Best Bolt Cutter Reviews 2017

What is a bolt cutter and what is the best bolt cutter you can get? For one, it cuts through most bolts without any problems and can bust up chains easily too. Usually, this is standard for contractors and anyone who needs to open any door or chain, by cutting through it. Hence an essential tool that minimizes the time using hacksaws or anything else.

Tekton 3400 18-inch Bolt Cutter

Tekton 3400 18-inch Bolt Cutter is what you need to bust open any bolt. If you need to open up any door in hurry, or a chain on a gate, this will do it with ease. Choosing the right bolt cutter is important, so no time is wasted at all. Like many products, it has features that will make it standout when it comes to performance. The jaws of this product can be replaced if dulled and adjustment can be done while using This product is what you need because of its outstanding ability to rip through most bolts and chains with ease. If you’re a contractor having this will lessen precious time opening with consuming hacksaws. The steel jaws have been hardened and forged steel is used, to strengthen them for optimized cutting. Assisting the cutting action is a compound hinge that delivers crushing force to wreck most bolts or chains easily. The handles are made of tubular steel so it won’t twist or bend with excessive force. Lastly, rubber grips will make it more comfy on hands.

Overall, this offering will perform the tough jobs and do it without breaking or bending. Whether contractor or anyone needing this tool, it’ll do the job right and the bolts won’t what hit them.

Neiko 005662A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 30-inch, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade

Neiko 005662A Heavy-Duty bolt cutter, 30-inch, chrome molybdenum steel blade is what you need to get the hard cutting done. Like most products of this kind, it’s used to get bolts or chains out of the way. In most job site encountering the need to cut bolt is normal every day, but sometimes there will be that hard to open door or fence, that will need this tool. Imagine getting caught without it, and inconvenience of wasting time on the job, just bust open a few bolts. This is an option is geared towards that, and it will do it with ease.

For starters, its jaws are heavy duty enough to outperform chrome vanadium cutters of the same type. This has monster choppers that are subject to high frequency, hardened with heat that will be dent and damage resistant for strength. Power is generated by a lever fulcrum and aligned blades to deliver force without undue exertion. To keep hands the right place, plastic that is angled correctly will provide more comfort, and the grips will keep controlled the cutter when used. It can make minced meat of anything that it can grip, and stubborn doors or gates are not a problem. This is for the heavy jobs, and it chomps on anything like a beast!

Tradespro 831718 18-inch Bolt Cutter

Tradespro 831718 18-inch Bolt Cutter is the bolt cutter that you really need. There are many bolt cutters available as options, but this is what should be chosen. Why should it be your one choice? For starters, it’ll make the hard work of chopping bolts so easy. The tool is made the ultimate heavy jobs that require big performance! The features it has will make you rave about it.

The tool will have these performance features like a carbon steel frame that is heat treated for strength and durable performance. It cuts with jaws holding edges longer and multiple sharpening will not dull its edge. To keep the frame from corrosion a powder coat is applied to protect it, from the elements, and keeping a grip on non-slip rubber! Last but not the least is a lifetime warranty for the product!

What do you say now, isn’t a great option from many products to get? What you get is a monster bolt chomper, easy to operate but with strong results, strong and durable to take the worst wear and tear. Is it a no or go? Say go and getting this to take care of bolts and the like, will save time on filing and cutting with hacksaws all the time.

Knipex 7101200 8-Inch Lever Action Mini-Bolt Cutter

Knipex 7101200 8-Inch Lever Action Mini-Bolt Cutter is what you need if the going gets o. It is a tool for the tough job that’ll break less resilient tools. Though compact it comes in big features like a lever operated action that’ll apply multiplied force to cut with strength. This tool is multi-purpose and not just for cutting wire, but also for an everyday job too.

To make it durable and strong it uses vanadium electric steel that will last for a long time, and is oil hardened and tempered! The jaws are made for soft or hard steel cutting and are aligned with each other. An added function is a gripping jaw for pulling out any protrusion, it can grip on. The handles are coated with plastic for extra comfort and good grip for the hands.

It’s a small tool that will make it better with all the small details like angles, toughness, sharpness, a hardness of the cutting edge. Not to forgot precision movement of all moving parts that’ important too. Plus, other relevant issues that enable total performance in and out of the product! Better yet, get it and put it in your toolbox now, not tomorrow to see what a great tool it is!

