cushion. But it still functions as like any other high-end bathroom rug, but it is extra soft and its color is very vibrant which adds more life to your bathroom. It is fast absorbent but it dries quickly so that you will not feel the squishiness of the fabric when wet. It is made out of nylon pile and has a completely different feel than any other rugs. Its gripping system at the back is enough to keep the rug in its proper place and to avoid moving or slipping.

Aside from a bathroom rug, the Stainmaster TruSoft Luxurious Bath Rug also have the contour rugs to fit around your toilet bowl and even a toilet seat cover. And there are a bunch of colors to choose from to match your bathroom scheme. And finally it is easy to keep it clean, it can be washed by a washing machine because of its softness. And make sure to keep it tumbled when you are drying this rug. to keep its beautiful shape intact.

ChesapeakeBath Rug

Soft bathroom rugs are what we wanted to have as we dry ourselves after a long bath in the tub or in the shower. And we want a quick absorbent rugs and at the same time a quick drying rugs. The Chesapeake Bath Rug is one of the many kinds of rugs that has those features. It is also popular because of its soft texture. It is made out of 100% cotton for that soft feel once you lay your foot on it. And it has a sprayed latex behind the soft cotton exterior for a full grip. This is to keep the rug in its place even though you are wiping your wet feet it will not move. Even when the floor is wetbecause there are sometimes that those rugs that do not have any anti-slip attached can cause a lot of serious accidents.

Whenever you buy the Chesapeake Bath Rug you will always get two pieces of rugs. One that has a 21-inch length and a 34-inch width and the other one has 24-inch length and has a 4o-inch width. With this set, you will surely have a well decorated bathroom.

InterDesign Spa Large Rug

nterDesign Spa Large Rug is also the same as the other kinds of microfiber kinds of a bathroom rugs. It absorbs all of the water droppings whenever you dry yourself on it. And it also dries quickly so it won’t feel weird if you will place your feet on it again. It is made out of 100% polyster microfiber and it is also very easy to clean whenever needed. Like any other microfiber material rugs, it is best to tumble dry to retain its original for and softness. This rug has a 34 inches width and a 21 inches length. Its size fits perfectly to any bathrooms. One of the great features of this kind of a rug is that it has a non-slip dots at the back side of the rug. Its purpose is to hold the rug where you wanted them to stay.

Rugs like these often comes in different colors. You can match your bathroom with different colors of theInterDesign Spa Large Rug. Its nice to store more colors to suit every ocassion.

DOMUS Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Rugs Bath Mats Shower Rug

Want a unique kind of a bathroom rug? maybe you want to consider the VDOMUS Non-Slip Microfiber Bathroom Rug. It looks different than the other kinds of rugs mentioned. And it has a great quality as well. It is still made out of microfiber but the surface of the rug is like tentacles but microfiber type of a cloth tentacle and very soft to touch. This is to thoroughly clean your feet upon wiping them on the rug and also to absorb the wetness immediately. Another purpose of this tentacle-like surface is that it dries up quickly once it is wet. It also has an anti-skid at the back of the rug. It is made out of latex and it will surely not fade no matter how long and how old the VDOMUS Non-Slip Microfiber Bathroom Rug will be. It will still stay the same as the time you bought it if you are cleaning it in the right way. Remember, wash then tumble dry. This is to keep the firmness of the surface of the rag and also to make it look presentable.

This rug is not just for the bathroom. But it can also be placed anywhere inside your house. It can also be your pet’s new favorite bed because of its soft surface. It is versatile and it is presentable because of its unique features.


Bathroom rugs are one of the needs inside a house. Though it is called a “bathroom rug”, but it can still be used in the different areas inside the house. Some of the rugs that we can have can also be the most favorite bed of your pets at home. Which is why we also want to consider it great quality so that it will last longer that the others. There so many kinds, shapes, and sizes of rugs to choose from. There are even some bathroom rags that comes by a set of two’s. And also there are tons of colors to choose from. Few of the popular ones are already laid out and discussed for you. Its now time for you to choose which one or which kind suits you the most and what matches your bathroom or your taste. Remeber to pick the best rug that can ensure your safety as soon as you step out of the shower or tub. We don’t want any accidents to happen because of a wet floor or a damp rug.

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