Best Beard Dye Reviews 2017

Beard dyes are absolutely amazing for men (or women, who am I to judge?) who are in love with grooming their beards and making it look as fantastic and full as possible! Those who are looking to cover their gray hairs will be happy with beard dyes, as well as girls or boys who want to thicken the appearance of their eyebrows, sideburns and lashes often count on beard dyes to the job. So now the question is, which is the best beard dye available on the market? Read on and decide for yourself!

The Henna Guys Henna Hair and Beard Color/Dye

If you are trying to steer clear of harsh chemicals, henna is the way to go! The Henna Guys create their own henna dye and grow their own henna and indigo crops! They use no pesticides or any other harmful chemicals to keep things natural for your hair and skin! Their henna powder is sifted three times to ensure finely ground powder that won’t curdle and will mix smoothly with the developer meaning easier to apply properly for an even dye session!

They have a wide variety of colors such as auburn, burgundy, mahogany, natural colors, jet black and many more so each person can find the perfect color to match their look! The Henna Guys take an extra leap for you and make sure that none of their products are over 18 months old since production to give you a strong, quality tint that will last. Oh and if you are vegan, this product is just what you’re looking for!

Just For Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel

f there is a beard dye brand focused on coming up with the most natural looking hair color dyes, this would be it. Introducing Just For Men! This product of theirs offers a choice of 9 realistic natural hair colors from Jet Black to Blond. This dye is perfect for those who have grey hairs and want to hide them, as this dye will only target the specific gray strands to give you an even and natural look!

In only 5 minutes, this ammonia free dye will have you looking 10 years younger, it doesn’t just tint your beard and mustache, it also conditions it with Vitamin E, aloe vera and chamomile to make sure the hair stays healthy and moisturized through the coloring process. Comes with a brush specially designed for coloring your beard and mustache to make application easier to control for a more even coloring, the longer you leave it on, the darker it will color, so make sure to do a strand test first!

Just For Men AutoStop Men’s Hair Color

This is a really cool product, as I said earlier Just For Men like to focus on giving you a natural look with their dyes. With this dye, comes an autostop feature, which means unlike the previous product where the longer you keep it in the more intense the color becomes, this one is self-controlling and stop coloring your hair when it reaches the right shade which is not just helpful for those who don’t know what time to wash off the dye, but also those who have thinner or thicker than usual hair which color at different speed rates.

This can be used for the hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrows if you’re going for a different color, or want to go full natural look by keeping it all the same shade. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes and even if you don’t wash it off right away, it will stop coloring after the shade has been achieved which gives you a nice, even coloring on all strands. Just For Men also throw in a comb that is perfect to use for your hair and beard to make coloring an easier experience for you!

Godefroy Color Tint Kit

Godefroy gives you 3 natural looking colors; Brown, Black, and Blond, which can be bought together and mixed to create customized colors giving you control of the exact shade that you desire. If you’re a little more experienced in coloring and are a little more specific on shade, this is the product for you! Most hair color kits come with a base color tube and a developer tube, this kit comes in 20 capsules that have been pre-measured so you can use this product to the last drop without worrying about it expiring over time once it’s been opened.

The longer you leave in the hair dye, the more vibrant and bold the color will develop on the hair, do a strand test so you know exactly how long to leave it in to achieve the shade you like if you haven’t gone to the extra measures by mixing the different colors for a certain shade. This product safely tints your skin just like what henna does, to give your head hair, beard, mustache or eyebrows a fuller and more even look to give the effect of thicker and healthier hair!

Henna King Manly Guy Hair, Beard, & Mustache Color

Manly Guy DARK BROWN Hair, Beard, & Mustache Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

Another Henna product for vegans and animal-lovers! The color options are Black, 2 shades of Brown, Copper, 2 shades of Reds, Strawberry Blonde and even Indigo Blue! Unlike chemical dyes, these aren’t permanent and will last a month or two before fading, which is not always a bad thing especially if you are looking into something temporary. This product is all natural so you don’t have to worry about burns or rashes.

There is no developer needed for this product, you can simply mix the colored powder with water and apply. This product will also act as a tint for the skin to give your hair a fuller and thicker appearance. This product is natural so it’s safe to use regularly, even once a week to maintain the appearance of your hair, mustache and beard. This product will last you a long time, there is about 4-8 beard applications contained in this package depending on the size of your beard and the amount you put on.

