Best Bully Sticks Reviews 2017

These days, our dogs are slowly becoming a bigger part of our family unit.Some even go as far as treating them like their own children and like children dogs also need something to occupy themselves with and bully sticks are a great option to do just that. Aside from keeping your pooch happily chewing, it also provides them with protein and is a good way to clean their teeth and gums. But with the numerous brands and types of bully sticks– not to mention sizes– first time users or even old ones get confused as to which one to get.Worry no more,below is a list of the best bully sticks in the market today which will surely help you decide which one to get.

100% Natural 6-inch Bully Sticks by Best Bully Sticks

As the most popular bully stick on the list, this one from Best Bully Sticks is sure to be one of your top choices to give to your furry friend. Aside from being the most popular you can also be sure that your dogs would be safe and healthy since it’s all-natural and contains no hormones. It also contains no antibiotics, chemicals, or preservatives. It’s made from grass-fed, free-range cows so you’re sure of its quality. All these coupled with the dental health benefits that the Best Bully Sticks have will surely make you want to reach for it on the shelves right away.

Other than all these benefits that the brand claims, this particular bully stick also received great reviews from consumers so you’re sure that the claims from the manufacturers are accurate. Since this bully stick has more protein and less fat, you should only give this to your pup once a day to avoid any complications. If you’re looking for something that you can feed your dog with throughout the day then this might not be a good fit for you but considering the quality and the price point you might be willing to overlook this.

Best For My Pets Odor Free 6-Inch Bully Sticks

These bully sticks from Best for My Pets is not only great for your own dog but it can also be a way for you to help dogs in shelters. Buying more than one bag means you’re helping the manufacturers donate to animal shelters in the USA. Aside from helping other dogs, this will surely be a great way to maintain the dental hygiene of your own dogs since it’s chewy and tasty and your dogs would want to chew away on it for a while. Like the bully sticks from Best Bully Stick it’s also all-natural and claims to be made from one ingredient only.

The biggest selling point for this bully stick is the fact that they donate a portion of their sales to animal shelters. This will surely tug the hurt of most of the animal lovers out there Aside from this, it also received great reviews from consumers so you’re not only helping other dogs but you’re also certain that your own dog gets a great product as well.

6 INCH Bully Sticks for Dogs Made in USA 12-PACK STANDARD

6 INCH Bully Sticks for Dogs Made in USA 12-PACK STANDARDSee also Petite,Thick, 6-PK & 24oz Value Pack)~Grass-Fed, Kosher AMERICAN Beef~No Antibiotics No Growth Hormones Grain-Free Chews

This bully stick from Sancho and Lola’s is from grass-fed Kosher American beef which is antibiotic free and hormone-free. It claims to have natural Xanax properties that would help your furry friend be less anxious and less disruptive. It’s also great for the oral health and hygiene of your pup since it stimulates the gums and teeth whenever your dog chews on it. Like the bully stick from My Best Pet they also give a portion of their sales to animal shelters.

The best selling point of this bully stick is itsXanax-like properties that are naturally occurring. This will be a big plus for pups and their humans, especially those pups who are highly anxious and disruptive. The fact that it also gives back and donates to animal shelters is also an amazing quality of this bully stick. It also received great reviews from consumers making it an even better choice for those looking for quality, all-natural bully sticks. A slight drawback would be the price point which is a bit higher than a few of the products on this list but since they claim to have the same quality as bully sticks sold for 5$ each then this would be a bargain for you.

Cadet Small Dog Bull Sticks

These bully sticks from Cadet are again all-natural and from grass-fed cattle. It’s made of mostly protein and has less fat meaning you’re giving your pooch something healthy to chew on. The fact that it’s slow roasted also adds to the flavor of the bully stick. Slow roasting gives it its overall unique taste. Like most bully sticks, it also contains no additives, no preservatives, and no fillers; and is sourced from a single ingredient.

This brand is great for those looking for something straightforward and has no frills. The mostly favorable reviews show that you’re getting quality product. However, there have been a lot of reviews where consumers were dissatisfied with the length of the bully stick. If you have a bigger dog, then it’s best to look at something else since this product is advertised for smaller pooches.

Redbarn Pet – Bully Stick for Pets, 7-Inch

This Redbarn Pet bully stick is made from natural beef muscles that were slightly roasted in their own juices for best flavor. It has no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics making it a healthy and safe choice for your pet. It’s also adigestible source of protein and is highly palatable. When wet, this product becomes chewy making it an ideal oral care product for you dog. Its chewy-ness also makes it an all-day chew product leaving your dog happy and satisfied throughout the day.

These bully sticks from Redbarn Pet received great reviews from consumers. This will make you more at peace if you do decide to get this for your pup. However, there are some reviews saying that the smell is worse than other bully sticks so if you’re considering giving this to your dog you should keep this in mind (especially if you keep your pet indoors). The best feature of this bully stick would be the fact that it’s a long lasting chew for your dog. Some reviews even claim that their pets chew on this up to a few days. This makes it cost-effective and extremely practical since it’s priced pretty low relative to the other products on this list. But do keep in mind that most of those who reviewed the product have puppies, so if you have a bigger dog then it might not last as long.

