Best Bench Grinder Reviews 2017

The perfect bench grinder varies depending on how it is to be used. If the bench grinder is for heavy duty work, an 8-inch or larger grinding wheel is a preference. However, these grinders may not have extra features such as lights for dark-lit environments.

It doesn’t matter how you use your bench grinder, you must look for one that is a balance of durability and noise reduction. The quieter the machine is, the less friction it holds. Meaning, you’re assured of a more durable bench grinder. If you’re planning on getting one for yourself, you should consider the following.

DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder

First on our list is the DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder. This bench grinder does not compromise versatility and durability even if it has rugged powerful motor housing backed by an iron base. The price of this grinder is also relatively lower compared to other heavy-duty bench grinder but that doesn’t mean it is of low quality. With a ¾ horsepower, the DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder meets all the needs and demands of businesses. There’s 12 inches and a half distance from the wheels of the bench grinder so you are guaranteed of a longer grinding work even when used with huge grinding projects. This product also carries an aluminum tool rest that is precision-matched and makes anyone who use it position any task properly for the best possible output. There are wheel guards for rear exhaust ports, ensuring a smooth mechanical movement.

This bench grinder can effectively and efficiently remove polish residues, smoothen and shape any material. The product comes with tool rests, deflectors, vision protection and even an adjusting wrench for the user’s ease and convenience. Generally, the DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder has more noise reduction compared to other bench grinder of its size. Definitely one of the best bench grinders around in the market.

WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder

If you’re new to using a bench grinder, it is possible that you do not know which product to pick and it’s gonna be hard for you to understand the use of such tool. Or if in case, you just want something to add to your household tools without spending a fortune and will definitely be very helpful, then this WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder is the basic bench grinder product that you’re looking for. It comes a tad smaller than our first bench grinder but what it offers is a fast and steady operation for a little lighter grinding jobs, at under a hundred bucks.

If you’re carefully spending your budget on things that are extremely useful, and if you need a sharpening or grinding tool, then the WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder is the best budget-friendly pick. It’s inexpensive but not cheap. Cheap compromises quality, while this product justifies the value of your money. The WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder comes with two wheels of different textures, one for general works and another for quicker grinding. This machine also has a quiet motor which is easy to maintain and quick to start-up. Your package will also come with other helpful tools that will surely make your grinding tasks easier and faster.

DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

Next on our list is a smaller version of our first product. The DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder also boasts of the same versatility and durability as that of other DeWalt items, and for that reason, we rank it among the best of the bests in this list. With this product comes a motor and shaft that is perfectly balanced. However, you must know how to remove or remount the wheels as needed, because some are not installed well in the manufacturing site. The DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder does the same amazing work as that of its 8-inch brother but costs a little more affordable if compared. You are also assured that all nuts and screws of this product are in place and secured for your safety.

The disadvantage of this product, however, is that the motor and the wheels are similar in size, so mounting them properly is a requirement for you to have enough wheel access. A custom mount may come in handy, but you need to provide one on your own as it doesn’t come with the product. Given this features of the DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder, we would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a DeWalt product that won’t grind their savings away.

SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

This product named as the SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder is a budget-friendly alternative to general bench grinders which are primarily used in big industries and businesses. If you’re only looking for something that can sharpen your tools or do a little grinding of different materials, then this product will definitely serve you well. Compared to DeWalt grinders, the SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder gives you enough access to the grinding wheels and the shields that come with the product are more useful compared to the others that carry the same features on the list. This product is made specifically for home or business. However, do note that while the SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder can serve its purpose well, it may not be the best for extensively long heavy use.

The utility lighting that comes with the product may be off-positioned and may cause you more problems than good, so if you’re in a well-lighted area, we suggest that you just shut these lights off and get a better control over the wheels of the product.

Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

What we have next is the Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder. This product carries a fast change system for the grinding wheels and will not require you of extra tools in shaping even the hardest materials. The product comes with a rubber foot that aids the bench grinder to stay secured on the ground. This feature gives your work less vibrations and wobbling, hence, giving you the most accurate output. The Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder also has a work light that may come in handy when you’re shaping or grinding in poorly-lit areas. The Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder is a bench grinder that carries a lot of amazing features.

