Best Boxing Headgear Reviews 2017

Welcome to the world of fighters, where getting beat up is part of the day and fighters eat punches for breakfast.

In the lifestyle of fist fighting where only the strongest, toughest and most agile individuals survive, one might think that those fighters are invincible. Well they are invincible alright, as long as they have the right protective gears and accessories.

To become a fighter, one must understand that it is not just the skills, power and speed that matters in training and sparring. Before you can land a punch, one must dodge or endure a blow. That’s why fighting gears, especially head gears, matters.

Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

When it comes to the world of fist fighting as sports, perhaps there’s no better known brand t hat Everlast. A company who prided themselves as creators of fight gears that you can literally depend your life to, Everlast have a variety of boxing accessories that are favored by emerging fighters up to professional boxers. With a wide array of sizes, designs and features for different boxing accessories that are both for men, women of any age, Everlast technology is trusted by many.

For our first headgear, we introduce to you Everlast Everfresh Headgear. A headgear that you can rely on whether you are new to the game or a pro. This protective give is crafted out f Durahide, a tough material that can take care of you while you are in a ring. It has a convenient and adjustable head and chin strap that secures your face while in the ring. The fit is snug yet comfortable. Made with a light weight material that is responsible for taking the force on blows that are otherwise fatal for you, this protective gear can maintain security with less stress on your neck. Thee design lets you focus on your movements and does not constrict your eyes. It can help you maintain your balance and agility while giving you a huge shot of wining safely.

Last but certainly not the least, the Everlast Everfresh technology also ensures that you will leave the ring confidently fresh. Everfresh can prevent offensive odors and bacterial growth so that you will always smell like a champion.

RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing MMA Protector Headgear UFC Fighting Head Guard Sparring Helmet

This tough fighting head gear will always make sure that your head in on the right place! Your head must be focused on the fight instead of concentrated on dreading blows. Don’t worry about a thing, this headgear have your back, or rather your skull.

Designed with Zero Impact technology, this headguard is consist of triple padded Tri Slab with Shell shock gel lining between each slab to ensure maximum shock absorption. It also has Supremo Shock Foam padding, a high density and ultimate shock absorbent foam. It is also engineered with an optional removable face guard made of high quality lightweight plastic in case you are in need of an overall face protection.

Very easy to wear, with no strings to messed up with, this headgear it the ultimate boxing partner. Tough on the outside but with cloth like finish on the inside, it is nice for absorbing sweat so it doesn’t feel like you are soaked inside.
So get your fighting stance on and your head gear ready!

Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear with Cheeks

Ringside, another reputable company that is popular for fighting gears had innovated another fight clubs favorite: Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear with Cheeks.

One of the best competition headgear for design, comfort, durability and safety, it features genuine leather construction with high quality laminated foam technology incorporated with the latest protective advancements.With a contoured design, suede lining and curved cheek protectors, it provide a natural feel that fighters want in a headgear.

Ringside’s motto is “Better fit means better performance”. You can never go wrong with this USA Boxing approved head protection.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Made in the country where kick boxing is developed into a more lethal martial art known as Muay thai, this Thai brand, Venom is one of the toughest fighting gears available in the market today. A certified favorite of UFC and boxing clinics all over the world, Venom is as tough as its name.

The Venum Challenger Headgear is made with 100% Skintex leather which brings you the perfect head gear protection at a practical price. The innovative design improves head movement and visibility on your opponent. The engineering marvel of this head gear is as such that it offers full range of protection on your most sensitive areas of the head: temples, chin and cheeks.

Lastly you will be happy to know that Venom have always had strong partnership with MMA and have sponsored a word class fighters like Jose Aldo, Miesha Tate and Lyoto Machida.

Everlast MMA Headgear Black 7420

Another great piece from Everlast this MMA Headgear Black 7420 is available with an affordable price that will not break your bank. A must have training tool for all boxers of any level. This headgear is made with premium synthetic leather and engineered with excellent construction thus providing long lasting durability and functionality.

It also has antimicrobial treatment which fights offensive odors and bacterial growth as you fight in the arena. The closed cell technology also ensures that your head is protected all times.

Comfortably and safely fight your way to victory with this kick ass head gear! With its affordable price it is ideal as a gift too!

TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

A superior boxing must have that will help you bring home that title! Introducing the TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear, one of the most protective sparring headgear available on the market, this lean mean protecting machine thoroughly shields the head thus preventing punches from making contat with your face. It absorbs the force of the blow so that you ca focus more on your fighting style rather that enduring blows.

The smart design is sure to protect target surface of your head, while making sure you have a full range of vision. The adjustable rear closure and lace top allows the headgear to be form fitted and ergonomically designed for a snug, comfortable fit.

