Best Bowling Shoes for Women Reviews 2017

There are so many reasons why you must wear a bowling shoe when bowling. They do not only help you play better but also help in keeping the alleys safe from outside dust and other particles that you carry along with your street shoes.

However, there are too many bowling shoes available out there. Not all of them are great shoes, so can you be sure that the shoe you select would indeed be a good shoe? This post will help you do that. Read on to know everything you ever wanted to know about bowling shoes.

BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe

BSI brings to you these gorgeous and highly durable women’s bowling shoe. Having an awesome color combination of white and purple, these shows are made of synthetic action leather on the upper. They are a pair of lightweight shoes with a rubber outsole for better grip and increased control on your movements, which is quite essential for bowling.

The common sliding sole has microfibers to give you good agility. They have a sock lining for a high level of comfort. These affordable bowling shoes for women can easily be placed among the top bowling shoes available on the market.

Dexter Vicky Bowling Shoes For Women

This is one of the best bowling shoes that you could lay your hands on and is brought to you by the most famous bowling shoe brand, Dexter. These lightweight shoes have a soft, durable upper which will last really long despite being the continued use.

The U-throat upper pattern, fully lined fabric on the inside, and the padded tongue; all make for a comfortable footwear that will make you feel really good every time you wear them. It features the non-marking rubber sole and the horse-shoe heel give you the much-needed grip and stability. .

Dexter Women’s Kerrie Bowling Shoes

Do you want to buy a women’s bowling shoe that has a top-quality and looks outstanding? Your search will end right here when you come across this stylish pair of bowling shoe by Dexter. Sporting a modern design and unique color combinations, these shoes are built to provide you with the maximum amount of comfort in the inside as well.

The lightweight shoe is highly durable and they come with padded collar and the removable EVA footbed. The non-marking rubber outsole makes for good grip and strong hold on the ground. There are breathable shoes with side vents.

Brunswick Women’s Diamond Bowling Shoes

Brunswick’s diamond bowling shoe is certainly on its way to becoming one of the popular bowling shoes of our times. Although, these women’s bowling shoes cost slightly more than others, they are truly worth every penny you spend. Coming in attractive color combinations, these shoes are perfect to add a bit a color and brightness to your lives.

They are made from the soft durable upper lined on the inside with the textile. The padded tongue and the collar are also added features of these amazing pair of shoes. The flex side technology allows increased flexibility and freedom of movement.

Pyramid Women’s Rise Bowling Shoe

These inexpensive bowling shoes for women by Pyramid is funky, trendy, and does its job of being a good bowling shoe, quite well. They sport a classic styling with the shining upper with a hot pink color. The shoe can be used by either a right- or a left-handed bowler and has a slide sole for better grip.

This shoe is especially good for beginners who need the right support and confidence to better themselves with each game. It is backed by a 2-year warranty. If you’re looking for an amazing bowling shoe deal, look no further.

ELITE Bowling Shoes – Women

Elite Ariel Black Womens Bowling Shoes - Size 5

These are new bowling shoes recently launched by Elite. Made of the fabric and synthetic upper, these shoes are perfect for any bowler, whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The UNI soles along with the lace-up closure work together to give you a comfortable fit and increased control over your feet.

These lightweight shoes have a medium width and are one of the cheap bowling shoes with excellent quality. In addition to that, they come with a free 2-year warranty. They are accompanied with one set each of black and pink shoe laces, so you can use them interchangeably.

What are Bowling Shoes?

Now that you’ve seen some of the top bowling shoes for women present on the market, you must what the qualities of a good bowling shoe are.

If you are thinking that you do not need to buy a shoe as you’re not a professional or a regular bowler, then think again. Even if you are an occasional bowler, it is extremely important to wear the right bowling shoes every time you are at the bowling alley; leave alone when you’re playing.

That’s because, there are quite a few advantages of wearing bowling shoes. They give you the right balance and sliding capability, so you can stop when you want to stop. In bowling, it is extremely important to know when to slide and when to stop. A good pair of shoes will let you do that with great ease.

Also, when you wear bowling shoes, you leave the dirt from the street outside preventing them from entering the bowling alley. The same is with others. This means your alleys are clean and you can play your games without distraction of anything such as litter, coming in your way.

Bowling shoes are built specifically considering the requirements of bowlers. They have the sliding sole and the rubber sole to make sure you can use the shoe to your advantage.

In the following section, we will look at some of the factors that play a significant role in deciding which bowling shoe is the best for you. Keep reading.

What to Look For

The first thing that you must look for in a bowling shoe for women is the material used to make the body of the shoe, including the upper and the sole. The upper is usually made of leather or synthetic material lined with cotton textile on the inside, giving you a nice comfortable feeling every time you wear them.

Leather or synthetic is good and is would be great if the material is breathable which means your feet do not like caught up inside desperate to come out. You should be extremely comfortable wearing those shoes without having any trouble even if you have to wear them all-day long.

The outsole on the other hand, should have a sliding sole which will give you the speed and the rubber sole which ensures you stop just when you have to release the ball. Along with a soft lining on the inside, do check if there is a padded tongue and collar which adds to your comfort.

Next, you take a look and design of the color and the design of your shoes. There are innumerable shoes manufactured by different brands, giving you a wide range of color options.

The next factor has got to be the price. Bowling shoes are not very expensive when compared with other sports shoe. You can get them at reduced prices if you look for the different bowling shoes for sales option. This would be highly beneficial if you want to buy shoes in bulk.

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