Redbarn 7-Inch Braided Bully Sticks (1-Pack of 3)

Like the previous product from Redbarn pet, these braided bully sticks are also made of beef muscles and is high in protein. It’s also produced through slow roasting giving it that taste that your dog would surely love. Like the unbraided version from this company, this is also made to be chewed by your dog for a long time. Its braided form actually makes it even a longer chew for most dogs. This would be a big plus for owners looking for something that would occupy their pups for longer than a few minutes. It’s also digestible so you wouldn’t need to worry about your dog choking on any pieces.

This Redbarn braided bully sticks received great reviews from consumers and this would most like be because of its long lasting feature. Despite all the claims and reviews you must still consider your dog first before you get disappointed by the promises of this product. Although it claims to be enjoyable for most life stages, you should not expect it to last as long if you have a bigger dog. As with most things, if you have a bigger dog then it wouldn’t last them days as it would with toy dog breeds.

Best Pet 10-Pack Braided Bully Chew Sticks for Pets

These Best Pet bully sticks are 100% natural and are made from grass-fed, free-range bulls from Brazil. Like others on the list, it’s also made through slow roasting giving it that great taste that any dog would love. It lasts days for smaller dogs but bigger dogs may gobble this one up in a shorter period of time so if you own a bigger dog then you may want to consider the bigger variant from this brand or another brand all together. The best thing about this product for a lot of the consumers is that it’s odor-free. Most bully sticks have a weird and unwanted smell that you would not want inside your house but since this one doesn’t have any smell you would gladly give it to your four-legged friends even inside your home.

This product received mostly favorable reviews from consumers making it a good choice for you and your dog. Its price isn’t as low or as high as most in this list so it’ll be a great choice for those looking for something mid-ranged price-wise. A minor detail that you should also take not of is that some consumers claim that some bully sticks in the packet are not the same size as what it advertised. So again, if you want something bigger and long-lasting for bigger dogs then you might want to consider picking up something else.

Bullysticks Organic Best 6 Inch Bully Sticks For Dogs

These Bullysticks Organic bully sticks are made from 100% digestible and natural beef. Like most products on the list it also claims to be from grass-fed, free-range bulls and are therefor high in protein and has few fat. It’s chemical-free with no preservatives, additives, or antibiotics. It also comes with lots of vitamins for you pet that will help them stay healthy. Like other bully dogs these ones also keep your furry friend’s teeth and gum clean giving them stronger, cleaner teeth. It’s also long-lasting and can keep dog’s of various sizes occupied and happy for hours. Of course, this still depends on the size of your dogs; bigger ones will surely devour these in a shorter time than small dogs. One thing that about this product that surely stands out is its100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you get a refund if you or your dog are not happy with their product.

This product received favorable reviews from consumers and is at a price point that’s lower than most products on our list. This just shows that quality product can also come in cheaper prices. However, it must be noted that some pet owners claim that their dogs either did not touch the stick at all or got sick from this product. Although these claims only come from two customers you must consider these when setting out to buy this product.

Smokehouse Pizzle Stixs Dog Treats, 12-Pack

The Smokehouse bully sticks are high in protein and low in fat and are great for training your dog or if you just want to give them a treat. It’s also 100% digestible which means you do not need to worry that your dog would choke on the pieces or that it would lead to indigestion. Like all bully sticks, it keeps your dog’s teeth and gums clean and strong.

This bully stick received mixed reviews from consumers. Overall, it did receive mostly favorable reviews but there are a lot of complaints that you surely should not overlook. A lot of the reviews say that these bully sticks did not last them as long as other bully sticks they have tried. This is generally due to the second complaint a lot of the consumers have: it’s not as big as what is advertised. Some even went on to saying that these sticks are treats and not real bully sticks since most dogs can gobble it in just a few minutes. If you’re looking for something that would occupy your dog for hours then this product may not be the best fit for you. But of you’re looking for something cheap and have a slightly smaller dog then this product may work for you and your dog.

Patriot Pet 12-Inch Bully Stick Dog Chew

The Patriot Pet bully stick is all-natural, safe and is made from American beef. It’s made from quality lean protein assuring you that you’re giving your dog something healthy to chew on. These bully sticks claim to be long lasting and can keep your pups occupied for hours, or even days for smaller dogs. It’s 100% digestible so you’re sure that your pooch won’t suffer from any digestive problems because of this product. Being digestible also means that the bully sticks go down to your dog’s tummy and not become a slobbery mess on your floor or other furniture.

This product received generally favorable reviews from consumers. However, the price is higher than most on the list. It’s also not odor-free which is a big no-go for a lot of pet owners. If you’re looking for something high quality then all these downsides may not be as big of a bother for you since most reviews do say that the size of the bully sticks are the same as what is advertised.


With the numerous brands that have seemingly the same features, ingredients, and quality it’s surely hard for you to decide on which bully stick to get. Hopefully, you’ll find guidance from the list we have above. Just make sure that you’re getting the bully stick that fits your needs and ideals. If you’re looking for something that helps out shelters there are a couple of bully sticks above who do just that. If you have a bigger dog, then you must also consider the lasting power of the bully stick.

Overall, bully sticks are great to have both for you and your pooch. They keep them occupied and happy and would even stop them from destroying other items in your house. You just have to keep in mind that you might have to endure the stench no matter the brand since only one or two brands have a weak odor and only one claim to becompletely odorless. With all the information we’ve provided, we hope that you’ll find the bully stick that’s a perfect for you and your dog.

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