Best Bath Toys Reviews 2017

Bath time is always a great bonding moment with the parent and the baby. Having the best bath toys will make the experience more fun and enjoyable. With all the bath toys out in the market, choosing the best ones can be confusing and time-consuming. We want you to get only the best for your child so we listed the best bath toys in the market today to help you get one that would perfectly fit yours and your child’s preference. He or she will definitely look forward to the next bathing time with these toys!

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

This pretty and colorful rubber toy actually float in the water–adding loads of fun to your daily bath time! Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys comes with three rings which your baby can try to throw and shoot to any of the octopus’ tentacles. This activity is not only entertaining and enjoyable, but also improves your baby’s hand to eye coordination. It’s recommended to babies 18 months and older. This product is made of durable and safe (*BPA-free) materials. It’s designed to withstand tearing, chewing and knocking.

With its great design and small size, it’s a perfect toy to use in the tub or in the kiddie pool. Kids will definitely love playing with this cute and colorful octopus. This product is designed to last long so you and your baby will have more fun with it for a long time which gives it more value than its price. This floating toy doesn’t have any holes at the bottom which makes it safe and free from any molds forming inside. It also makes a good chew-tow for the “chewers”.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Who does not love a rubber ducky as a bath toy? Almost everyone grew up with a rubber ducky in the tub, so why not give the same pleasurable and fun experience you had with your child? Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky is one of the most affordable bath toys yet proven to be one of the most popular toys that everybody loves. This rubber ducky comes with additional safety feature–it’s made with heat-sensitive materials that would read “hot” once it detects that the water temperature gets too hot for your baby. The hot disc at the bottom will detect the water’s temperature and alerts us if it gets too hot. (Sometimes what we think is a comfortable temperature for us may still be too hot for the delicate and sensitive skin of a baby). This tiny rubber ducky is small, lightweight, fun, and squeaky–making it perfect for your baby to grasp anytime during bath time. It’s also water tight which prevents water from entering the toy which can lead to mold formation and sinking of the toy. This product is mildew-resistant, durable and safe for your baby, It’s designed to stay a long time.

Yookidoo Fill N Sprout Bath Toy

Baby Bath Toy - Flow N Fill Spout - Three Stackable Cups and Automated Spout by Yookidoo

If you want an extraordinary bath experience then Yookidoo Fill N Sprout Bath Toy will definitely give it to you. It’s highly interactive and adds a lot of fun and excitement for your baby. This toy draws water up through the spout, creating a continuous flow of water. Your baby will enjoy filling those three interchangeable buckets wth water flowing from the spout. These tumblers or buckets comes with the toy and you can stack them together and watch the water overflow from one container to another or just simply use it as separate water containers. It also features a swiveling arm where you can place the tumblers. The suctioning cup at the bottom can also be easily attached to the walls of the tub.This fun activity will make your baby love bath time even more than he or she previously had. This bath to is something that all children will look forward to during bath times.

This toy is small which is perfect for use with babies and children around 18 months and older. Your baby will develop his or her motor skills and hand to eye coordination while having fun.

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

This floating ferry bath toy is made of durable and high-quality plastic. It’s also guaranteed safe and free of BPA, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. It’s made with recyclable materials and printed with soy inks so it’s absolutely safe for children over 3 years old who love to chew on stuff. Your little boy (or girl) will absolutely love this durable toy which is perfect for use in the tub, or in the pool. The boat features a large open space where he can put the toy car that goes with it and other toys or action figures. This will help you teach your child in cleaning and organizing his toys and other stuff (and enjoy it). This toy encourages the development of both fine and gross motor skills. It’s also very easy to clean–yu can just wipe it and disinfect it with alcohol and a clean cloth or just add it in the dishwasher (it’s dishwasher safe).

Your boy will surely love this floating boat which comes with a toy track which also floats! Playing with water and bath time can never be the same again with this amazing ferry bath toy.

Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys

Make bath time more fun and enjoyable with these soft and colorful bath toys which squirt water! Your baby can play with it by herself or you can engage him in a water squirt fight. Either way, it will still be an exciting bath time experience that he or she will definitely look forward to. This set of bath toys includes a seahorse, goldfish, starfish and a dolphin that your baby is going to love. The size is perfect for 9 months old baby (and older) to grab and squeeze. You can also add bubble liquid to make the toys squirt bubbles instead of water.