Olympia Tools 39-118 Power Grip Bolt Cutter, 18-Inch

Olympia Tools 39-118 Power Grip Bolt Cutter, 18-Inch is best compact bolt cutter you can find! If you need an option for heavy duty, then this is it! This option has functional features that’ll want you to get one for any job that needs this tool. There are many options that will catch you eye, but this product has everything you need to do what’s needed! This tool can take the pounding from any job, that’ll test how much it can take. The CR-MO cutting heads are made of steel and are hardened for maxed out durability. To reduce pressure while being held, the handles are designed to be extra wide to prevent injury. The blades are aligned for better contact on the bolt, and it’s an innovation in bolt cutting design for the compactness of it. When folded it can be easily carried about in a bag, compare to larger offerings.

If you need a tool for bolts, this the one for you and with its folding design it’ll be perfect! If you encounter tough bolts, this will be perfect in taking them out. This is value and with all features, which makes it a good tool!

Capri Tools 40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

Capri Tools 40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter is mighty in a small package. This is a tool that’s engineered to cut through most soft metal like wire, and bolts. The reason for this a mechanism that multiplies force to rip apart the offending bolts with such ease. Are you someone, who needs this tool that can be carried in your pocket? Then, if that’s the case it will be perfect for you on the get-go! Other features that define it, as a really great tool is having blades with CrMo that’s heat treated for strength. Care has been taken to make an ergonomic handle for extra comfort!

This tool has all the needed features to make it perform the job of cutting bolts, and similar tasks with much ease. It may be a midget in a sea of goliaths, but this is a quality tool backed by features that will be in any tool shed or toolbox if needed. There may be hesitation, but keep in mind that its heavy duty for the hardest tasks. Take you time and think about it, if falls on your want list or maybe as my extra just in case. Say “yes” and get it today!

Klein Tools 63336 36-Inch Bolt Cutter 30

Klein Tools 63336 36-Inch Bolt Cutter 30 is about toughness and it will be worth it. The reasons why it should be a top choice is because of what the features offer, and what differences it makes in boosting the value of the tool. If cutting the game this is what you’ll need. The feature has a capacity to crunch metal, up to 7/16-inch and 9/16-inches. This means getting the job done is much easier. To keep jaws locked on anything, they are kept aligned and there’s a lock plate to prevent jaw bolts from malfunctioning, and one adjustment will keep jaws always in line! Adjustment points that toggle at 3 places will increase pushing pressure on the handles, will translate to 4000 pounds at the metal jaws. Just to make consumers happy, a lifetime warranty is offered on defects and complaints.

The big jobs need a tool to make the big bite and cut up what’s needed. Always keeping in mind that the right job needs tools that are built for the job. Pro workmen and all around handy men will love how well it works! Have no hesitation because of this the right tool for the job and more!

KR tools 11436 pro-series 36-inch Heavy bolt Cutter

KR Tools 11436 Pro Series 36-Inch Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

KR tools 11436 pro-series 36-inch Heavy bolt Cutter is an all around tool for cutting bolts. This is an option for the no-frills guy, who needs to do the job and still have enough features to match other fancier offering available. One of the uses of this product is to work as a backup, just in case, another one is needed for the job. If it cuts bolts then it can do any job of the like. The main feature of this option is the non-slip grips that will allow precise control while using it. If you need to bust out any bothersome thing like chains, rods, rivets, and bolts this will do the job any day. The jaws are made of forged steel for extra strength to cut through easy with any problem. If not satisfied at any point with it, a lifetime warranty applies to it, which ensures customer satisfaction!

Looking at what this product has to offer, it only shows how much it has to offer for its utility. Yes, there are many options to choose from but this product is what anyone would need, and it’s no frill that does the job with enough features to back it up!


Picking the best bolt cutter is not very easy because of the fact, it needs the right tool for the job or you end up trying something else. This happens if you don’t know what to look for, but if you’ve got an idea on what you’re looking for. For pointers you need to compare these features, that more or less will get you to the right decision.

For example, what do you want? A big one or something that is small enough to lug about and where will you use it? For example, if you are a construction foreman, laborer, or just a DIYer who needs a tool, then if you’ve research chances are you might know what you want! But. Let’s say you are a non-pro who just will go with anything, but let’s not forget that everyone must have that perfect tool.

It’s a fact that bolt cutters are made to gain entry, to look doors with bolts, chains or just about anything that can hold them down. Recognizing features like grips, jam clamping mechanisms, and what metal it’s made of. Coming from there and assessing every single concern that is vital to know, how it’ll perform on the task it has to do! In the final analysis choosing the right one will mean a great deal to effectively busting any troublesome bolts!

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