Best Board Shorts for Women Reviews 2017

Every time you’re at the beach, you cannot wear a bikini. You cannot enjoy water sports in a bikini. So, what’s the next option for ladies who want to have some fun and play sports on the beach? Board shorts!

Whether you have never worn board shorts before or want to add a couple of more shorts to your existing collection, this post will help you select the board shorts that are perfect for you. First, you will be introduced to some of the best women’s board shorts available on the market and then move on to see the factors that are necessary to consider when buying them.

Kanu Surf Women’s Marina Boardshort

Kanu Surf Women's Marina Board Shorts, Black, 0

Kanu Surf, the leading board shorts brand, presents to you this top women’s board shorts that are stylish and absolutely comfortable. It is made of 100% polyester allowing the shorts to dry quickly. They have cargo pockets and come with a fixed waistband.

The lace-up closure makes it easy for you to adjust the fitting as you like. Despite being one of the best, they are a pair of cheap board shorts for women that you won’t regret buying. They are available in 9 different colors with different color of stitch and pull string.

Private Island Hawaii UV Women Skinny Shorts

Private Island Hawaii UV Women Rash Guard Skinny Shorts Pants Black Small

These are one of the best women’s board shorts that you could lay your hands on. These shorts are made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. They stretch to give you a comfortable skinny fitting. These inexpensive board shorts for women come in over 17 different designs; some of them have plain solid colors while others have printed patterns on both the sides.

These shorts are best for surfing, kayaking, paddling, running, yoga, etc. You can also pair them with t-shirts and other tops while going for shopping or when relaxing with friends and families.

Maui Rippers Women’s Board Shorts

Maui Rippers Women's 5" Board Short Stretch (0, Aqua)

Maui Rippers brings to you these incredible board shorts for women. These are high quality shorts that you could wear while surfing, kayaking, or playing sports on the beach. Having made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, they are built for quick drying.

The superbly designed shorts can be worn for your casual outings and vacations, when paired them with the right tops. These shorts are soft to touch and feel comfortable when you wear them. If you want to buy women’s board shorts that look stylish and cool, do check this out.

Hurley Juniors Beachrider Printed Boardshort

Hurley Supersuede Printed Beachrider Board Short - Women's Multi, XS

Hurley presents to you its collection of bright and colorful board shorts for women. They are made of 100% polyester which enables them to dry quickly. They hold on to your waist with an elastic closure making it all the more easy to wear them. These shorts are available in 25 different printed patterns, each one sporting a bright combination of colors and design.

The welted pockets with the hook-and-loop closure ensure your belongings stay intact in the pockets. This is one of the best women’s board shorts deals you’ll come across.

Roxy Women’s Summer Board Short

Roxy Junior's Endless Summer 2 Board Short, Cherry, X-Small

Looking for affordable board shorts for women? You must definitely check out this collection by Roxy. These women’s board shorts come in three solid colors, Cherry, Dark Jade, and True Black. These are new board shorts that have been launched on the market only a few months ago.

They are made from 87% polyester and 13% elastane fabric. These board shorts cost less than most shorts present on the market and have excellent quality, making them one of the most sought-after shorts out there. This is a great pair of shorts for swimming, surfing, and for all other water sports.

What are Board Shorts?

The long shorts worn especially when playing water sports such as swimming, kayaking, and surfing are called board shorts. Men as well as women wear them as they are the most comfortable pair of shorts that one can wear when indulging in water sports.

As they are usually worn on the beach, they are made from lightweight fabric that dries pretty quickly. These shorts are not too tight for discomfort and not too baggy. They hold on to your waist and hips either through the elastic closure or the lace-up design. They also make you look slimmer and taller.

Women prefer to pair their board shorts with t-shirts or yoga tops which makes them even more comfortable. They not only wear board shorts when they are on the beach, but we often find women wearing them when they’re having a casual outing with their friends or families. These shorts are also great for spending a relaxed time in your house.

Whether you are a young college student or a mum, board shorts can be worn by any woman who would like to wear them. They make you look stylish and adventurous as if almost ready for surfing.

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts for swimming, practicing yoga, exercising, playing volleyball, soccer, or any other sport, then board shorts are the best for you. They are especially built for physical activities such as those mentioned above, and that’s they are made to last long.

In the previous section, we introduced you to some of the best board shorts for women that are present on the market. In the next section, we will see what qualities you must look for when selecting a good board shorts.

What to Look For

The first thing you must look for when buying women’s board shorts is the length of the shorts. Most sellers state the length specifically in the product description. Make sure you compare this length against your height. Board shorts are meant to be longer, especially if you’re going to indulge in water sports and other exercises.

That’s why, it is extremely important that the length of your shorts is perfect for your height. If the length becomes too short or too long, it will affect the overall look of your shorts and they won’t feel as comfortable as they should.

Once, you’re sure that the length is perfect for you, go for the next point, the fabric used for the shorts. As we saw previously, a good board shorts should be able to dry quickly and the material plays an important role in determining this. Most shorts are made of polyester and rayon combined with spandex. Make sure you stay away from shorts that are made of cotton or other such material, because they will retain the water prolonging the drying process.

The next point is the closure. Most of these board shorts have elastic closure which simply requires you to pull them up when wearing them. However, there are few board shorts that have a zip fly, button, or a lace. Go for the shorts with closure that would be most convenient for you. Also, check whether there are any pockets for you to store your valuable belongings.

Finally, we come to the last factor, which is the price. Board shorts are not expensive piece of clothing, but some brands do have a premium price on them. Make sure to analyze the price along with the quality, at the time of buying.

Another good practice would be to take a look through the different women’s board shorts for sale option so you are aware of the different prices offered by different sellers. You might also stumble upon some amazing deals and discounts.

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