Best Bug Zappers Reviews 2017

Don’t you hate it when you are having friends over for a barbecue, but every one is scared by bees and flies flying around the food? Insects can be scary and annoying, and you should not let that ruin your social and family life. The best way to get rid of your enemies for good is to kill them, quickly and without spending hours at it. To achieve such a goal, nothing like a bug zapper. These little rackets will enable you to kill insects just by touching them and will not require a lot of effort from, unless you want to run around chasing them for fun. Here are the best bug zappers that you can find on the market. For a life free of annoying insects.

Bug Zapper 20W Indoor insect killer

Best Bug Zappers

If you have a sense of humor and willing to buy a bug zapper, this one is for you. You will feel as an invincible knife fighting to keep his garden safe from flies and mosquitoes. Use your new weapon inside to get rid of spiders and unsolicited bugs.

This Bug Zapper is inexpensive and quite efficient on medium-sized insects. However, the string might let a few small ones slip away. Be careful not to touch the strings when the power is on, as the shock would be quite painful.

The Bug Zapper works with two AA batteries that are not included in the package.

The Executioner PRO Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper

Best Bug Zappers

Slightly more expensive that the bug zapper mentioned above, this is a top quality product. If you want to make sure no insect, flying or crawling, will be able to resist you, go for this great bug zapper.

Investing in this one will keep you away from worries since it has a full one-year warranty. Also, be aware that the batteries has included, so there will be no extra cost when you purchase the Executioner PRO.

This model is larger than average bug zappers and will enable you to keep a wider surface free of enemies.

Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter for Flies, Mosquitos, Wasps & Other Insects

Best Bug Zappers

Here is a big and powerful bug zapper to kill bug directly on contact. If you are looking for a good bug zapper to ensure that your summer goes without bad surprises, the Astor Extra Large is the one for you.

This product is usable at home, in your yard; garden, around your barbecue. However, be careful not to make contact with metal object, as it would result in burning sparkles. It is safe to use, as a light will always tell you whether the power is on or not.

You will never have to wonder again if you caught the bug or not, as a little sound will be produced by the shock. The Astor Extra Large works with two «C» batteries that are included with the product.

The Electricutioner – Electric Fly Swatter Zap Wasp Bug Zapper Mosquito Zapper Best for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Best Bug Zappers

Are you infested with spiders, bees or other types of insects? If you are willing to make them disappear forever without polluting the air with insect sprays, here is one of the most inexpensive bug zapper on the market.

The Electricutioner has the name of a great weapon, but also the power of it. It will kill the insect just by touching it. It will also work on bigger enemies such as crickets and scorpions. However, do not forget to keep your zapper in a safe place, as children should not be playing with it.

Zap Racket The Original Large Handheld Lightweight Electronic No Batteries Needed Rechargeable Bug Fly Mosquito Zapper Racket

Best Bug Zappers

Situated in the average price range, this bug zapper features impressive options. Contrary to most of the other products, this one does not work with removable batteries, but with a rechargeable inside battery that you can charge anywhere with the removable power cord.

A friend to the young and the adults, this bug zapper has a very nice design that will make you feel like a superhero while protecting your beloved family. It has a very lightweight in spite of a sophisticated design and is easy to use by all members of the family.

The light will enable you to know whenever the power is on, so you don’t feel the same pain as the unlucky bugs you are chasing.

Electric LED Bug Fly Mosquito Zapper Swatter Killer Controlts

Best Bug Zappers

Using a bug zapper is way more ecological than using sprays or chemicals to get rid of insects. Even if you know how green you are to use one of those, it is always nice to have a little flower reminding you of it! Indeed, the sweet design of this product will make you even happier to keep the insects away!

One of the cheapest bug zapper on the market, the Electric LED is also the one that has the best design. Just as the Zap Racket mentioned before, this one works with rechargeable batteries, so you won’t need to spend more money on batteries to keep it working.

Even if the Electric LED is powerful, do not worry about using it around your kids or pets. Two external layers will protect your family for accidental shock. This product also comes in green color.