This headgear is surely an undisputed champion when it comes to head protection. Last but not the least, please remember that this gear is designed for sparring and training only.

Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear

The most common problem boxers have with their headgears are not the snug fit, the weight of the headgear or even its color and design. Experienced boxers have difficulty with their field of vision. Sometimes they would rather choose not having head protection rather than their vision suffered. In fact one of the most common jokes on the ringside when it comes to wearing headgear is that, you are really going to need the head gear because you are sure to be squashed in the face as you cannot see your opponent, thanks to your head protection. So how can you be a champion, if you yourself has difficulty landing your punch on the right direction, let alone target your opponent’s weak side?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, worry not and get ready for a tough fight with Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Headgear by Ringside. Designed to cater not just for your head protection but most importantly on your field of vision, Ringside’s headgear is an excellent choice for a boxer. Crafted out of durable leather with special narrow pattern on the inside to allow maximum vision for the wearer, this headgear had been making champions for more than thirty years. Also equipped with buckle chin strap and adjustable ear closure for close fit, you can be assure of overall protection on the parts that matter. Not only that, this headgear also sports a moisture wicking liner for quick sweat absorption to ensure smooth and comfortable feeling while you are on the heat of the battle.

Another excellent head protection choice and a one solid tool to help fight your way towards that champion’s belt.

Venum Elite Headgear

Another superb headgear from no other than Venum. The Venum Elite Headgear probably looks familiar to you. Well it should, if you are fond of watching UFC and MMA shows. This piece is rocking the MMA world!

With unique Venum qualities for construction and design, this head protection meant business. You can depend on this piece that it will not let you down but will surely beat your opponent down! It has state of the art face contouring design that will absorb impact from from heavy punches and still keep in place. Your vision will also not be affected by this gear. The ultra-lightweight component also allows maximum head movement.

No wonder MMA rockstars are sporting this head accessory!

What to Look For

When shopping for boxing head gear make sure that your head protection will cover everything that you need to better fighter.

Here are the points that you should be looking for if you want to have an undisputed headgear as your boxing must have.

Quality craftsmanship

This headgear will protect you from getting beat up, and believe us, a boxer during sparring sessions will always be beat up. It is a;; part of the game to improve your fighting skills. Make sure to check quality, research on the headgear features, read some reviews and choose the best headgear even if it might be a bit more expensive than you are planning to. Don’t just pick a piece because you think that gear makes you look tough, pick one that will make you feel one.

Keeps you cool and comfortable

Pick a headgear that will not let you get distracted by too snug or lose fit, or a headgear that will leave you hot and sweaty that you cannot focused anymore. Carefully choose one that will feel comfortable as you will be using this peace for the whole duration of your training. Focus your energy and your mind on how to win the game instead of losing cool because of that uncomfortable feeling that you want to end quick.


To be an ultimate fighter, you must perfect evasion, but its hard to defend against punches you cannot see. Once you get hit, it is vital that you see your opponent and land a punch of your own. Being able to see incoming punches will prepare you to brace the impact or evade it. To be a great fighter, you must first master the art of good defense. Be sure that your headgear will let you have that opportunity.

Offers strongest protection

The main purpose of headgear is to provide protection,that is why the biggest selling point of these pieces is the amount f protection it can provide. Look and read carefully the safety features of a headgear and feel free to compare different headgears before making a purchase.

Remember that different boxers have different needs so be sure to pick one that is most appropriate for you. You may also ask experts advice on which is the best piece to buy. Your coach suggestion matters too. Do all the research first before trusting a piece that will literally keep your head in one piece.


Boxing as a sport in no joke. I is not a walk in the park where you can go and leave the gym unscathed. I is a sport where in your body and your skills will be tested on how fast you can react, how much you can take and what techniques can you master to defend yourself. It is not an easy nor a safe sport.

To practice boxing, you must first have all the essentials. Remember this is not a street fight, this is sports. This is art. It may be one of the hardest discipline to master, but once you taste the adrenaline boxing brings, you are sure to be hooked in this sports.
Boxing may require physical pain and stamina as most sports do, the only difference is in boxing, you are expected to get hurt, but not lethally hurt. You can practice boxing, get beaten up every day, be stronger and faster each session, and you can do so without sacrificing your safety. Choosing a proper headgear that is appropriate for your size, need and boxing style can get you a long way. It can make you lasts longer in sparring, keep yourself cool by not worrying about your would be broken nose or bruised eyes while training and most importantly be unstoppable. Don’t let physical injury that can otherwise be avoided stop you from winning that title.

After all in a sports where your body is your weapon, a true fighter must understand the value of his shell.

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