Best Bikinis Reviews 2017

Summer season happens all over the world, more importantly, for most tropical countries, it is an everyday season. Every year, several companies, including designer houses, include swimsuits and bikinis in their collection. For some obvious reasons, women look and buy these outfits to dress suitably in the beach.

Bikini is a swimsuit that comes with a top and underwear. The name bikini was invented by Louis Réard from France; he coined it after the term Bikini Atoll where governments used to test nuclear devices. Because bikinis looked too revealing for a woman, the first items of this product didn’t do well in the market.

Today, however, bikini is a well-accepted outfit in pool parties and beaches. If you are planning to buy a bikini then we would like to help you get your new wardrobe collection. We already gathered the leading bikini brands in the market that all you have to do is choose. If you want to know more, check the list we provided below.

Angerella Polka Dot High Waisted Bathing Suit Bikini

Angerella Polka High Waisted Cute Bikini Swimwear Bathing Suit(BKI046-B1-2XL)

Want the best bikini for sale? Then you will love getting to know the Angerella Polka Dot High Waisted Bathing Suit Bikini. This design is being sold in 6 different colors such as: red/black, light blue, red, navy, red-two and rose red. Additionally, this one is made out of combination materials of nylon and spandex, to give you a stretchy yet durable bikini.

Like what it name says, it is a high-waisted bikini along with designs of polka dots, to make it seem as if you’re back in the 1980s. Unsure if you want to flaunt your stomach? Then this is the best bikini as it covers your lower to middle abs. To put it briefly, if you want a good bikini then you must certainly try the Angerella Polka Dot High Waisted Bathing Suit Bikini.

Happy Sailed Women Quiet Sports Padded Bikini Swimsuit

Happy Sailed Women Quiet Sports Bikini Swimsuit, Small 100 Score Print(pack of 2)

The Happy Sailed Women Quiet Sports Padded Bikini Swimsuit is definitely among the cheapest bikini deal you will ever find. This product is made out of high-quality polyester, so you will surely love the material being used. Furthermore, this design is currently being offered 10 different designs such as: 100 score print, leopard, color blocks and green.

This one comes with a padded bikini, provides the right breathability and able to take sweat absorption in the beach and off-shores. With this one, you can show the world your figure, sexiness yet still looking as sporty as you can. As one of the most inexpensive bikini in this list, we really endorse getting the Quiet Sports Padded Bikini Swimsuit by Happy Sailed.

ZERACA Women’s Strap Side Bikini Bathing Suits

zeraca Women's Strap Side Bottom Halter Racerback Bikini Bathing Suits (XS2, Aqua Sky )

The ZERACA Women’s Strap Side Bikini Bathing Suits is also among the top bikini brands we decided to put in the list. This product is created out of 14% elastane, 86& polyester that are guaranteed to be tough and imported. It features a v neckline along with a vinched details along the racerback and bust to give you a striking and outstanding look.

This bikini is equipped with a padding that is adjustable and can be transformed to a push up bra. It also comes with a contrasting strappy size. Furthermore, the company also offers this bikini in a wide variety of sizes extra small or extra-large. Additionally, this one is also available in 14 different colors, so you are ensured that you will have a lot of options.

Happy Sailed Women’s Hand Knitted Bikini Bra Set Swimsuit

Happy Sailed Women's Hand Knitted Crochet Neoprene Triangle Bikini Bra Set Swimsuit, Small Black

The Happy Sailed Women’s Hand Knitted Bikini Bra Set Swimsuit is also another cheap bikini we would love for you to try. Unlike its competitors, this bikini is hand sewn and uniquely designed with a push up triangle bikinis that are neoprene. Furthermore, this one is also available in different colors such as black, pink, navy, yellow, white and light blue.

This bikini is also available in 6 different sizes namely: small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL and triple XL. It is every lovely and you are sure that you have something that is 100% unique. As an affordable bikini, we really advocate getting the Happy Sailed Women’s Hand Knitted Bikini Bra Set for your upcoming beach outing.

Zeraca Women’s Tie Side Bottom Triangle Bikini Swimsuits

zeraca Women's Tie Side Bottom Triangle Bikini Swimsuits (XS2, Black)

Looking for new bikinis? Then go for the Zeraca Women’s Tie Side Bottom Triangle Bikini Swimsuits. This product is made out of 14% elastane and 86% polyester, which makes it an ideal bikini suit. It is a triangle bikini top along with a removable push up enhancement pads, to make your figure stand out. Additionally, this one also comes with adjustable ties in both the back and the neck.

This bikini comes with a double rise and scrunch for the bottom, to add more style along your back. Also, this bikini is being offered in 12 different colors from black, dark red, 56 colors braze and Greece vibes. It also has about 5 sizes, so you can easily find the right and perfect fit for your figure. This product is one of the top bikini deals we can find, so you must certainly give it a try.

What is a bikini?

Like what we told you above, the first bikini, both the term and the product was invented by Louis Réard, a French engineer. He named the product after a place where government would test nuclear and atomic bombs. Why bikini? Because he believed that any person wearing the bikini will become “explosive”

Of course, considering how conservative people back then, the mass didn’t take it quite well. Some countries like France welcomed it, but some notable organizations including the Church didn’t like it and even despised all of their members wearing it. Sometime in 1951, contestants of beauty pageants started wearing it and that’s how the world started accepting bikinis.

Nowadays, there are several types of bikinis in the market. Way too many that it is almost hard to keep up. Of course, there’s always the triangle top bikini that we always know, but there are also the knotted, bandeau, butterfly, Brazilian, string, pucker and whale tail bikini top. These bikinis may seem extremely familiar, but they all look different if you look closer.


It’s not a secret that wearing a bikini will feel revealing. If you live in a place that is not too conservative, then you are lucky as you won’t feel as much insecurity as others. But, if unfortunately you do, then it may be good to test your options and gather as much self-confidence as you can. The only thing anyone will ever have to assure is to guarantee that they are comfortable.

Other than that, also make sure that your chosen bikini uses high-quality products, so you don’t have to waste money on something that can only be used for a few tries. Also, make sure that the material is thick enough and covers the areas you want covered, this is to prevent people from seeing your nipples or even noticing your cameltoe.

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