The materials used in this product is durable to withstand chewing and chipping through time. This adds more laughs and giggles to your daily bath time. Make sure to take extra precaution in cleaning this product since the design makes it a conducive breeding ground for molds. Cleaning it with vinegar and drying it thoroughly every after use does the trick. With a low price, you get four toys which make it a great bargain.

Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys

Bath time never felt so fun and educational! Thanks to Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys, you get an ample supply of letters and alphabet that you can play with during bath time. These foams are durable (resistant to chewing and tugging), lightweight, non-toxic, and soft. It makes a fun tool for learning the alphabets and numbers. When your baby is much older, it will also help you teach them how to spell and do the math. Your baby can easily pick these floating letters or numbers up and stick it to the wall while learning to spell and count.

These floating foams can be also be used in the pool to engage your child to play with more interactive games with other children. Just imagine what sort of fun and exciting games you can come up with these colorful bath toys? You and your child will surely enjoy more fun activities with this affordable toys for a long time. It promotes mental development and promotes activities that develop motor skills.

Green Toys My First Tugboat

Nothing beats the old-time fun of having a floating tugboat as one of your bath toys. That’s the reason why Green Toys My First Tugboat is one of the most popular bath toys of all season. This tugboat not only floats! It splashes water from time to time! Its size is also perfect–not too small and not too big for the young learners. It’s recommended for babies 9 months and above. The materials used in this product is 100% safe and recycled. It’s durable and built to withstand chewing, biting and knocking. It’s also very easy to clean and sanitized! No more worrying about any mold formation!

Green Toys My First Tugboat comes with a handle that your baby can grab to use the toy as a scoop. He can then scoop water and use the windows of the tugboat to release it–creating a beautiful, flowing waterfall. This toy will encourage imaginative play and fosters creativity of your child while promoting activities that develops fine and gross motor skills. It’s a safe and high-quality product that is a perfect to use in the tub or even in the wadding pool.

Munchkin Squirting Bath Toy

Just when you thought that the rubber ducky does the trick, these set of squirting toys will definitely make things even more fun and exciting. These small and colorful toys are delightful for any babies and toddlers. It’s great in playing water guns with your baby. You can also encourage him to play with squirt guns with other children in the pool. This set comes in 8 cute toys that include a rubber duck, sheep, owl, chicken, cow horse, frog and a pig. It’s definitely a fun way to get your baby familiar with different animals and their sounds. The materials used are durable which makes it last long even after chewing and knocking. Like other squirt toys, these are also prone to mold formation and mildew build-up. Cleaning them with vinegar and drying them in between uses actually helps. Some consumers also reported that they end up gluing the holes to prevent water from entering the toy. That makes the toy resistant to molds, yet unable to squirt water. It’s still a great bargain since you get 8 pieces of toys with an incredibly low price.

Munchkin Wind-Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

This very cute and pretty bath toy is absolutely fun to have during bath time! Munchkin Wind-Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy really swims through water. Any child will be excited to watch this penguin go! It can be used in the tub or swimming pool. This bath toy is also durable and lightweight. It operates by winding the arms and releasing it on the water to make it swim. Winding the toy is easy–suitable for small and young hands of the child. This develops their fine and gross motor skills and eye coordination while absolutely having fun watching the swimming penguin. It also encourages imaginative play which develops your child’s creativity.

This toy is perfect for babies aged 9 months and above. This toy has a hole at the bottom so you have to drain it from time to time. Also, same precautions to prevent mold formation should be observed. Considering the price, this product is still highly recommended. It’s still one of the crowd favorite bath toys of all time.


There’s no greater way to have fun while learning than an interactive and exciting bath time. There are lots of toys made to make each bath time more fun for our children. The primary consideration that we need to consider is the safeness of the product. It should be free from toxic chemicals and small parts that could potentially harm our babies. Second consideration is “age-appropriateness” of the toy to our baby. This is not only a sole consideration for bath toys but all toys in general. We need to supply our children with toys that will help them achieve appropriate milestones for each stage of their growth and development. Next, we should also consider that maintenance and proper handling of the product. Are you able to do the necessary precautions to prevent mildew and mold formation? If not, then better get a bath toy that is not prone to molds.

Lastly, make sure that the item is durable enough to withstand constant knocking and chewing (which is common among babies and toddlers). Giving value to your money is not going cheap but going with the more durable and long-lasting products.

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