Best Breath Fresheners Reviews 2017

Suffering from bad breath? Then the best recommendation most professionals say is to brush your teeth at least 3x a day. However, regular tooth brushing takes quite some time and may not help you especially if you’re in an urgent situation. So, what better way to quickly relieve your mouth from bad breath but through a breath freshener?

Breath freshener is not an invention of the 21st century, it may sound like a shocking fact, but our ancestors back in 300 BC have always been using breath fresheners to keep their breath at check. Of course, they are not as modern as what we have today but, back then they had to choose natural alternatives such as citron or miswak.

Whether you’re preparing for an interview, a meeting or a date, we’re sure that a good breath freshener can tremendously help you in your suffering. We’d also like to help you find the best breath freshener deals, so read what we wrote underneath and good luck finding your next mints! Have fun!

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Dry Mouth Lozenges, Sugar Free, Mandarin Mint Flavor, 100 Count

The TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges is a dentist recommended product we’d like you to try. It is an inexpensive breath freshener we’re sure you’d love buying. This product does not just refresh your breath, but also helps to keep your mouth as moist and healthy as possible. This product is 100% safe for everybody, even the diabetics, it does not use artificial color or flavors so it is natural safe!

Suffering from dry mouth? Well, this lozenge can immediately help you get rid of dry mouth in an instant. This one is vegan, GMO free, kosher and gluten free! We can almost be certain that you have never experienced anything like this. All in all, as an affordable breath freshener, this one is a product you must not take neglect.

ICE BREAKERS DUO Fruit And Cool Sugar Free Mints

ICE BREAKERS DUO Fruit + Cool Sugar Free Mints (Strawberry, 1.3-Ounce Containers, Pack of 8)

Want an easy on the mouth and the eyes breath freshener? Then try the Ice Breakers Duo Fruit And Cool Sugar Free Mints. These mints can provide powerful fruity and minty flavor with its tasty crystals that are sugar free. Compared to other products, this one contains less than what normal mints with sugar do. Nonetheless, they are still as flavorful and sweet, so you won’t hate how it tastes.

It comes in a convenient package, that is easy to carry whether inside the car or in your bag. Just a warning, this product contains phenylalanine, which makes up for the coolness you’re going to feel once you take it, this one however may make cause discomfort as it comes with an intense cooling. In conclusion, if you want the top breath freshener brand, then you must definitely try something from Ice Breakers.

LifeSavers Sugar Free Wint-O-Green Hard Candy

LifeSavers Sugar Free Wint-O-Green Hard Candy, 2.75-Ounce Bags, (Pack of 12)

The LifeSavers Wint-O-Green Hard Candy is perhaps the new breath fresheners you’re looking for! This product is sugar-free and artificially sweetened, perfect for people watching over their sugar-count or calories. It uses aspartame and sorbitol, which means that it has 40% less calories than other candies. It does not worsen sugar level and never cause tooth decay, what more can you ask for?

This package comes with a dimension of 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches, with a weight of 2.75 ounce. Moreover, it is a pack of 12, so you won’t have to worry about losing mints anytime soon. With the LifeSavers Wint-O-Green Hard Candy, be sure to refresh your breath anytime you like!

Orahealth Xylimelts Mints

Orahealth Xylimelts Mints, 80-Count Boxes

Buying a breath freshener may sound simple, but if you want something that can be trusted, then try the Orahealth Xylimelts Mints. For people suffering with dry mouth, this one comes with increases the saliva, moisturize the mouth and provide lubrication. Moreover, these adhering discs can be used at daytime or while sleeping. Also, it only contains about 4 ingredients, mainly: mint flavor, vegetable gums, xylitol and calcium stearate.

Using this may also prevent tooth decay and increase your gum’s health. Dry mouth can be painful and excruciating sometimes, but good thing that the Orahealth Xylimelts Mints contains the best ingredients to effectively get rid of it. This one is also one of the cheap breath fresheners in the market, so if a reasonably priced product is the one you are after for, then you must certainly get this.


BREATH SAVERS Mints (Peppermint, 0.75-Ounce Rolls, Pack of 24)

The Breath Savers Mints is most definitely one of the cheapest breath fresheners for sale in the market today. Want to enjoy a long lasting peppermint freshener that is sugar free? Well, this is the perfect product for you. Moreover, it only contains about 5 calories per mint, so you don’t have to worry about mints adding weight on you.

This breath freshener uses neutrazin, which works on neutralizing bad breath, leaving you with a good smell and confident smile. The Breath Savers Mints is ergonomically packed so anyone can keep it within their bags, desks or pockets. Furthermore, are you tired of getting the “old” flavor of peppermint? This one also comes with spearmint and wintergreen that we are sure you are going to love!

What is a breath freshener?

Breath fresheners have always been a helpful product in our everyday lives. They provide us quick refreshment whenever we need something “minty” in our mouth or needs to get rid of nauseating bad breath. Breath fresheners are not a late invention, in fact, did you know that as early as 300 BC, our ancestors uses herbs to “refresh” their breath.

As a matter of fact, the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates recommended a unique mixture of salt, vinegar and alum to rinse the mouth. Moreover, also a famous Greek personality, Theophrastus recommended eating the fruit citron to “sweeten the breath”. Around 600 BC, the prophet Muhammad recommended chewing a twig from arak tree called as miswak. The use of miswak is still being used today and was approved by WHO.

Fast forward to 16th century, around 1500s, some rulers from Turkey discovered the mastic gum. It is a natural gum that softens after quite some time. It also comes with a bitter flavor in the beginning, but as moments pass by, it produces a “piney” or cedar tanginess. In 1800s, manufacturers saw the potential of breath fresheners or breath mints and started producing it.

The breath mints were selling good, but people saw faults that may somehow cause some tooth decay. So at 1982, a sugar free breath freshener was introduced and brought to the market. The mass loved it so much that it gained about 190 million dollars on the sugar-free products alone. After that creation, breath fresheners have been growing by 13% each year and only 2.3% for the hard candies.

Nowadays, most people couldn’t go a day without taking any breath fresheners. It boosts confidence, gets rid of bad breath and elevates good oral health. Moreover, the old breath fresheners that only come in mint flavor have now been replaced with other much exciting flavors, so people won’t get bored as easily.

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