Best Body Butters Reviews 2017

Have you ever wondered what cheap body butter give you the most benefits for your bucks? If so, you are not alone. While body lotions are pretty standard products for most of us, women like to smell good and enjoy spoiling themselves from time to time and thus wind up going for a product that offers more to them than just a body lotion. An affordable body butter is much more hydrating, luxurious, and scented for enjoyment. However, because they offer a more enthralling beauty experience for most women, they tend to cost more than lotions.

There is no need, though, to think that you are only going to get great quality body butter for your skin if you spend a good deal of money on it—this is simply not the case. You can still pamper your skin with wonderful moisture and enjoyable scents by purchasing some of the better brands that offer affordable body butter products.

To learn a little bit more about good body butters, and which ones are the best for your skin while still being affordable, please read on. What good body butters are, as well as their ingredients, benefits, and a list of excellent cheap body butter brands to purchase follows, which should assist you with your buying body butter decisions.

Burt’s Bee’s Mamma Bee’s Belly Butter

Customers report that this product is not only a high-quality and effective moisturizer for dry, cracked skin, but it can also help to ease the sign of stretch marks on your skin. Some users also report that it significantly reduces signs of scarring on one’s body. Its scent is particularly popular, resembling fresh milk, so it is both soothing and not too overwhelming. So if there are any body marks on you that you find unsightly, use this product; you can both ease ugly marks and get a nice, smooth moisturized feel to your skin.

Molivera Organic Raw African Organic Grade an Ivory Skin Butter

One nice thing about Molivera’s Organic skin butter is that it can be used to moisturize and scent both skin and hair. So if your hair is also suffering damage, or appears overly dry, you can use it to condition and treat your hair by simply leaving it in for five to ten minutes before washing it out. So with this product, you get two benefits—both skin and hair, for the price of one, which is very cost effective.

Organic Shea Butter by Sky Organics

This butter is a very affordable and successful product. Not only do users rave about its moisturizing capabilities, but a little bit also goes a long way. You don’t need to use much to achieve maximum moisturizing results, and you will be using this jar for quite a while. With that in mind, the product is both effective and cheap.

Palmer’s Coca Butter Cream

One bonus about this product is that it is super affordable and even comes in a value pack. Some users say it is so smooth and great for the skin; they feel even safe putting it in their faces—which is not true of all body butter. It is well known for keeping skin extremely soft and smooth, and most users rave about how silky their skin feels.

Now Food Shea Butter

This product is not only good for skin but also great for your hair as an effective conditioning treatment when your hair gets dry, so you get a double bang for your buck. This fact certainly makes this already inexpensive product even more affordable. Many people who use the product are dedicated to it, reporting years of beneficial use, mostly because they are very happy with the effective moisturizing outcomes of the product.

Now that you’ve taken the time to get some background on body butter, their common ingredients, what they can do for your skin, and a helpful list of five excellent and affordable ones to choose from, it’s time to get out there and purchase the one for you. If you decide upon any one from the above list, you will be happy that you not only saved money but provided some effective spoiling for your skin, helping you keep a smooth, silky look year round.

What Are Body Butters?

Body butter effectively works much like moisturizers do, but provide a few more high-quality benefits for women. Their primary purpose for health is to hydrate a woman’s skin effectively. Known to have both highly enriching and nourishing capabilities for overly dry skin, body butter tends to be stronger and more effective than everyday moisturizers. They seem to heal dry, cracked skin much more quickly, and as soon as applied, make an instant impression on the skin. Within minutes of application, the skin immediately becomes smooth, silky, and feels moisturized, even if it was incredibly dry initially.

Most body butter products are so effective because they contain cocoa butter or shea butter as the major contributing ingredient. However, other ingredients are also often commonly included in body butter, which when combined with either cocoa butter or shea butter, are impressively effective for almost immediately moisturizing the skin.

Other ingredients that work well to nourish the skin alongside either shea butter or cocoa butter include seeds and oils that help produce a balancing quality on a person’s skin, making the butter even more effective in the moisturizing process. Most of these oils package into the butter by grinding seeds or nuts and then taking that mixture through a cooking process to remove the oils that are necessary for use as ingredients in body butter.

Common Ingredients

Kukui Nuts. Kukui nuts are one of the nuts commonly found in body butter. They are popular in skin care products mostly because they are full of vitamin potential and fatty acids that help to both protect and nourish the skin. Interestingly enough, Kukui nuts have also, in the past, had their oils extracted to use with lamps.

Cocoa Beans. Another very popular body butter ingredient is cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are ground up to be extracted and used as a foundational ingredient for many body butter. Many vitamins can be transferred from cocoa butter to the skin, including potassium, calcium, iron, and also antioxidants.

Shea Nuts. Shea nuts are what manufacturers use to create shea butter, another common foundational ingredient in body butter. Shea Trees grow in central Africa and produce these nuts, which create a fantastic effect on the skin once properly ground and packaged. The best consequence of using shea nuts on the skin are not so much the passing of vitamins into the skin, but the nut’s ability to provide intense moisturizing capabilities.

Mango Seeds. Mangos are a fantastically sweet fruit most people enjoy eating, but they also have another helpful quality about them. Their seeds can be ground up to create an effective butter product, which contains vitamins E and A as well as betacarotene. All of these once transferred onto the skin from a body butter allows for vitamins to pass into the skin, and creates a smoother, softer feel to a person’s skin.

Basic Combination of Ingredients. The ingredient combinations found in body butter are typically both simple and natural, which is another reason why they are so popular. They will usually include a base like shea butter or cocoa butter, and include other product like beeswax, vitamin E, and one of the essential oils ground from nuts to help with fragrance properties and skin texture. The combination of the ingredients creates a very soothing and rich moisturizer, which is immediately effective for dry, cracked skin, and also possesses an enhancing perfume quality to it.

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