Its 60-grit wheel and rough 36-grit wheel makes every sharpening and grinding an easy task to do. Two safety shields are provided so that debris from your work won’t come in contact with your face. This item has a diamond wheel dresser that gives you quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. With a ⅓ horsepower, this extremely powerful electric bench grinder is a single tool that can do the works of many.

JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder

The JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder is a bench grinder that runs on 1 horsepower. This product is one of the most powerful bench grinder out in the market. It is totally enclosed in a sturdy cast and a pre-lubricated ball bearing. The product also comes with a cast iron wheel guard, dust vents and extra large vision protection shields. The JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder also comes with an adjustable tool rest. This product is listed as one of the most powerful bench grinder but won’t compromise the safety of its users. You can use this product in several tasks ranging from cleaning, grinding, buffing, sharpening and rust and burs removal from steel.

This product is also considered to be one of the premiere ways to power a multi-tool belt grinder attachment. It has rubber mounts that prevent toggles, wobbles and vibration. The toggle-switch also may come in helpful to the user of the product. If you have a fortune to spare, then the JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder is an investment piece. It will not be a waste of money as it will definitely serve its purpose well.

POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8″

Next comes the POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder. This eight-inch machine is a slow speed bench grinder that has cooling speed of 1,725 RPM, definitely can save all your tools from overheating. This feature that comes with the POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder is not found on other high-speed bench grinders. If you’re someone looking for a smoother, quieter machine operation, then this is the best bench grinder for you.

With only ½ horsepower, the POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder is the sole bench grinder that can give you the smoothest performance ever, and its durability is incomparable as it has been tried and tested for years and years of use. Grinding comes easy as pie with this product’s inch thick wheels. The POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder is best used for sharpening tools. Machine vibrations has been reduced by its heavyweight base made from metal. This feature also gives you more stability while you’re operating your machine. The POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder is also known to produce less heat because it uses aluminum oxide wheels. If you’re one of the consumers who would like to take it easy on your wallet, and be hardcore on grinding jobs, then pick the POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder.

Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System, 10 Inch Stone

On the off chance that what you need is accuracy and precision, then Tormek has something so great to offer you. This is the Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System. This bench grinder is not like other bench grinders you can find in the market. This product right here takes off less material, avoiding material waste while providing you with outstanding accuracy for the hardest bench grinding tasks. This product will not only give you accurate grinding or sharpening results, it will also save you from possible vision injuries as it comes with an eye shield too. The item may be a tad higher in price compared to all other bench grinders in this list but it won’t disappoint. It will even give you more than what you paid for so don’t hesitate in buying one if you can.

This mechanical machine carries considerable measure of elements you won’t discover on other bench grinders, it has 11 jigs for use on particular devices, and a square jig for quick alignment and higher precision. The Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System boasts of an AngleMaster that gives you perfect angle in every utilization of the machine. It also has a powerful motor for your perusal. This product even carries a lot of amazing features that cannot be seen in other bench grinder machines. These makes the Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System a top choice among consumers. Features such as grindstone removal that doesn’t need any other extra tools and a wet grinding design for lesser friction is what the product is known for.


While not the most important tool you should have in your home workshop, the bench grinder should also land a spot in your tool list. These bench grinders can be used for sharpening your tools, most especially if you have a drill bit. You should consider a lot of factors before you buy your own bench grinder. Ask yourself about what will you be using it for, where are you using and and how will you be able to maintain the product. This tool can be used for many purposes and do note that some bench grinders work better than the others, depending on how it is utilized. All you need to do is to assess yourself and the product you are about to purchase. If it fits your budget and the demands that you’re looking for in a bench grinder, then don’t hesitate to spend some fortune on it. The list above can be your guide in looking for the best bench grinder in the market, and if you’re lucky enough, once you get what you’re looking for, you will never search for another ever again.

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