Best Bedding for Rats Reviews 2017

Have a pet rat at home? Or maybe you have a hamster, squirrel, a rabbit, perhaps? No matter what small animal you have, you don’t have to worry about their bedding anymore! This post will walk you through some of the best bedding and nesting options available for rats and other small animals. Let’s introduce them to you one at a time…

Carefresh Pet Bedding

Carefresh brings to you this top-selling pet bedding which is widely recommended by a lot of pet owners for its numerous pet-friendly features. Perfect for rats, rabbits, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, and more; this bedding is completely biodegradable and flushable.

It provides your pets with a cleaner, more cozy, and an absolutely comfortable environment which they won’t mind spending all their time on. This bedding does not contain pine or cedar oils. Although it’s compressed to 6 liters, it can expand to over 10 liters.

The bedding is totally safe and more importantly, truly fun. They are available in 5 different color shades for you to choose from. Its absorption capacity is 3 times its weight. It comes in 10, 23, 30, and 50 liters.

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

This natural bedding for rats and other pets is brought to you by Healthy Pet. The bed is suitable for pets such as rabbits, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, mouse, ferret, reptile, birds, and of course rats. It has an excellent compression property. The 30 liter bedding by Healthy Pet could be compressed to 12.5 liter.

This excellent quality rat bedding with soft pieces can absorb 3 times its weight in liquid. This will keep your pet warm, cozy, and dry at all times. It comes with long-lasting odor control. It can effectively suppress the ammonia odor which is caused by pet urine.

The bedding has the dust-free property leaving no chance of allergies or respiratory problems, providing a nourishing and clean habitat for your pet. Made from the reclaimed wood pulp, this bedding is biodegradable and compostable after use. Most owners love the fact that their pet enjoy lazing around or playing on this amazing bedding!

Winomo Hammock Hanging Snuggle Cave Hut

Who said animals couldn’t enjoy the comfort of hammocks like humans do! Winomo brings to you this super-cool hammock hanging snuggle cave hut for rat, squirrel, chinchilla, guinea pig, and more! Made from the soft and strong cotton material, this hammock makes sure your pet is safe and comfortable when resting in there.

The size is approximately 14×18 cm which is pretty much ideal to accommodate any one of these little animals we mentioned before. The practical and trendy design of this unique bedding is highly loved by the pets as well as their owners.

The design of this innovative pet hammock features a nice shed which helps in preserving heat. This ensures your pet is warm inside safe from the cold, especially from the harsh winter cold. The bright and vibrant colored pattern makes them attractive so your pet would love it right from the moment it sets its eyes on it! This lightweight pet hammock could be easily hung with hooks.

Fibercore Eco-bedding Natural

This natural eco-bedding for rats and other pets is brought to you by Fibercore. This is one of the best rat beddings you’d find on the market. Why? It is hypoallergenic, sanitary, non-toxic and completely dust-free. These qualities make this a habitable and nurturing space where your pet could live and thrive happily. It’s fantastic to keep asthma and other respiratory ailments in check.

The bedding is not only great for rats but also perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds, ferrets, and more. The compressed size of this bedding is 36 liters and it can expand up to 125 liters. Now, that’s a lot of space for your little pets to hang out and chill.

This bedding is completely biodegradable as it’s made with 100% recycled paper. As it’s a paper product, it could be trashed or flushed. With excellent absorption capability, it could hold up to 3.1 times its weight in water. The absorption takes place from the bottom so the top layer is dry all the time. If your pet animals want, they could also burrow and tunnel in this bedding, so they won’t feel they’re away from their natural habitat.

Critter Care Ultra Bedding

Critter Care by Healthy Pet brings to you this top-grade bedding for rats. This bedding features one of the important characteristics of all, controlling odor for a longer duration. They come in 10 liter, 23 liter, and 50 liter sizes.

This bedding could absorb liquid 3 times its weight, which means your pet remains happy and dry for a long time. It’s completely safe not just for pets but also for your family members, even if you have kids in the house.

The bedding is ideal for small animals such as rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. It can expand up to 2 times of its size. This non-toxic bedding is safe and dust-free, keeping the environment clean and healthy for your pets. It’s also great for nesting and burrowing, a property which hamsters and guinea pigs will love. No dyes have been used in it and it’s biodegradable and compostable.

Kaytee Bamboo Nesting Material for Small Animals

This is a 100% natural nesting material for small animals brought to you by Kaytee, formerly called Super Pet, one of the trusted pet care brands around. The Rayon used to make this is derived from bamboo, which is a dye-free material. Made from natural material, this bedding is completely recyclable.

It’s perfectly great for natural burrowing as well as nesting instincts. In addition to being great for rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, it’s also perfect for other small animals. The pet-friendly bedding is made to keep them warm and comfortable.

Mkono Hammock Hanging Bed House

This cute and stylish hammock habitat is brought to you by Mkono. Designed with attractive and bright colors, this hammock is especially suitable to keep your pets warm in the winters. They’re built keeping in mind your pet’s safety and comfort needs, as they offer your pets their own protected private space.

Short plush and cotton are the materials used to make the hammock, which gives it a soft and comfortable texture. Best suitable for rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, squirrels, and more. Your pet would love taking small naps and getting sweet sleep in their own little cozy room. The dark spot to rest and the den-like security mimics the natural habitat which would make your pets instantly love the hammock!

They have a dimension of 9.8”L x 9”W x 7.9”H, perfect to accommodate all small animals. They’re available in three cute color combinations – Brown, Yellow, and White. Keep it on the floor or at the top of the cage to create a dual living space for your pet.

Hammock, FATPET® for Small Animals

FATPET brings to you this ultra comfortable, cozy, and cute little hammock for small animals. The plush hammock is perfect to house your rat, chipmunk, hamster, etc. It would be more like a hanging bed cave cage which they’ll love spending their days and nights in.

Coming with a size of almost 25 x 25 cm, this hanging hammock can easily accommodate all small animals including rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and more. It comes with 4 metal buckles for hanging in the cage. These hammocks are available in 4 different color patterns. The hammock is reversible so you could turn them around when they become dirty thus increasing the time between washing cycles.

Sunseed Shredded Aspen Bedding

This bedding for rats is brought to you by Sunseed. Having quite a few awesome features, quite a lot of pet owners are pretty happy with the shredded aspen bedding. It’s perfect for small animals and reptiles such as mouse, ferret, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamsters, and more.

This bedding is about 1250 cubic inches when compressed and close to 1325 cubic inches when expanded. They come in two colors Black and Grey and are manufactured in the United States. If you’re looking for excellent bedding for rats and other small animals and don’t mind spending a few dollars extra for superior quality, this is the product you should go for!

Pixnor Hammock Cute Bear House with Bed Mat

Pixnor brings this highly comfortable hammock for your small furry animals. More than a hammock, this is like a complete mini bedroom for your pet as it comes with a cozy and warm bed mat along with it. The replaceable pad makes it easy to clean the floor of the hammock.

The design of the hammock is that of a cartoon bear, combined with a cute light brown shade, this hammock is nothing less than a dream house for your pets. Whether you have a rat, hamster, squirrel, or any small bird, they will love living in this little space of theirs. It will keep them warm and safe as well as allow them a good sound sleep during the night!


In the above section, we discussed the features and qualities of some of the most used rat bedding options available out there. We believe when looking to buy beddings for your pets, you’d now be in a position to select the one that’s best for your pet!

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