Best Braiser Pans Reviews 2017

For most food connoisseurs, braising is a method of cooking that produces mouth-watering dishes and are well-prized for bringing out texture, color, and robust flavor in otherwise tough-to-cook food. Braising is a technique that needs a combination of expertise and patience to fully manage.

To produce a perfectly braised food, some cooks tend to use braiser pans specifically designed for this technique. Below are some of the top-selling braiser pans for sale.

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 3-3/4-Quart Round Braiser

Best Braiser Pans

From the well-known dutch oven and braiser pan brand, this enamel cast iron pan features large handles for easy gripping, a large, heat-resistant composite knob, and a sand-colored interior that simply resists chipping and cracking.

This top braiser pan is specially designed to withstand high temperature, which is imperative in producing perfectly braised meet and vegetables. The cast-iron provides better heat induction and distribution while the enamel coating gives the convenience of not needing to pre-season the pan.

A high quality brasier pan worth every penny you spent.

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Traditions Braiser Pan, 10-Inch

Best Braiser Pans

This inexpensive braiser pan is made of cast aluminum and features a non-stick coated interior for easy cleaning and use. The cast aluminum pan offers excellent heat induction and unsurpassed durability. The weight is at par with its cast iron counterparts without the added burden of pre-seasoning.

A good braiser pan to have if you are running on a tight budget.

Le Creuset Signature Petite Cocotte, 8 oz.

Best Braiser Pans

A miniature version of Le Creuset’s braiser pan, this might only be good for a single serving, but you can rest assure that anything serves in this little stoneware pot is succulent and flavorful. This braiser pan costs a little bit less than the bigger version. Just put the food you are planning to braise inside and pop this stoneware inside the oven to cook. This stoneware is so versatile you can even cook other dishes in it as well.

You have to be warned though that this petite cookware is not compatible with stovetops. Still, it is a world-class product.

Guy Fieri Cast Iron/Porcelain 3.5-Quart Braiser Pan

Best Braiser Pans

A cheap braiser pan made of enameled cast iron, this cooking tool feature casts loop side handles for easy handling and self-basting condensation bumps on the lid’s interior, which makes it perfect for pot roasting. It is compatible to cook in ovens, broilers and on stove tops.

If you are thinking of buying a braiser pan, you might want to include this brand for your consideration.

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Braiser, 4-Quart

Best Braiser Pans

An affordable braiser pan made of enameled cast iron, its interior is certified PFOA- and PTFE-free while its lid contains self-basting condensation ridges to create your savory dishes. A great braiser pan deal that offers a lifetime warranty to anybody who buys.

If you are looking for a high quality braiser pan at half the cost, then this is definitely for you.

Thunder Group 20 Quart Aluminum Braiser with Lid

Best Braiser Pans

New braiser pans don’t have to be made of cast iron. This big volume, commercial-grade aluminum braiser pan is perfect for those who need to cook for big families. It features riveted handles for easy handling and is certified NSF-approved.

The braiser pan’s walls and bottom are 6mm thick, so you won’t have to worry about scratching or cracking under the intense heat while cooking.

What are Braiser Pans?

The art of braising mainly includes the breakdown of tough connective tissues that binds muscle meats via heating it for a long time. A traditional braising involves putting a huge cut of meat or vegetables and braising liquid in a covered pan and letting it simmer over low heat until the meat is tender enough to be cut with a fork. This process takes a rather long time, so patience is really a virtue when cooking braised food.

Braiser pans are specifically designed kitchen tools that can handle the braising method of cooking. Usually, braiser pans are wide-mouthed, shallow pans that allows maximum contact of heat with your food while it cooks. The braising liquid, though essential in the process, needs not to cover two-thirds of the pan. This is why shallow pans are much better for braising than casseroles or dutch ovens.

What to Look For

Most individuals tend to use their dutch ovens and casseroles to make braised food. Unfortunately, the quality in terms of texture and taste is not comparable when you properly use a braising pan.

Since braiser pans are shallow, they don’t hold too much steam, which is important if you want to create a perfectly braised food. Also, lower lid can act as a self-basting to keep your food from running dry. Furthermore, braiser pans are not as heavy as dutch ovens even if they are both made of the same material. Also, braiser pans are universally made to be oven safe, thus you can cook more if you put two of these in an oven instead of the bulkier dutch oven.

The first thing to consider in a braising pan is the size. With braising pan sizes, you only not need to consider how many mouths you are going to feed, but also how are planning to braise your food. Electric stove tops might not produce enough heat to sear and simmer a reasonable five-quart size. At the same time, using a mini version of braiser pans over a gas stove or inside an oven might lead to burnt vegetables and meat.

The next thing to consider is the material. Most braiser pans are made with the same material as dutch ovens – enamel over cast iron. Although lightweight pans and casseroles might be easier to use and clean, a cast-iron cookware tends to hold more heat which is essential for braising.

Having an enameled over cast iron braising pan eliminates the need for pre-seasoning the cast iron. It also makes it non-stick and easier to clean than a plain cast iron. Of course, you have to expect that this comes at a rather expensive cost than other braiser pans made of a different material.

The second most common braiser pan material is anodized aluminum. It is much lighter than cast irons, cheaper, and can also hold heat. The only problem with using anodized iron is it tends to react with the acidity of the food. Also, aluminum is generally not oven-safe.

Some braiser pans are made of carbon steel, which holds the advantage of being as durable as cast iron without paying the same price. Carbon steel braiser pans tend to cool longer than enameled cast iron, so you would have to be careful when handling it.

By choosing braiser pans, one needs to consider the longevity of the kitchen tool. It won’t matter if you save money by buying a cheap braise pan only to regret it much later when the no-stick coating begins to flake off or the enamel begins to chip with the minimal handling.

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