Best Bore Sighter Reviews 2017

Professional shooters or those who are into the competitive shooting are probably familiar with bore sighters. Bore sighters are handy tools when you go out hunting or shooting. You can save a lot of ammunition, time and chance when you zero-in on your target using the best bore sighter. If you’re looking for the best bore sighter in the market, here’s a list of the best ones we’ve gathered so far.

SCORE Sightmark Pistol Boresights

The first item on our list if the best bore sighter in the market is the SCORE Sightmark Pistol Boresights. You can have precision and accuracy each time even if you’re not a professional shooter. Even if you use this bore sighter using an old gun such as .380 pistols you won’t experience any issues at all. There a lot of people who were able to use this with their old guns. This is made possible thanks to the larger size of this item and firearms are made smaller and compact so there’s no problem at all. When you use this bore sighter for shooting you can have a faster gun zeroing as well as sighting compared to other products.

Using this bore sighter ensures that you can reduce wasting your cartridges and shells. When you are able to lock on your target, you’d be more comfortable to shoot and there will be lesser missed shots or none at all. The compact size of this bore sighter as well as the pack it comes with is easy to carry when you travel. It has a convenient carry case you can use when you need to store it or when you travel. Ejecting this from your barrel is easy you don’t have to use a pen to eject it. It glides smoothly out of the barrel when you take it out. It can fit easily on your gun and you can take it out just as easily.

SightMark Laser Bore Sights Cartridge Sizes: SightMark AccuDot Laser Bore Sight – 223 Model SM39001

The next bore sighter on our list is this product right here. It comes with a convenient carry pouch where you can place the bore sighter and the cartridge sizes that goes along with it. The compact design of this product measures 0.223 Boresight which is specially designed for a faster gun zeroing and sighting. You can even use this for longer ranges such as 15 to 100 yard of sighting range. It’s so amazing you won’t believe how efficient you become when shooting if you use this bore sighter. You can use this for a very long time even after multiple uses since it has a sturdy brass construction that’s so durable.

Each pack you get when you purchase this includes the laser bore sights of Sightmark which can fit 12 gauge, 9mm, 7.62x39mm, and .223. There are people who were quite happy with the performance of this product while some have mixed reviews about its performance. Others find some problems about the arbor not fitting quite right with the barrel of their gun while others found a way to make it work somehow. It’s important to find the brand that better suits your style and needs in a shooting. For its price, you might want to try this product out.

GoZier Tactical 223 Bore Sight Laser Red Dot In-Chamber Cartridge

Here’s another bore sighter you might be interested in using if you’re into shooting. This compact .223 rem bore sighter can fit a .223 chamber since it’s caliber specific. So if you’re looking for a bore sighter for you .223 chamber caliber then this is one item you can check out for yourself. This product is made of high-quality brass which can withstand multiple uses. The brass out case construction is very affordable. When you decide to purchase this you can also get the resealable blister package to use when you need to have this for safe-keeping or when you need to bring this during your travels.

You can have precision and accuracy even if you’re not a professional marksman when you use this bore sighter. The laser is built to display a 2 inches dot even at 100 yards so you can’t miss the target you want to shoot. You can save a lot of time and ammunition when you use this for shooting. This is also specially designed for fast gun zeroing as well as sighting for any sighting range of 15 to 100 yards. For indoors shooting you can also use this and the recommended distance is 25 yards. The laser is of great quality and installing the batteries is super easy. Extracting this from the barrel of your gun is super easy too. Keep note to handle this gently in order to preserve this amazing bore sighter. You don’t want to have this flying over the shooting range.

CenterPoint Laser Boresighter

The next item on our list of the best bore sighter in the market is the CenterPoint Laser Boresighter. You can use this to shoot your target even if they’re 100 yards away. What’s even more amazing about this product is you can even use this at night. It has a better visibility and accuracy even at night, and only 25 yards accuracy during daylight. If you have a .177 caliber to .50 caliber rifle or a pistol then this can fit perfectly. This can also fit shotguns with gauges 12, 16 and 20 just fine. What this bore sighter requires, though, is a long barrel which is a minimum of 3.8″ long. You can further learn about the features of this bore sighter with its manual included upon your purchase. The manual is easy to understand and operating this bore sighter is just a breeze.

The Centerpoint Laser Bore Sighter can do so much even if you are 50 to 100 yards away from your target although you might notice some major differences when you use this during daylight or at night. But the fact that you can use this either night or day and still have an amazing result is astounding enough for such an affordable bore sighter. There are those who found their bore sighter satisfactory while others had some minor problems encountered such as when their bore sighter got stuck in the barrel. This may not be the best of the best bore sighter in the market and there might be a lot of problems encountered by some shooters who were able to use this. Nevertheless, there are also those who find this to give a passable performance.

SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter

Now, this product right here doesn’t mince words or performance for that matter. This is guaranteed to give you superior accuracy and a lifetime warranty of amazing shooting. It can fit all calibers measuring .22 to .50 cal. plus 20 as well as 12 Ga. shotguns. This includes the SiteLite BTS program in order to print out the laser boresighting target for a specific rifle and ammo session. You can also have the SRL Scope Leveler which is used to level the crosshairs of your gun before you do any bore sighting. There is also a special Muley Crazy DVD for free included in your purchase. If you have tried different bore sighters and haven’t found the one you’re looking for that satisfies your shooting style then this might be the one for you.

This product might be on the pricey side but it’s all worth every penny. It’s amazing in every way. It has a high-quality build which is built solid and durable. This can last for a long time. You’ll notice that you get the same aim point each time you use this unlike other products in the market. It’s super easy to install too and gives consistent performance each time. If you’re one of those who loves to shoot a lot, then it’s better to invest on a high-quality bore sighter such as this one. You can save a lot of ammo and you can hit the target each time so you can save a lot of time and effort as well. This is a highly recommended product you can check out for yourself.

Sightmark Triple Duty Universal Bore Sight

Here’s another bore sighter you might be interested in checking out for yourself. This product can be used for all rifles and pistols. This is actually more accurate that any arbor type bore sighters. You can rest assured that this bore sighter can give precision and accuracy like no other. It’s quite reliable and durable even after multiple uses and even if this has been in your profession for quite some time. You can have the fastest gun zeroing record as well as sighting system like no other. You can use the easy to read and understand manual for more instructions on how to achieve great precision using this bore sighter.

Sightmark bore sighters have been known to be quite efficient products and their prices are quite reasonable for such a high performing bore sighter. In comparison to other bore sighters, this is a lot easier to use. You just have to learn how to install the batteries easily and quicker. Some found some problems at first but resolved it in no time. This product includes a convenient pouch where you can place this when you want to store it when not in use or if you want to travel with this in tow. Aside from the minor glitch on how to install and remove the batteries, this is a one fine bore sighter you can use for hunting or shooting.

LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini Bore Sight

The next product on our list is the LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini Bore Sight. You can save a lot of time, money, as well as ammunition when you use the LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini, Bore Sight. This has a patented one-piece design which also has a special calibre-fitting system that the new model gives you fifty percent more fit compared to the previous model of this brand and product. You’ll be happy to find that this bore sighter is super easy to use and you can even hit you target which is 100 yards away from you. Even if you’re not a professional shooter, when you get the hang of operating this bore sighter, you can shoot any target even if they’re 100 yards away accurately and easily. This is a very effective bore sighter indeed.

You can clearly notice that this is no cheap product. The materials used are made of high-quality and durable materials that ensure you to use this for a very long time. Even if you use this multiple times under any condition it won’t get damaged or broken easily. You can invest on a good performing bore sighter such as this one and you won’t have to waste any more ammunition and time when you do your shooting. There are those shooters, even the professional ones and people who join competitive shooting games, who laud how amazing this bore sighter is. You might want to use this for yourself and improve your shooting range drastically.

Okeba 0.22 to 0.50 Caliber Cartridge Red Laser Boresighter

The last item on our list of the best bore sighter in the market is the Okeba 0.22 to 0.50 Caliber Cartridge Red Laser. This accurate bore sighter with a red laser which is commonly used in any collimator is an inexpensive product that can deliver a great performance that suits its price. This is suited for 0.22 and 0.50 handguns as well as rifles and riflescopes which fit the size of this bore sighter. You’ll notice that this can give you a more convenient and accurate scope and sight alignment which is on par with some of the expensive ones in the market.

With the special design of this bore sighter, you can accurately and instantly set your scope or sight. When you purchase this product, you can also have the 4 bore adapters which can fit this item perfectly. There is also a screwdriver and three pieces of batteries included in your purchase. What’s even better about this product is it has an on and off button which is super convenient and easy to operate. Even though this is an inexpensive bore sighter, it can deliver a good enough performance and a lot of people actually love this product.


You can save a lot of time, ammunition and chances in shooting your target if you use the best bore sighter. There are a lot of bore sighters sold in the market which suits different guns, rifles, shotguns, among others. With this list may you find the perfect match for your gun and have precision and accuracy in shooting.

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