Best Bluetooth Headsets Reviews 2017

We’ve seen an increasing number of cellphones produced by large makers like Apple, LG, and more. Based on the sales trend, there are no signs that they’re going to slow down.

The same goes with Bluetooth headsets.

Cellphones nowadays are Bluetooth capable, thus they’re easily compatible with various devices.

Not only that, Bluetooth headsets are also useful when talking to people over the phone or the Internet.

In this article, we will feature some of the top Bluetooth headsets for sale today. It’s our aim to help you with your buying decisions, thus we’ll briefly feature some of their best features.

LG Tone HBS-730 Wireless Stereo Headset

LG Tone HBS-730 is a well-designed wireless stereo headset. It’s durable and its buttons are perfectly placed and constructed. It’s also very comfortable to wear, thus you would even hardly notice it while wearing.

Its range is pretty decent. You can move up to 25 feet away and stay connected. Unlike its older version, LG Tone HBS-730 would signal through a vibration if it’s out of range. The same goes if it’s able to establish a connection or if it’s running out of power.

The equalizer presets of this inexpensive Bluetooth headset are decent. However, the sound may not be the best for those who are quite picky when it comes to sound quality. While its sound is noticeably better than the 700 model, it can still be improved.

In addition to the wireless headset, its packaging box includes three sets of ear gels, a micro USB cable, charger, warranty card, and manual.

LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

This LG Tone HBS-750 Bluetooth earphone has a cool, yet unconventional design. It has an around-the-neck piece and holders where earbuds can be magnetically-held when they’re not used.

This is an excellent feature as it prevents wires from dangling and it keeps the earphones from pulling on. The earphones may be a bit strange to wear at first, but the design actually saves you some time making adjustments when you’re moving around.

The operational buttons are likewise positioned very well, thus you can easily find them whenever they’re needed. Just like its older Bluetooth headset brand, HBS-750 vibrates whenever your phone receives an incoming call or you’re out of Bluetooth range.

As for the sound, it’s incredibly crisp. Phone calls sound as excellent as the music you play on your phone. Both the bass and the treble also sound strong and clear, thus you can literally play end enjoy all types of music on this.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

This Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset is significantly smaller and lighter than Plantronics’ previous models. As expected, it also comes with more enhanced features that make it more convenient to use.

Most noticeable is the boom microphone which used to shape like a bulb. This newer model has also gotten rid of the metal tips which were then very easy to dent if something heavy is placed on them. What could be the best addition to the mic is the mute control button while you’re on a call.

The volume control button has also been improved such that you’ll observe a more toggle-like feeling whenever you use it.

The sound may not be the perfect one available, but it’s excellent for its type. For the price, the sound quality can hardly be beaten.

Finally, Bluetooth connection is very easy to establish and it’s highly-reliable. This affordable Bluetooth headset is definitely recommended.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue

This Plantronics BackBeat Bluetooth headset is designed such that it’s more flexible and durable. Thanks to its rubbery material that’s accentuated with a reflective color of blue, it’s more visible even in the dark.

The over-the-ear support likewise makes the headset comfortably stay in place. The design is snugly fit, thus you can use it while exercising, jogging, etc.

Plantronics also did a great job of improving the sound quality of their headset. The highs and lows are noticeably boosted, but they’re nice to listen to. It is also not annoying even after hours of having it put on.

In addition to the stable Bluetooth connection, other cool features of this Plantronics headset include some telephone functions. Some of the most used functions would be the button to easily answer and end calls while on a call.

Playing and pausing music is also a breeze as you simply would have to tap on the left earpiece of the headset.

Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset - Motorola Retail Packaging

Motorola H720 is one of the Bluetooth headsets with a simplified design that makes it more convenient for users. There’s nothing in the design that makes it stick inside the ear, thus it lays comfortably flat against the ear.

One cool design of Motorola H720 is the flip-open design to either turn the headset on or off. By flipping the headset open, it gets turned on and vice versa.

If your Bluetooth battery is running out, you’ll hear a tone to remind that you need to recharge. Meanwhile, a red indicator light would also mean that the battery is completely out.

Other features of this good Bluetooth headset are the buttons on top and at the bottom of the headset to either increase or decrease the volume.

Probably, the most important feature of this Motorola H720 headset is the sound. It’s very loud and clear and it is quick to respond.

What to Look For When Buying a Bluetooth Headset

Headset Style

There are two styles users can choose from: compact and professional.

Compact headsets are smaller because the microphone and earpiece are merged into a single unit.

Professional models likewise guarantee high-quality performance and more functionalities. Their microphone stalk is long and it extends to the mouth or to the middle of the cheek of the user.

Sound Quality

Mono sound headsets feature a single earpiece. Their sound quality is often adequate for basic functions like listening to phone calls.

Meanwhile, headsets with two earpieces and a stereo sound are highly advisable for those who play video games or listen to music.

If you’re one of those who care more about sound quality, consider getting a new Bluetooth headset deal with HD sound.


When choosing a Bluetooth headset, make sure you’re comfortable with the design. There are headsets that use a head strap to keep them in place, while some are clipped around the ear.

Don’t just pick a headset based on style. Rather, buy one that’s relaxing to wear.


Most Bluetooth headsets are capable of connecting up to 30 feet away. However, there are some whose sound quality starts to drop after about 10 feet.

Select a headset that could give you a better range.

Battery Life

If you’re planning to use your Bluetooth headset regularly, you should choose one with longer battery life. If your headset can go over six hours, that should be good enough.


Noise cancellation, voice command, multipoint pairing, etc. are just some of the advanced features you can get from some high-end Bluetooth headsets. While many of them are useful, comfort and style are more important to consider.

If you’re an advanced user or are planning to use one for work, settle for professional models with some added functionalities.

Otherwise, a basic and cheap Bluetooth headset with fair sound quality should suffice.

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