Zap Master The Original Electric Hand Held Bug Zapper

Best Bug Zappers

This is the cheapest bug zapper on the market. If you are simply looking for a nice, efficient insect killer racket, here you go. You cannot go wrong with the Zap Master. This one will kill even the smallest insects, such as fruits flies.

If you are looking for an elaborated design, this bug zapper might not be for you. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about the result and the price, then you will be perfectly happy with this racket. It will entitle you to a nice lazy summer without worrying about your kids getting assaulted by insects or flies getting some of your food.

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Zapper Best for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Best Bug Zappers

The Elucto is the best bug zapper on the market. It is a reference for any person willing to get rid of annoying insect indoors or outdoors. Do not fear your crawling or flying enemies anymore, as you can defeat them easily.

Elucto design is quite simple. As the symbol of the perfect bug zapper, it also looks like it. Big but not too big, with a nice neutral yellow. The protection button will keep your kids safe since they will not be able to accidentally give themselves a shock with the racket.

Your new best friends work with two classical AA batteries. Easy to charge, easy to use and provides a lot of fun and safety. What else can you ask for?

The Executioner Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper

Best Bug Zappers

Another nice model from the famous bug zapper brand. You can completely trust them with your product since they are already known for making quality, nicely designed bug zappers.

The Executioner is not the bug zapper that you will throw away once the summer is gone and buy a new one the next year. This product is resistant and will live many years with you if you treat it with respect. Have no worries during the first year since it is covered by a warranty.

The two AA batteries needed are included in the quite cheap price. The kill zone is large enough to keep a wide area safe. You teenagers use it for fun since it is made to last and won’t break if they get a little bit too enthusiastic about saving the world from flies and bees.

Charcoal Companion Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper – Kill Insects On Contact – PBZ-7

Best Bug Zappers

The Charcoal brand has surprised us once again with a great bug zapper. Do not fear any insect any more since you have found the perfect ally against them, it is way more affordable than most of the other bug zappers.

Charcoal is a brand that cares about you. This product has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if the product does not meet your expectations, it will be replaced by Charcoal in the shortest delays.

More ecological than using a spray, you will only use two AA batteries to get rid of all the annoying flies and bugs that ruin your daily-life. Still, do not forget that it is a powerful tool and not a toy, and that you should not let your children play with the bug zapper.

Bug Zapper 20W Indoor insect killer – mosquito killer & fly killer

Best Bug Zappers

Do not forget that there is more than just bug zapper rackets to sale! Indeed, the indoor insect killer machine is also a great way to get ride of bug, spiders, mosquitoes and other annoying flying monsters.

To be the most efficient machine on the market, this product had to come up with great features. Indeed, its UV light is its most powerful weapon. It will attract all the insects before they die out of electric shock. Easy, fast, and you won’t even have to move your arm to get the work done.

The tray is washable, so you can get rid of your insect cemetery whenever you want. This product is the best bug zapper for those who want to get rid of bugs at home with having to run around after them.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage

Best Bug Zappers

Here is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of the insect around your house. This insect zapper is the product that will protect the widest area, but also the one that needs the more precautions.

However, it is aesthetic and safe if you follow the user guide carefully. You can be sure that with the Flowtron BK-15D, no insect will try to disturb you anymore. It is only slightly more expensive than a racket bug zapper, but works on a wider area, requires not moving from your part and looks nice in your garden.

For an optimal result in your fight against insects, have a try. Product should be kept away from children and animals for best safety conditions.

What to Look For

When you are looking to purchase an insect zapper, you have to define what you really need. Do you need something easy to use that you can have fun with and entertain your family with during the summer? Then go for a racket bug zapper. Look for a product that will last you several years and that has a safety button to prevent your loved ones to get an electric shock.

If what you are looking for is to get rid of all the crawling and flying insects in your house without much physical effort, you can get a bigger bug zapper that will work on its own to capture and burn your little enemies.

It is important that you find the good combination of power and safety. Bug zappers are usually quite cheap and have a small price range, which enables you to go for quality without breaking the bank. Enjoy, and never fear your house or garden again!

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