Best Binocular Cases Reviews 2017

Binoculars, just like their cousins, the telescopes, let you view sights that cannot be seen by the regular eye. It lets you see farther than what your eyes could give to you. Binoculars are typically designed to be hand held and extremely light weight so users can use it without any problems. Furthermore, unlike monocular telescopes, binoculars can provide users 3D images for near objects with better clarity.

Binoculars are tremendously helpful for professionals as well as hobbyists. They can be used by sport watchers, bird hunters, even hikers who likes to see the view above the mountains. If you are one of the people who constantly bring their binoculars with them then you must do everything to protect your item. On that note, we suggest getting a binocular case.

Binocular cases are available in variety of sizes and capacity. If you are interested to know more about the leading binocular cases in the market then you must certainly check the best cases in the world. Additionally, if you want to know more about this product and how to get the right one for your filed glasses then go see our checklist below.

Voodoo Tactical Men’s Binocular Case

As one of the most affordable binocular case in the market, getting the Voodoo Tactical Men’s Binocular Case will definitely be a smart choice. This case is currently being offered in 3 colors such as black, coyote and olive drab. It has an exterior dimension of 7 tall x 6 wide with 3 in depths (inches), which means that it comes with a compact design so you can easily store and keep you binoculars against your body.

Despite being a cheap binocular case, this item is padded to your comfort and to protect your valuables at all cost. It can be adjustable to variety of styles, as well as the Steiner. It comes with an exterior nylon and an interior with a felt-like material, so as the cheapest binocular case deal, you are getting yourself in a good place.

Opticron Universal Compact Binocular Case

Looking for a new binocular case? Then aim for the Opticron Universal Compact Binocular Case! This one is being offered in for sizes such as 25 mm porro prism, 25 mm roof prism, 28 mm porro prism and 42 mm porro prism. It is made out of high quality 3mm SBR and neoprene to guarantee you a durable and worthy binocular case.

It is either designed with black and silver with white stripe or black with green with white stripes. Furthermore, it also comes with an adjustable webbing strap that is removable for better convenience. In conclusion, if you are aiming for a good binocular case then we definitely suggest having the Opticron Universal Compact Binocular Case.

Nanuk 905 Hard Case with Cubed Foam

The Nanuk 905 Hard Case with Cubed Foam is certainly among the best binocular cases for sale. It comes with a PowerClaw latching system made to keep your case locked and sealed all the time, especially when travelling. Furthermore, this one also uses 2 padlockable hasps inserted into the case to give it superior strength and to keep your equipment safe and sound.

It has a dimension of 9.4 x 7.4 x 5.5 239 mm and comes with a temperature range of -29°C and max of 60°C. This item is also impact resistant as it comes with nk-7 resin that can withstand the toughest impacts. Additionally, this product is also waterproof, which means that your valuables and other items are all safe from being wet.

Binocular Case by Red Fox

Are you buying a binocular case that is worth purchasing? Then you will surely love the Binocular Case by Red Fox. This one comes with a dimension of 12.4 x 9.6 x 3.7 inches which makes it extremely compact and able to keep your binoculars safe. It comes with adjustable flaps and buckle so you can easily alter its length according to your preference.

Additionally, this item is made out of the highest quality of materials to give you a secure and durable case. It is very convenient for travel as it also provides you easier access with its unique design. As the product taking part in the most inexpensive binocular cases in the market, we know that getting the Binocular Case by Red Fox will be a good choice.

Nanuk 915 Hard Case with Cubed Foam

As one of the top binocular cases brands in the industry, the Nanuk 915 Hard Case with Cubed Foam surely belongs in this list. This item is impact resistant as it uses nk-7 resin that is guaranteed to be tough and durable. It has a dimension of 13.8 x W 9.3 x H 6.2 inches installed with a waterproof feature that is IP67 rated, which also means that it can be placed 3 feet underwater for 30 minutes.

Like the other Nanuk cases, this one feature a PowerClaw latching system as well as tough nylon construction to keep your case locked all the time and prevents accidental openings. Additionally, it is also installed with two padlockable hasps. This one is being offered in 3 styles such as cubed foam, padded divider and empty, it can also be obtained in 3 colors such as black, yellow, olive, orange, graphite and silver.

What is a binocular case?

Binoculars use several prisms so it can magnify a certain image for the user. They can be bought in different sizes such as compact, mid-size and full-size. Compact binoculars are mostly used for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, they are very light and small in size. Mid-size binoculars on the other hand can be used for sports or wild life activities; they are slightly heavier than compact binoculars.

Full size binoculars are used for cruising as well as extreme wild life activities. They have common specs of 10 x 50 and can capture more light, which means that they are tremendously helpful in low-light areas. They also provide better images and wider views. The only downside for them is that they are very heavy.

What to look for in a binocular case?

The key to find the best case for your binocular is to check which type of binoculars you have and how strong you want your case is, which could also mean how much you are willing to invest in a binocular case.

Wraps – binocular wraps are definitely the cheapest kind of case for your item, they are made out of tough neoprene material so it is guaranteed that they are durable.

Pouches – for something that is much more assuring, then go for a binocular pouch. These pouches include a strap to give you easier access and better convenience whenever you are using your binocular case.

Holder – if the first two doesn’t sound good for you then go for a guaranteed binocular case. These items are sturdier and stronger that other cases, which means that they offer more protection for your binoculars.

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