Best Bulletin Boards Reviews 2017

A bulletin board, also called as notice board or pin board is a product typically mounted on a wall, where people would post messages, reminders, announcements and other important information. You may have seen a bulletin board around schools, as they are commonly seen in classrooms, so teacher can put announcements and such.

However, this can also be seen in other places such as companies, most especially offices. Bulletin boards are often used to build interest to people and for people to see and read messages. Also, they are typically made out of natural corks which are made out of cork oak, something pretty common in northwest Africa as well as in South Europe.

Interested to buy a bulletin board? Then this must be your lucky day! In this article, we’ll provide you the leading bulletin boards in the market, guaranteed to have given wonderful service to a lot of people. If you are as excited as we are, read the following below and on that note, you may also discover some interesting facts about bulletin boards.

Quartet Cork Tiles

The Quartet Cork Tiles is definitely among the best bulletin boards for sale with its cheap yet convenient bulletin boards. The Quartet Cork Tiles offers either a 4 pack or 8 pack cork tiles to give you options. Moreover, this product is made out of natural cork panels, which is proved to be extremely durable, infused with self-stick so you can easily create and mount your own preferred bulletin board.

Each tiles measures up to 12 x 12 inches along with wonderful corks that comes with self-healing, so you can use it for a long time. Moreover, each tile is ¼ inch thick, which makes it able to hold pins tightly. For anyone who wants to work for a craft for school or work, this one is going to be a desirable choice. Lastly, as an inexpensive bulletin board, this one is surely a must have.

U Brands Cork Bulletin Board

The U Brands Cork Bulletin Board is also another leading yet affordable bulletin board we are confident you’d like to have. This board has size of 23 x 1 x 17 inches with a weight of 1.9 pounds. It is made out of natural corks, which means that it is sturdy and comes with a self-healing quality. Moreover, this one has a an MFD frame made out of sturdy oak which will look wonderful in any office, home or classroom.

Furthermore, this bulletin board comes with a universal mounting system that can either be hung horizontally or vertically. Also, since it is packed with extra supportive corrugate materials, this one is damage-resistant especially during shipping, so you can have your bulletin board as intact as you can see in the picture. Despite being a cheap bulletin board, the U Brands Cork Bulletin Board is a decent product we gladly endorse having.

Quartet Cork Bulletin Board 79279

The Quartet Cork Bulletin Board is also another lovely product we are confident you’d love having. This is one is made out of natural cork, so like others; this one comes with a self-healing cork. Moreover, it comes with 2 available sizes namely: 11 x 17 inches and 11 x 23 inches. Furthermore, this one comes with a sleek black frame to add a touch of style in your wall.

This product has an included mounting hardware, so you can mouth this bulletin board horizontally or vertically. To keep your mementos, family photos and important reminders, this quartet board will secure that your memories are securely in place. As one of the cheapest bulletin board deals, we sincerely endorse getting the Quartet Cork Bulletin Board.

Bradforth Cork Tiles

Want to create a new bulletin board of your own? Then try the Bradforth Cork Tiles. Each Bradforth tiles sizes up to 12 x 12 inches while you get a total of 8 cork tiles. For long lasting use, this one uses natural corks that come with a self-healing power. For a quicker mounting, this one comes with an adhesive tape so you can easily hang it in any wall or space.

With this one, you can create your own bulletin board in any shape and size that you want. Moreover, in case you don’t like their products, bradforth offers a 100% guarantee so they can refund your purchase! All in all, if you are looking for a good bulletin board that you can trust and play with, then the Bradforth Cork Tiles is going to be a great choice.

Mead Classic Cork Bulletin Board

As one of the top bulletin boards brand, the Mead Classic Cork Bulletin Board is also here to impress you with their product. This product comes with two available frames such as aluminum and the classic oak wood. Moreover, this one is also available in 4 sizes namely: 2 x 1.5, 3 x 2, 4 x 3 and 8 x 4 inches.

For sturdy and stable cork, this one is made out of natural corks with self-healing abilities. Because of this, you can use this as long as you want and use thumbtacks or push pins in any area. Moreover, this one comes with an easy pass-through mounting hardware so you can hang it horizontally and vertically. If you are buying a bulletin board that will look great in any room or office, then you must certainly try the Mead Classic Cork Bulletin Board.

What is a bulletin board?

Bulletin boards are used for several different reasons, even though it is typically seen in schools or offices, it can also be a significant help in homes. Moreover, it can also be seen in grocery stores, community places for announcements and such. The main purpose of bulletin boards is for people to create, leave and see messages written by other people, think of it as a universal messaging place.

Bulletin boards are widely available in different sizes and even shapes. They are typically made out of corkboards so people can easily pin their messages through a thumbtack or push pin. Some may even have frames to make it stand out, although, there are still corkboards that is for sale so you can make and customize your own.

The main material of bulletin boards, which is the cork is made out of cork oak that has been harvested some place in Africa as well as Europe. The cork contains distinct qualities, which makes it unique to other materials such as its elasticity, fire retardant qualities and impermeable traits. A great sample for this is when it is used as a wine stopper, also to preserve the aroma of wines.

As of now, there is an estimated 2,200,000 hectares source of corks worldwide. However, if the tree is less than 25 years old, it cannot be touched or cut down, this is to make sure it can grow until 300 years old. If a tree is around 25 years old, harvesters would strip some of its trunks and may only cut it again every nine years. Nonetheless, it is cork oak are still widely available and may never experience scarcity any time soon.

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