Best Briefcases Reviews 2017

The briefcase has certainly gone a long way. Originally used by lawyers to carry legal briefs, the briefcase has now been used also by students and office workers to hold laptops, books and more.

Aside from that, they’re also carried by some to add a business or professional look to their wardrobe.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the top briefcases for sale today. We’ll also highlight briefly their features so as to properly guide you with your buying choices.

Continue reading to learn more about some quality, yet inexpensive briefcase deals.

Samsonite Colombian Leather Bag

This Samsonite Colombian laptop bag is made of soft and dark brown leather. The quality of the leather feels pleasant which easily tells you how good of a product it is. It’s certainly guaranteed to age very nicely.

The handle and the compartments also look well-made and they are all padded. Although the padding can be made better, it should be good enough if you only have a few books and laptops inside.

The leather bag has a sleeve pocket on one side. On the other side, there’s a flap that needs to be opened to view the front pocket which has two zipper slots. The laptop sleeve is a bit large. The same goes with the other compartment which has three pockets for you to put in some important items.

Overall, this Samsonite Colombian leather bag is a good one for professionals or for anybody who wants a decent-looking bag to carry along.

PL Vintage Leather Satchel Bag

This laptop briefcase from Passion Leather looks very classy and it seems very durable. The leather is obviously made of high-quality materials as it’s flexible and soft.

It’s also nicely crafted. The canvas lining, stitching, and the protective draw string casing all looks elegantly made.

The bag is also spacious enough for a laptop and all other items like books, gadgets, and more to fit in. It’s therefore a very versatile bag as you can literally carry a lot of things in it when travelling.

Unlike other cheap briefcases, it doesn’t smell like chemicals.

If you’re still searching for a quality, vintage fashion leather bag, this handmade leather bag from Passion Leather should fit the bill.

Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attache Briefcase

The size and the extra width of this leather attaché briefcase from Alpine Swiss are good enough for legal size folders and other valuable items to fit in. Although a 13-inch laptop may easily fit inside, the briefcase is technically not designed to carry and protect such.

The seams around the edge of the briefcase’s lid are not that very durable, thus the bag is only intended for lighter valuables. Same goes with the padding; it’s not as thick and sturdy as other leather bags.

On the good side, the material used doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it feels classy and looks like one of those expensive briefcase brands.

Despite some durability issues, this Swiss leather briefcase is still superior in its price range. This is a perfect companion for light-duty jobs and trips.

Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase

This Samsonite leather briefcase is perfect for all businessmen who are looking for a perfectly-sized laptop-carrying case. This affordable briefcase may easily carry a laptop, some books, and some mobile devices at the same time with no problem whatsoever.

If you’re still not sure how much you can put inside it, you can think of the size of a standard briefcase. Simply double it and that’s how much you can carry on this Samsonite bag. Thanks to the good quality leather and nicely-made stitches, the bag is durable enough to hold and secure a couple of items.

The interior of the bag is also resistant to stain, thus it’s easy to clean.

If you’re therefore looking for a high-quality, leather briefcase that you can carry with you for business trips, this can easily be it.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction did a good job of coming up with this sleek and stylish briefcase. It’s made of high-quality, genuine leather, thus you can be confident to carry it along with you during business trips or when applying for jobs.

Inside the briefcase are two big compartments, zipper pockets, holders for pens, cellphones, etc., and four card slots. Outside the case, there’s also an open slot at the back where you can easily put in a newspaper or a magazine.

The stitches are also excellently crafted, while the locks are securely made. You’re therefore guaranteed that all your valuables are safe and secure.

For the price, this leather bag is certainly a steal considering its top-notch quality and durability. This is definitely recommended to all businessmen who are always on-the-go.

What to Look For When Buying a Briefcase

Quality of Leather and Materials Used

Genuine leather is attractive, flexible, and durable and it also has a typical masculine smell.

Some popular types are full-grain, top-grain, and split-grain leather.

Full-grain leather is the most durable type among the three mentioned, while top-grain leather is also an affordable alternative. Moreover, split-grain leather is a thinner type and it is water-permeable.

Attaché, Soft-Sided, or Hard-Sided Briefcases

Depending on your occupation, you’re likely to choose one among the attaché, soft-sided, and hard-sided briefcases.

Attaché cases have a smaller and slimmer size, thus they’re more compact than other briefcases. Their interiors also have fewer pockets and have a simpler design. Compared to traditional briefcases, attaché cases are more formal.

Hard-sided cases are lightweight and rigid. Their frame is either made of durable plastic, cardboard, or aluminum. Like other cases, they have a handle, but have no straps for the shoulder.

Soft-sided cases are named so, because they have no frame at the top. Most of the time, they come with a detachable shoulder strap and a handle. They may also be collapsed into a flatter package when their load is lighter.

Design and Durability

When looking for a quality briefcase, it’s important to take note of some distinctive characteristics. They include:

Stitches — They should be even, straight, consistent, and without loose threads.

Metal zippers — These are way better than plastic zippers. In order to ensure the zippers are good, you may try closing and opening them several times. That way, you’ll know if they open or close smoothly.

Handles — Avoid handles that are merely glued to the outside of the bag. Instead, choose briefcases with handles that are securely fixed by reinforced stitching.

Hinges — The hinges of hard-side cases must be rust-free and sturdy.

Compartments, Size, and Weight

Choose a new briefcase with more compartments so you can easily store your valuable items and likewise keep them organized.

Make sure the bag suits your height and frame. It should neither be too big, nor too heavy. It would also be a lot better if the briefcase can be compressed.


Quality briefcases cost a bit more than those made of lower-end leather. Although genuine leather is a bit expensive, it’s surely going to last longer than you would expect.


The briefcase is an important equipment for people who are always on-the-go. If it’s quality-made, it would be a very reliable container for all valuable items like documents, laptops, books, and more.

Therefore, take time in choosing which briefcase brand to purchase.

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