Best Body Lotions Reviews 2017

Beauty, they say, should be skin deep. That is mostly true if you don’t have dry, rough, itchy, scaly skin, otherwise, you better find ways to improve your epidermis too.

An age-old way of moisturizing one’s skin is by applying body lotion on your unbroken skin. A good body lotion will not only keep your skin healthy and hydrated, it will also protect you from sun damage and minor skin irritations.

Here are best body lotion brands you should consider adding to your daily skin regimen.

Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer

Best Body Lotions

An affordable body lotion made from 100% pure organic hemp seed oil to give your skin a perfectly hydrated and glowing look. The hemp seed oil is proven to be rich in natural proteins and antioxidants to keep your skin baby-smooth. It is also paraben- and gluten-free.

This brand is hailed as the best organic body lotion for sale. Excellent for dry skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

Best Body Lotions

A cheap body lotion that contains ceramide to moisturize and soften the skin, it promises to restore your skin’s essential lipids without leaving a greasy feel typical of other body lotions. This product is also fragrance-free so those with very sensitive skin (and noses) won’t get irritated.

This is the top body lotion recommended by most dermatologists to improve dry, peeling, and cracking skin. Since this lotion is very light, you can even apply it on your face to improve oily and acne-prone skin.

Best applied right after showering and before drying.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion, Ultra-Hydrating

Best Body Lotions

A well-known skin care brand that promises to replenish, hydrate, and protect your skin instantly. Their inexpensive body lotion helps to moisturize and protect skin with its mild, non-greasy formula specifically designed for sensitive and dry skin.

The ultra-hydrating variety is thicker than the usual Cetaphil moisturizing products for those with an extreme case of dry skin. It is also non-comedogenic for a long-lasting moisture relief.

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion

Best Body Lotions

This body lotion costs cheap when compared to other lotions of the same volume, but this product boasts to be composed of seven intensive moisturizing plus three essential skin-nurturing vitamins to improve extremely dry skin.

This lotion is also formulated for those with scaly and itchy skin. Though it has medicinal properties, the smell it leaves your skin is a very mild clean scent.

Its 20-oz volume is enough for the whole family. Overall, a good body lotion deal for everybody.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion, Maximum

Best Body Lotions

In buying body lotions, you would want to choose a product that is creamy and provides maximum moisturizing effects on your skin. This new body lotion product boasts to be composed of 100% botanical ingredients that nourish dry skin. No ingredients came from animals (like milk) and it is also not animal-tested.

This product is also the largest in this list, weighing 32-oz a bottle, but for a very reasonable price. Best for those who are into organic personal care products.

What are Body Lotions?

Though most body lotions are just designed to smooth, soften, moisturize, or hydrate skin, some body lotions have medicinal properties that can alleviate several skin conditions – from mild (rashes, reddening, etc.) to severe (scaly, peeling, cracking, etc.).

By definition, body lotions are emulsions of oil and water blended by an emulsifying compound like cetearyl alcohol. Other ingredients may be added to address a specific skin problem or made to be non-comedogenic to avoid the blocking of pores.

Body lotions are mostly applied by bare hands on unbroken skin. It can also have several cosmetic properties such as anti-wrinkling and may contain fragrances to keep the skin smell fresh without using perfumes.

What to Look For

While most body lotion labels may read the same, they are not applicable for all skin types. There are basically three types of body lotions based on the active ingredients: (1) humectants, (2) emollients, and (3) occlusive.

Humectants work by drawing water into your epidermis or the outer layer of your skin. Chemicals such as lecithin, glycerin, and propylene glycol are the most popular humectants used in most personal care products.

On the other hand, emollients work by softening and soothing keratin, the horny substance that holds your epidermis together, feeling the gaps and cracks in between. Best known emollients are ceramides, dimethicones, cyclomethicones, and glyceryl stearates.

Last, but certainly not the least, occlusive ingredients work by forming a ‘barrier’ on top of your skin to lock in moisture. Popular occlusive ingredients are petrolatum, lanolin, and mineral oils.

To know which body lotion to choose, you have to consider your skin’s condition and match it with the active ingredients of your chosen lotion. The best thing to do, aside from checking the label and making sure your lotion is manufactured by a reputable company, is to check the ingredients list located at the bottom side label at the back of the bottle.

Normally, ingredients are listed in terms of % volume – that is, the ingredients are listed from the highest percentage volume up to the smallest.

For example, if your lotion listed ‘aqua’ as the first ingredient in the list, then it is more than plausible that 50% of your lotion is composed aqua. Similarly, if aloe is found right at the bottom of the list, you are looking at only around 1-2% of that chemical in your body lotion.

Having a rough idea of the amount of a specific chemical in your lotion contains can determine if you are getting your money’s worth.

There are a number of body lotions that cater to consumers who have dry and sensitive skin. For oily skin, there are the water-based and non-comedogenic products that they can try.

Although you only have one body, your skin might not necessarily be the same all throughout. You might have dry skin legs, but a very oily, acne-prone face. For this reason, it is not always recommended to use the same lotion for your body and face. It might be more costly to do your moisturizing properly by purchasing a variety of lotions and creams for different body parts, but it will give you the least risk of damaging your skin.

The best lotions are always fragrance-free. Especially with hypersensitive skin, fragrant lotions can only make your skin condition work as these can irritate your skin and can cause minor problems such as itchy skin.

Also, despite the non-greasy formulas being more in demand, lotions designed for extremely dry skin are heavily on the first application but will eventually get lighter as the day wears on.

Finally, choose a lotion with sunscreen properties. Normally, a lotion that features an SPF number is more expensive than those without but it can protect your skin from sun damage and sun spots. The higher the SPF number, the better sunscreen protection it can give but you have to consider that it will also get more costly. A body lotion that contains an SPF of 30 should do.

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