RefectoCil Color Kit

REFECTOCIL COLOR KIT - Natural Brown Cream Hair Dye + Liquid Oxidant 3% 1.7oz + Mixing Brush + Mixing Dish

This color kit by RefectoCil is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and enables you to tint the most skin sensitive parts of the body, even the intimate areas! It takes 10 minutes to develop and you won’t need to re-touch until your hair starts to grow out again or the tint on the skin fades, the amount of time for the tint to fade off the skin depends on each individual. Make sure to avoid harsh scrubbing, and keep your skin well hydrated and protected to make the tint last longer.

The kit includes the base color, a 3% developer which keeps it safe on sensitive areas, a small shot glass for mixing in the two and a pointed soft brush which enables you to control and be precise when applying the mixture. This is only for facial hair including sideburns, but if you’re up for it, you can get a bunch and do the whole ‘do! But I suggest saving your money unless your scalp is beyond this world sensitive, RefectoCil has a product that you can use for your hair as well!

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (PURE BLACK) .5oz

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye isn’t just for your hair, it’s safe enough to use as a tint for the skin, but unlike the aforementioned product by the same peeps, this one is a little bit more harsh, so if you have sensitive skin, this is best used for your head hair rather than the face. But if your skin isn’t so sensitive, feel free to use this almost wherever, even eyelashes! This product will give you full coverage, however it’s still best to do an allergy test before going ahead and getting crazy with it!

This dye comes on its own as a base color, a pretty good amount for the price definitely, so go ahead and buy the oxidant/developer (remember, for sensitive areas, 3% developers only!) and mix it up, do strand and skin tinting tests to time how long it takes to achieve the shade you desire before doing everything at once. The way it rolls solo allow for you to pick the right percentage of developer that best works with your hair and skin so do some research and ask some experienced people about what type of developer would be best for you!

Just For Men Touch of Gray Mustache and Beard Color

Another product by Just For Men has made it on the list! If you thought the last two products we mentioned by Just For Men were as focused on natural looking as possible, this one will blow your mind even more. This one is the epitome of natural looking! Why? It’s targeted for those with a full beard of gray or white. And the way it colors is an oh-so-light tint which allows a touch of that natural gray to still seep through the color bringing you the most natural look yet! Hence the name “Touch of Gray”.

For those who aren’t interested or a little bit unsure about going bold with a heavily-tinted dye, this is the product that might best suit your needs for a light retouch of youth. You can choose from two colors which are; “Dark Brown and Black” and “Light to Medium Brown”. You control how dark it colors by timing the session, and this product works gradually, so you can do several applications, but it still won’t cover all the gray hairs completely, so you can adjust the depth each time. Just For Men always throw in a bonus comb specially designed to use with each product, and this comb makes coloring easier to control.

What To Look For

Before purchasing a beard dye, what are your goals for your look? Is it natural? The Just For Men have perfected the natural looks, so I suggest looking into their products a little more. If you want a bit more of an eccentric look, you’ll probably opt for something temporary, henna products are a great choice, especially for vegans and those who don’t like using chemical dyes.

If you’re more experienced with hair coloring and have a specific shade you’d like to put together, any dyes that offer a plenty of colors are great for experimenting, but brands like Godefroy are created for this purpose specifically. However if you’re a beginner, there are a plethora of brands that have many predetermined shades for you to pick from, pick a kit that has everything you need- color base, developer, instructions, etc. Make sure to do your research and follow instructions carefully. Coloring kits with the autostop feature like the Just For Men AutoStop Men’s Hair Color will also assist in stopping the coloring process automatically once it reaches the chosen shade so you won’t make the mistake of a harsh coloring job!

If you have sensitive skin, opt for brands like RefectoCil that offer dyes for super sensitive areas. RefectoCil’s Color Kit is great for just that, and also probably your best bet if you are going to color your brows and sideburns, even your lashes as it is not harsh and comes with a pointed brush for precise applications. Of course, you could just get any of the beard dyes and buy a similar brush.


Hopefully the information in this article has helped you decide which brand and product is best suited for your needs. Whether it is your first time or 100th time, whether you have thick, thin, brittle, tough, gray hair there are tons of products that you can choose from. Read the ingredients to make sure you are staying free from harmful chemicals that could give you rashes or even ruin your skin and hair.

Always do the research needed, follow the instructions properly and carefully, do strand tests and skin rash tests before using any of the products you purchase to make sure you that it is safe and won’t harm you, and you’ll be on your way to the best looking beard you’ve ever had!

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