Best Body Bronzers Reviews 2017

The summer season is not only a time of relaxation and sauntering at the beach. It is also a time for people to show off their tan or get theirs done naturally. However, with the hectic schedules and busy lives, not all people have the luxury to do.

The more popular alternative is going to tanning salons instead but if you are not fond of lying on tanning beds to get that luscious golden glow, you can always opt to buying body bronzers that can give you your dream tan instead.

Here are some of the best body bronzers or creams today.

Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Mr. Big Time, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Mr. Big Time, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Not only women are into tanning, men are into it as well. Now, if you are a dude that wants to show off your sexy bod at the beach, the best tone to go for is a good tan. You can achieve this by getting a Mr. Big Time, a top body bronzer by Designer Skin.

The bronzer is about 13.5 fluid ounces and is cream oil-based with a touch of sensual woody aroma with it. It is also added with anti-fade tattoo protection to keep those babies as pronounced as ever, completing that tall, dark and mysterious image.

The product also has natural moisturizer mixed in to keep your skin from drying up under the heat of the sun. It is the perfect wingman for you.

LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer

LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer, Original, 5 fl. oz.

The most exciting thing about summer, for most people it may be to relax and just unwind, to some people is to be able to get a tan or show off their tans. However, a natural tan is quite difficult to revert back to a fair complexion. So, if you are looking for a tan-of-the-moment type of thing, the LORAC TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer would be one of the best choices.

The product sports quick-drying as well as long-wearing features. It do not only functions as a body bronzer but as a lotion and moisturizer as well. And, unlike other bronzers, the TANtalizer will not leave any streaks and can cover everything evenly. Hence, if you want an amazing tan, the product is definitely worth considering.

Pink Diamond® T2 Tingle Bronzer Swedish Beauty tanning new lotion package, 8.5 oz.

Pink Diamond® T2 Tingle Bronzer Swedish Beauty tanning new lotion package,8.5 oz

Another body bronzer for sale that you should definitely consider using is the Pink Diamond T2 Tingle Bronzer Swedish Beauty Tanning New Lotion. The bronzer is a tanning cream, lotion and moisturizer all rolled into one exciting product.

The bronzer prides itself over its T2 Tingle feature which increases oxygen circulation in the skin for a faster, longer-lasting, and darker tan. It also has a carat complex which keeps the dark tone ever present in your skin.

Not only that, the product also has a forming and toning blend that promote healthy younger-looking skin through stimulating new tissue growth and development. Overall, a product that will not be a waste of time.

Millennium Tanning 3 Piece Millennium Solid 100X Indoor Dark Bronzing Lotion

Millenium Tanning 3 Piece Millennium Solid 100X Indoor Dark Bronzing Lotion Tanning Bed, Black, 13.5 fl. oz.

When you want to get a tantalizing tan without having to tan it out under the sun, consider buying a Millennium Tanning Solid 100x Indoor Dark Bronzing Lotion. The affordable body bronzer is about 13.5 ounces or 400 mL in volume and is both a tan enhancer for those who already have tan skins as well as a silicone bronzer for those who want to be tan for a while.

The Millennium bronzing lotion is made with an auto-darkening tan technology that automatically darkens a pre-existing tan without having to apply more creams. It is also etched with an orchid blush aroma gives the lotion a more natural scent as compared to the stale and chemical scents of other tan lotions and bronzers.

Supre Sweet & Sexy 20X Black Bronzer

Supre Sweet & Sexy 20X Black Bronzer

When you find yourself in need of a good tan but do not exactly have the luxury to do tanning salons or to sun bathe, you can always just purchase a Supre Sweet & Sexy 20x Black Bronzer.

The inexpensive body bronzer is darker compared to most because of its Tantalize Dark Tanning Complex that promoted a deeper color of golden tan. It is most preferred for those who want darker tan but if you are into dark tans, then this bronzer will work for you.

It is also packed with extracts that gives your firmer and toned skin and tight at the right spots. It also contains a hydrating blend of different floral extracts that keep your skin smooth and moisturizes, especially great if you are exposed under the heat of the sun more often than not.

What are Body Bronzers?

Most people want to blend in with the trend for the summer season so they end up getting tans. Some get permanent tans through sun bathing or just getting a good dose of sunlight. There are also some who prefer tans in special occasions only, especially those that involve gowns and formal dresses as well as bikinis and beaches.

One way of achieving that dreamed tan is applying new body bronzers. These cosmetic products are actually closely similar to a lotion, some even function as one as well, but are more focused on giving the user a tanned skin.

There bronzers vary in color and darkness. Some give only a pale tan, while some give off just the right golden glow. There also some though that a dark tinge to the skin, giving it a dark golden brown color.

While there are those who love great body bronzer deals, there are those who find them impractical without out knowing that bronzers are much more than just tanning creams.

Aside from giving you a tan, a bronzer can actually even out your skin complexion, especially those who have uneven skin tones. It can also help you cover up those blemishes, spider veins, and can even give the illusion of a younger skin.

Bronzers are also safer than tanning beds, because you will not have to subject yourself to harmful side effects like cancer. Bronzers also allow you to control how dark you want to be unlike exposing yourself to the sun which may result to sunburns and uneven tan.

What to Look For

When you buy any body bronzer brand, there are a few things that you must consider first. This is because you do not want to end up buying bronzers that are worse for wear or just may disappoint you.

The most important thing that you must consider before buying any bronzer is your skin type. There are bronzers specifically designed for people with dry skin, as well as those with oily skin, and sensitive skin. Determine your skin type first to know which bronzer will work for your skin.

The next thing to consider is the shade. The shade of the bronzer that you should buy is highly dependent on your skin tone. The general rule is that you should buy a bronzer that has a shade that is a shade or two darker than your skin. If your skin is fair to light, a rose or peach-colored to light medium is the usual. If you have medium to olive skin, look for a sheer copper or earth-colored bronzers. If you have dark skin, try bronzers with chocolate brown or dark brown shades.

You should also consider the quality. There are many cheap body bronzers sold out there but not all of them have the best quality. Some even may cause skin irritation. It is better for you to risk on high body bronzer costs but with high quality as well rather than rely on cheap ones but with questionable ingredients and effectiveness.


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