Best Brow Brushes Reviews 2017

Did you know that science says that the most important feature a person has are their eyebrows. Not the feature you expect? Despite thinking that the best feature we have are our eyes, nose or mouth, our eyebrows holds the biggest asset. Our eyebrows may seem insignificant most of the time but, they actually hold a substantial influence to elevate a person’s looks. In fact, a study from University of Lethbridge in Canada shows that brows are much more important than any other feature in our faces because they hold a long-lasting impression.

Not everyone is blessed with Cara Delevigne or Lily Collin’s eyebrows, in reality, a lot of people didn’t win the eyebrow lottery which is why people just turn into the magic of cosmetics and brow brushes. If you’re like millions of people with non-existent eyebrows or you just want to achieve that “eyebrows on fleek”, then you know how important brow brushes are. In this article, we’ll talk about the different products and the best brow brushes brands in the market.

Duo Eyebrow Brush by Keshima – Premium Quality Angled Eye Brow Brush and Spoolie Brush

Want an affordable brow brush? Then we dare you to try the Duo Eyebrow Brush by Keshima. This product is a dual brow brush that comes in with an angled brush and a spooly brush. Both brushes are as important as they help the user define and shape the eyebrows as well as groom and blend other colors with it. Both brushes are made out of high-quality synthetic materials such as synthetic hair and wooden handles, to guarantee you of a long-lasting brush. Because the company is confident that they offer the best brow brush out there; they are branded as a 100% satisfaction guaranteed company. Buying a brow brush may seem like a tough task but if you’re still unsure which one to get then getting the Duo Eyebrow Brush by Keshima would be a great option.

Pro Eyebrow Brush – Duo Angle Brow Brush with Spoolie

The Pro Eyebrow Brush – Duo Angle Brow Brush by Beauty Junkees is perhaps one of the cheapest brow brushes for sale. This brush comes in with an angled brow brush with thin and soft bristles to effectively help you spread makeup evenly. On the other hand, this one also comes in with a spooly brush so you can properly groom and blend your eyebrows in a coordinated angle. This makeup brow brush works like magic with all types of fillers such as gel, wax, powders, tint, pomade and pencils. In conclusion, if you want an inexpensive brow brush that is incredibly cheap yet trustworthy then you should not look for any other product anymore.

Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer

Looking for a cheap brow brush? Look no further because it has got to be the Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer! This product is a brow comb and brush combination to allow you to spruce up your eyebrow hairs. Its bristles are made out of 100% synthetic nylon that are considered non-porous and does not accept nor absorb dead skin cells or bacteria. This eyebrow brush comes in with a protective cap to reduce the chances of dirt getting into its bristles. If you’re out here looking for a worthy and new brow brush, then the Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer is a must try.

Revlon Double Ended Brow Brush, Premium

Want a brow brush that offers almost everything? Then try giving the Revlon Double Ended Brow Brush a chance. This brush is an all in one tool that offers a spooly, eyebrow comb and a brush. Moreover, this one is made out of premium and ultra-soft fibers combined with a handle made from natural birch wood to give you better looking brushes. Additionally, unlike other products, this one is very handy and very simple to clean. If a brush that offers 3 available brow brush is something you’re interested in, then we recommend getting the Revlon Double Ended Brow Brush.

What are brow brushes?

Eyebrows are located above the eyes. It is part of our face where thick hairs are formed to protect our eyes from prevent dirt, water or sweat. Famous physician such as Herophilos proposed that the main purpose of eyebrows is to stop “copious perspiration” so it won’t harm the eyes. Despite their main function to guard our eyes, they are also important because they can represent a big difference in our facial expression. Eyebrows are as significant as other important body parts because they can hyphen certain expressions such as sexiness and surprise. In fact, a lot of artists see eyebrows as the major feature to define people’s faces.

We can’t emphasize enough how important eyebrows are but, they can really make a big factor to elevate a person’s look. Nowadays, there are several ways and methods to lessen or add eyebrows through threading or eyebrow transplant. If anything goes wrong, the simplest and safest way to achieve your dream is through eyebrow brushes. The top brow brushes deal will help you define your eyebrows further by adding darker shades. The main job of brow brushes is to create an “illusion” by providing darkness where a certain eyebrow hair is missing. With the help of a good brow brush, you can finally adjust your eyebrow into the shape you like.

Currently, there are 5 different types of brow brushes in the market today. We encourage you to read them and study them better to know which type of brow brush is perfect for you.

Angled brow brush – are the stiffer versions of brow brushes. They have a thin slanted bristles which makes it an ideal brush to apply angled lines which other thicker brush cannot do. Through this brush, you can apply powder, liquid and even cream to mimic the “look” of real hairs. Moreover, its shape makes it possible to elongate the “fleek” of an eyebrow. Angled brow brushes are available in natural and synthetic hairs, whichever is perfect as long as they don’t break easily.

Powder puff brush – is a brush with thick rounded bristles to give the user much detailed results. Because it is bigger, the cream or powder you’re putting will provide darker and even shades all over the brow. Additionally, powder puff brushes are known for their “softness”, so applying this to eyebrows will be as comfy as it can.

Spooly brush – is a brush to align and sweep unruly eyebrow hairs in one angle. Spooly brushes can also be used as a mascara brush as long as you have a mascara liquid available.

Dual brow brush – are probably one of the most popular type of brow brushes. A dual brow brush comes in with an angled tip and a spooly brush on the other side. It is a perfect product as a 2 in 1 tool.

Brow comb and brush combination – just like what its name suggests this one comes in with a comb on the side, and a brush on the other side. Brow comb and brush combination are perfect for people with thick eyebrows and needs maintenance over their brows.


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